Why My Linksys router can't connect to the internet? Linksys connect setup error

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    Brenda R. Guerro

    I am setting up new linksys router in my network. when i run the setup disk into my laptop. it gives me an error after 75% processing. the error message says, linksys router can’t connect to the internet.

    I am getting internet on my modem. i have also confirmed about internet status from ISP. there is no issue from there side. what should i do now.


    Norberto Ruecker

    It is one of the most common problems during installation of a Linksys router. It gives an error message after completing 70% of installation. Mostly message shows can’t connect to the internet.

    The message comes when installation is not done properly and the router cannot detect the internet connection. There are many reasons behind that.

    One of the best solutions is reset your Linksys router as factory default and try again.

    If you are getting the same message again it could be APIPA IP address issue. In this situation simply contact Linksys Customer Support.


    Dashawn Stoltenberg

    you will always get this error message, when your router is not able to identify the internet connection from your modem.

    so let’s try to reboot your modem once, and wait for one minute.

    now check what colour of light can you see on the linksys router? if you can see the solid blue or green light. it means, you are getting the internet on your router.

    all you need to do, just run the linksys connect setup again and it will give you the congrats message on your pc.

    But after rebooting the modem, if you still get blinking orange light on your router. then you need to call your isp, and ask to them about your isp configuration.

    once you will get the configuration, you need to go ahead and setup your linksys wireless router manually.


    Joshua K. Collins

    Generally, people get this kind of error message on the linksys router. when they own a PPPOE or static IP connection type.

    In this case, you should quite the linksys connect setup and setup your router manually.

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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