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    Kay N. Grijalva

    Can you help me with fixing the blinking orange light on my Belkin n300 router? It has just started blinking orange about an hour ago.
    I did try to restart it several times, but it continues to blinking orange internet light.

    Tammy R Fauver

    Belkin router blinking orange light means, there is no connectivity available on the router. 

    So first of all, you should check the few settings. 

    • Check the cable connection between router and modem. 
    • Please make sure you are getting the internet on your modem. 
    • Let’s configure the internet settings manually. 
    • Update the router firmware. 
    Barbara R. Colbert

    Troubleshoot Belkin Router Orange Light-

    If you have blinking orange or solid orange internet light on your belkin router. 

    You should follow this guide to fix the problem. 

    Restart the devices (router and modem)- 

    let’s begin with rebooting the machines; you need to power cycle them in the following sequence. 

    • Please switch off your modem for one minute, now power it on. 
    • Switch off the Belkin wifi router for 30 seconds. Now power back it on. 

    After rebooting the router and modem, you need to wait for 2 minutes. 

    Now check, what colour of light can you see on your Belkin router? is it flashing orange or blue?

    Isp problem- 

    each time, when you sees the flashing or solid orange light on your Belkin router. 

    You should check the internet status on your modem as well. Make sure you are getting internet service from your ISP company. 

    To check the internet service, you can use the following instructions: 

    • Power off your Belkin wifi router. 
    • Disconnect it from your modem. 
    • Now Attach your modem directly to the computer by the ethernet cable. 
    • Let’s try to access the internet on your pc now if you can access the internet. It means something is wrong with your internet settings.

    If you cannot access the internet from your modem, you should reboot the modem and computer once. 

    Now try to go to google. If you still can’t reach to the google or any other website. 

    It means the issue is from your ISP side. In this case, you have to request your isp and ask them to fix the connection. 

    Check the cable connection- 

    When you see the solid orange light on your Belkin wifi router. It would be best if you determined the ethernet cable connection. 

    It seems like; your router is not connected to the modem properly, or the cable is faulty. 

    That’s why your Belkin router is flashing orange. So check the following settings. 

    • Make sure your modem through the yellow ( WAN or Modem) port of your Belkin wifi router. 
    • Let’s replace the ethernet cable if you get the blinking or solid blue light after changing the cable. It means there was a problem from your cable. 

    Clone the Mac address- 

    If you have already tried the above instructions but still getting the flashing orange light on your Belkin router. Just follow the instructions given below. 

    • Connect your router with the computer using the ethernet cable. 
    • Open the Belkin router admin panel
    • Under the WAN settings section, you will see mac cloning option. Click on it. 
    • Now click on my PC’s mac address button. 
    • Finally, press the save settings button. 

    Once you press the save settings button, your router will restart itself. 

    Factory restore the router-

    if you have already tried the above instructions but still getting the orange internet light on your Belkin router.

    you should factory reset the router. 

    After resetting it to the factory settings, you should reconfigure it. for more information, you may visit: 

    how to set up a Belkin router? 

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