Why Is My Netgear Router Blinking Orange Internet Light?

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    Sue A. Davis

    My Netgear Wireless Router has started blinking orange for some weird reasons. It was working fine until last night. Today, it is flashing orange all the time. can you tell me what’s wrong with my router?

    John N. Ellis

    About a Week Ago, My Netgear router was blinking orange. I tried to troubleshoot it by myself. Later,  I figured the problem related to the wiring.

    Also, I am sharing the basic techniques; they told me to verify the connection. You should also check it once.

    The basic techniques to fix Netgear router blinking orange internet light issue:

    • Turn off your router, and plug in the modem to the computer directly. Now see if you can access the internet or not?
    • If you can’t access the internet through your modem, it indicates, the internet line has been broken, or your ISP server is down. In this case, you should chat with the ISP and ask them to solve the issue.
    • If you can access the internet through the modem, you need to power cycle the Netgear router.
    • Now unplug the DSL modem and wait for one minute, now plug it back in.
    • Wait for one minute and then check what color of light do you see on the Netgear router, is it green or blinking orange or amber light.
    James L. Hammer

    Getting into the Netgear router blinking orange internet light problem is quite common for nowadays.

    Generally, People get blinking orange or yellow internet light due to the following reasons.

    1. The cable is faulty or unable to detect the connection from the modem.
    2. Ethernet port is dirty.
    3. Firmware Issues.

    Here, I am sharing the guide about how to fix the Netgear router orange light problem? You should read it carefully and follow the given instructions to fix the issue.

    Fix Netgear Router Orange Light Problem –

     Check Ethernet Cable & Connection- 

    Firstly, you should begin by checking the ethernet cable connection. Most of the time, We have seen people dealing with orange light on the Netgear router due to the connection issue.

    When your ethernet cable is not connected from the Netgear wifi router properly, it can create Netgear router blinking orange internet light problem.

    To ensure the proper connection, You should Remove the cable from the router and modem.

    Now connect your modem from Yellow (internet) port of the router. This port is also known as WAN port.

    Also, do not forget to check the cable’s health. Be sure; It is not punctured if you find it broken. You should replace the cable with another pair of wire.

    Clean The Ethernet Port- 

    If you have placed your Netgear router nearby the window or open area. Where your Netgear wireless router can easily interact with the Dust. It can be another reason behind the Netgear router blinking orange internet light issue.

    So You should consider cleaning your router carefully. Especially the ethernet port. Because, If your ethernet port is dirty. It might have some trouble in detecting the internet connection from the modem.

    You can easily clean the ethernet port on the router by using the Cotton.

    First of all, you need to remove the dust with the help of cotton or dust removal cloths. Now take a small eraser and clean the pins available in the ethernet port.

    After cleaning the ethernet port, You should plug in the ethernet wire again. Let’s see if it is working fine now or not.

    If you still get orange light on the Netgear router. You should forward to the next step to fix the issue.

    Router Firmware Issue- 

    When did you check for the firmware update last time?

    If you haven’t done it from the ages, I will suggest you check for the firmware update.


    So these are the instructions about how to fix Netgear router orange light issue.


    Billy E. Rael

    When you go through the Netgear router blinking orange internet light problem. You should check the following settings:

    1. Connect your router to the computer by ethernet wire or wireless connection. Now check the connection type. If you get an unidentified network error message. You should factory restore your Netgear router, and then reconfigure it. Once you will do this, your Netgear router orange light problem will be resolved.
    2. Make sure your router and modem are not conflicting with each other. It happens when both devices are using the IP address from the same class. So you should check the IP address manually if you find them from the same category. I would suggest you change the Router’s address.

    To change the IP address on the router, you can log into the router’s admin panel, and Click on LAN settings. Now you will able to see the IP address. You need to change it.

    Once you change the IP address, you should reboot the router once and wait for one minute.

    This will fix the Netgear router flashing orange internet light problem.

    Kay N. Grijalva

    Which internet connection type do you own from the ISP?

    If you own a dynamic connection, then it’s okay.

    But If you any ISP connection type like- Static, PPPoE, etc. you should go into the Netgear router settings and verify them.

    To ensure the connection type, you can contact the ISP and ask them for the required information to configure the router with the modem.

    Let’s say If they confirm you have a PPPoE connection type. You should ask them for the username and password.

    Once you get the username and password, you should get into the router admin panel.

    Now Go to the internet settings and select your PPPoE As a connection type. now type the username and password for the internet and click on apply changes.

    When you will click on apply changes, your Netgear router will reboot itself.

    Finally, you will get rid of Netgear router blinking orange internet light problem.



    Donato VonRueden

    Last night, I got a firmware update for my Netgear router. So I was trying to update the router.
    During the update process, I had to face power outage in my area. Since then, My Netgear router has a solid orange light.

    I tried to Power cycle my router but didn’t work yet.

    Also, It has changed my IP address. Earlier I used to have address for my router. But now it is showing me
    How do I Get rid of Netgear router orange light problem?


    In your case, your Netgear router is blinking orange due to the firmware update failure.
    As you told us, you had a power outage during the update process. This means, your existing firmware also got corrupted.

    In this case, you should Reset the router first. To reset the router, you have to press the Reset button for more than 30 seconds.

    Once you release the reset button, you need to switch off the Netgear router and wait for one minute and then switch it back on again.

    Now configure your router with the required settings. For more information, you can visit: how to set up the Netgear router.

    Once you set up the router successfully, you will get rid of Netgear router flashing amber light problem.


    About a day back, I had Netgear router blinking orange internet light problem due to the faulty connector. So I removed it from the wire and used a new connector.

    Once I replaced the ethernet connector, My router has started working fine. You should also check them once.


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