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    Guide to fix Brother printer printing blank pages:

    Being a techician, I have seen printing blank pages issue with many printers, and it’s easy to troubleshoot the problem. 

    So here, I am sharing my experience and techniques to fix the brother printer printing blank pages issue. you may use it and follow the instructions to fix the problem. 

    Check the ink cartridge- 

    If your brother printer is printing completely or partially blank pages. 

    You should check the ink cartridge first, make sure you have enough ink to print the paper. 

    To check the ink label, you may remove the cartridge out from the printer or follow the steps available below. 

    • Turn on your brother wifi printer. 
    • Press the menu button, go to the ink section using the up and down key and press ok. 
    • Now press the down key to reach ink volume function and touch ok. 

    Check the ink label through windows pc- 

    • Click on the search button, and choose all programs. 
    • Click on the brother folder and choose your printer. 
    • Now you will see the status option, click on it. 
    • Under the tools option, you will see the status icon, click on it. 
    • Finally, you will able to see the ink label. 

    For mac users- 

    • Go to the system preference by pressing on the apple icon. 
    • Click on print & fax (some mac PC’s have printer & fax). 
    • select the printer setup option >> Open the printer utility. 

    Finally, you will able to see the ink label on your printer. 

    If you see the ink cartridge is empty, you need to replace the ink cartridge.

    Re-install the ink cartridge- 

    sometimes, you may face printing blank pages issue on your brother printer due to the cartridge setup. 

    When the cartridge is not correctly setup, it may be unable to print the paper. 

    So you need to remove the ink cartridge from your brother printer and setup it again. 

    Reboot the printer-

    let’s try to reboot the printer and computer. Now try to print a paper. 

    Let’s see if it is printing a blank page or not? 

    If your brother printer continues printing blank pages? It would help if you jumped to the next step. 

    Check communication settings- 

    In some cases, people get the blank page as an output, due to the connection trouble. 

    So you should ensure that your brother printer connected to the wifi properly. If you face any kind of trouble in connection, you may visit: 

    how to fix brother printer not connecting to wifi problem? 

    setup the printer again- 

    After using the above techniques, if your brother still printing blank pages, while it can copy without any issue. 

    You should remove the brother printer from your computer, and re-add it. 

    For doing so, you may use the techniques given below:

    •  visit the control panel on your windows pc. 
    • Choose the “devices and printer’s” option.
    • Right-click on printer property and choose the “remove device” option.
    • Finally, you will see a confirmation message, click on yes

    Once you remove the printer, now restart your computer and follow the steps available below to add your printer. 

    • Go back to the control panel >> devices and printers. 
    • Click on the add printer. 
    • Select the Bluetooth or wireless printer option. 
    • Now you will see your printer in the list, select it and follow the instructions to set up it. 
    in reply to: Top 5 Epson Printer Worth To Buy? #2955

    It depends upon how much do you have a print job. Go with ink-jet printers if you do have around 20-30 pages prints every month. If you have more than enough go with cartridge toner printer also called laser printer.

    Next things come about your work profile. If so you need a fax or mobile print facility, buy any wireless smart printers. You can buy it from https://epson.com/buy-direct-estore.

    in reply to: How Do I Fix Epson Error Code 0x10? #2954

    I had a similar issue with Epson printer and you know the problem was in my connecting cable. I did replace the cable and the problem was solved.

    Three days before I was getting an error message can’t print with error code 0x10. Further, tried everything and found an answer above in @joshua answer. I realize why not try to change the cable if the error code shows the connection issue.

    Luckily I found an extra connecting cable and replace it with the current one. After restarting all the devices it has been started working fine.

    in reply to: How Do I Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0x69 By Myself? #2953

    Printer Epson Error code 0x69 indicates cartridge issue. You have to check your cartridge is working properly or not. For checking Epson printer cartridge follow the steps below:

    1. Turn off your Epson printer and disconnect cable also from power port.
    2. Open Epson printer cover and remove the cartridge from the printer.
    3. Use plain paper and clean cartridge connecting point also connecting point in the printer.
    4. Now insert your cartridge in the printer and turn your printer on.

