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    Johnny L. Gruber

    My netgear router is behaving very weird. it’s not allowing few devices to connect to the internet. Every time, they try to connect with the internet.
    So I want to know how can I fix netgear router not working problem?

    Kay N. Grijalva

    Normally, People have to deal with the netgear router not working problem due to the following common reasons.

    1. Router is not able to identify the device.
    2. Firmware is outdated.
    3. Network Security is blocking your devices to communicate with the router.

    That’s why, you should reboot the netgear router and other devices first. After rebooting your gadgets, you should wait for a while. so they can try to sync the connection with each other.

    Also, you should check the internet light status on your netgear router. if you get the solid orange light. you need to check the internet connection. to check the internet connection, you need to visit:

    How to fix netgear router orange light problem.

    If your devices are unable to connect to the router. you should disable the firewall settings on your router and then check if they are connecting to the router or not.

    So these are the steps to fix the router problem. after following the instructions, If your netgear router is not working. please let us know. we will share some more instructions to fix the problem.

    Johnny L. Gruber

    I have tried to follow above instructions. but still my netgear wifi router is not working.

    Also, I am little confuse about network settings. can you tell me where can i find them and what do I need to do with them?

    Mallika Merchant

    If your Netgear router stopped working then try some basic troubleshooting tips which are given below:

    Firstly please check that you are able to log in the webpage routerlogin.net.
    Please Update the Firmware of the Netgear Router.
    Reset your Netgear router.

    If you didn’t get the solution then feel free to call the support team.

    Judy C. Battiste

    Network settings are basically internet settings. you should confirm the internet settings from your isp like- which connection type do you have, etc.

    Also, check the internet connection on your modem. be sure your modem is not dropping the connection. if it does. It’s a problem from your isp and that case, you have to call your isp and ask them to fix the problem for you.


    Curtis Vaillancour

    A long time ago, I had similar problem with my wireless router. To fix it, I had to update the firmware firmware.

    According to me, before going for any troubleshooting steps.

    Firstly, you should check for the router update.

    Once you will update your router. it will start working fine.

    Garry Jones

    How can I tell which one is the best product among those mentioned on the list here? If your Netgear router is not working buy a new one from Netgear official website also from a nearest store.

    Dot Tumin

    Hi…try a firmware upgrade if it’s available for your router. You can also try a hard reset by pressing the pinhole in the back for 30 seconds. You’ll have to rerun the configuration wizard to detect your type of internet.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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