Why Is My Belkin Router Blinking Orange And Blue ? No Internet?

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    Kay N. Grijalva

    I am looking for help to fix the Belkin router blinking orange internet light problem.

    There was no problem until yesterday. But now, it is showing the blinking orange light only.


    Tammy R Fauver

    Generally, Blinking Orange or yellow internet light means, no internet. This could be due to the two things.

    • ISP issue.
    •  Router Issue.

    Check Internet Connection –

    When you have flashing orange light on the Belkin router, you should begin with checking the internet connection on the modem first.

    What color of light do you see on the ISP Modem?

    If you can see the solid green light or blue light on it, it means you are getting the internet from the ISP, but if you get solid orange or yellow light on your modem. It means the problem is related to the isp.

    Another way to check the internet connection type is:

    1. Let’s switch off the Belkin wifi router.
    2. Now disconnect your modem from the router and connect it directly to the computer via Ethernet wire.
    3. Now reboot the modem and computer once, and then try to access the internet.

    If you can access the internet on the computer, it means you are getting the internet from the ISP. The issue is related to the wifi router itself. That’s why your Belkin router is blinking orange.

    However, If you don’t get the Internet, in this case, you have to call your isp and ask them to fix the problem.


    Troubleshoot Belkin Router orange light problem –

    Check Cable connection issue-

    Firstly, start with inspecting the cable connection by using the following steps.

    • Ensure that your Belkin router and modem is connected to the internet properly. Your modem should be linked from the WAN (Internet) port of the router.
    • Did you check the Ethernet cable and connectors? Make sure it is not faulty. If it has loose connectors or cracks in the middle of the wire, you should be considering replacing it and getting a new cable for the connection.
    • Switch off the Belkin router and modem for one minute and then switch them back on. Now wait for one minute and then check. You see the green light on the router, or it is still flashing orange?

    Mac cloning-

    If you are still dealing with Belkin router orange light problem, I will suggest you clone the mac address on your Belkin wireless router.

    • Let the Belkin router stay connected from the internet modem.
    • Now connect your desktop or laptop to the router using another Ethernet cable.
    • Open the Belkin wireless router setup page and click on the internet connection type window.
    • Click on the mac cloning tab.
    • Now click on the clone button and then hit the apply changes button.
    • Finally, your router will start applying the changes, and it will reboot itself.  So wait for one minute and check the internet light status on the router. Do you see the green light or your Belkin router still blinking orange?

    Check Internet connection settings-

    Did you make any changes into the internet settings of the router?

    If your answer is yes, I will suggest you restore those settings.

    If you haven’t made any changes into the isp settings on the router but still getting the blinking orange light on the Belkin router.

    You should still check the settings. Maybe, someone has restored your router. That’s why it is not able to sync the connection from isp.

    Factory Restore the Belkin router-

    If you have used these techniques but still your Belkin router is blinking orange. I will recommend you to reset your Belkin router and setup it freshly.

    Before configuring the Belkin router, you should confirm the recommended settings from the isp.


    Judy C. Battiste

    To fix the Belkin router orange light problem, you may use the instructions given below.

    Change router IP address-

    If your modem and router are obtaining the IP address from the same subnet mask, then they will conflict with each other. Which will cause the Belkin router blinking orange problem?

    In this case, you should change the router’s IP address into the other subnet mask:

    1.    Let’s open the Belkin router admin page.

    2.    Click on the LAN settings.

    3.    Now remove the router’s IP address and type the new IP address.

    4.    Click on apply changes.

    Update Router Firmware-

    You should not neglect the firmware update. Whenever you receive any new update, you should update it immediately.

    If you need more help about the firmware update. You can visit: how to update the Belkin router firmware?


    Johnny L. Gruber

    Are you still facing Belkin router blinking orange problem? 

    If you have already used the above steps but still your router is showing flashing orange light. you need to follow the steps given below.

    1. Take a pin or pen
    2. Press and hold the red reset button (it will be available in the back or bottom of the router) for 40 seconds.
    3. Now Release the button and power off your Belkin WiFi router for 10 seconds and turn it back on.
    4. once, you will see the solid green light. you can go ahead and connect your devices with the internet.

    in case, if your Belkin router is asking to complete the setup process. you can visit Easy guide for Belkin router setup. 

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