    Hope it will fix your 0x69 code error.

    in reply to: What is called a healthy lifestyle? #2496

    A healthy lifestyle usually depends on three things. Good nutrition, diet and exercise, and everything would be perfect if these three things are in routine in your life. Success will yours.

    Let me explain in details. Someone says health is wealth. Do you know this means if you are healthy you can make money as much you want? Your family and friends will appreciate you if you have money and a good sense of humor. A healthy person’s mind always thinks about everything nearby them.

    First, you have to start with your diet. Avoid eating a heavy meal. Start eating a small amount of meal and let digestion works properly. If digestion is in good condition it will provide you maximum energy from the food.

    Increase the amount of nutrition in your food. Use green vegetables, herbs and fruits as much you can. Before taking your meal always eat salad. It will fill your empty stomach and you can’t eat enough food in your lunch or dinner.

    Exercise is one of the best things to remove unwanted material from your body. Read about unwanted harmful material from how-to-remove-toxic-from-my-body. Exercise keeps your body fit and organs in working condition. Once we start doing exercise blood circulation also increase. Increase in flow of blood removes stuck particles from your veins and realize relaxation. It also decreases the chances in any type of disease.


    in reply to: How do i make a free website? #2492

    There are many options are available for making a free website. I like most https://www.blogger.com/ because I have created many free websites and all of them are still running.

    The best part of a blogger is that after six months if you have a good article with traffic create earning. Without any cost, blogger gives you an online space where you can publish your own content.

    in reply to: How do I fix the USB device not recognized? #2491

    There might be any virus which doesn’t allow to connect the additional device. Some virus blocks all the connecting feature one by one after reaching into the system.

    Virus programming knows anti-virus is harmful and easily can remove it, but it is possible only when anti-virus became installed into the computer. So the virus stops all the external sources through which any defending program can be installed into the computer.

    In this situation, you have to use compact CD disc for installing anti-virus into your computer. Most of the anti-virus companies use CD disc for installing their products. After scanning with a good anti-virus problem would be solved.

    Before doing all these hardware stuff, I would like to suggest reset or restore your phone as factory default.

    Sometimes due to some setting changes or bad application installation network issue occurs.

    I bought a Canon PIXMA E3170 wireless printer. AT&T company has provided wireless modem also I am using the internet. Its model is Netgear Gateway Model 7550.

    in reply to: Why Does My Hp Printer Won't Print? #1149

    I had tried everything but won’t able to print through my Hp printer. I am a tech-savvy guy, but I failed that day.

    Finally, I called a professional guy at home. He charged me for solving the problem. I asked him where was the problem, and I got surprised.

    My printer connection wire broke from internally. It happens if something heavy objects placed on it.

    By mistake, I did put my chair on it. It causes broke the wire.

    So, if nothing works try to change hp printer connection wire also. Might possible it will work.

    in reply to: How Do I Transfer Songs In My iPod? #1150

    Connects iPod with your pc via USB cable. A folder will prompt on the screen. Open that folder and copy songs from computer to this folder.

    in reply to: How can I unlock my iPhone? Forgot my iPhone password? #1008

    If you are using iPhone 8 use face id recognization and it will open your phone.

    You can open your iPhone with your Apple ID if you don’t have face ID recognization. Your Apple ID will work for your passcode.

    If you don’t know or forgot your apple id check http://www.askprob.com/forums/topic/how-do-i-know-what-is-my-apple-id-i-forgot-my-apple-id-is-there-any-way-to-rec/ and recover your apple id.

    in reply to: How to change touch of mobile? #1006

    I would like to advise you don’t try at your home if you are not expert. It might damage the motherboard circuit of your phone and phone would be dead.

    Search your phone brand service center on Google search and visit there.

    in reply to: How to protect from dengue? #1003

    Protection from dengue-

    1. Use mosquito net. It will protect you and your children not from dengue even from any insects.
    2. Do not allow water to be collected anywhere. Empty cooler, tires, buckets, plats, bamboo whole and other places where water can be collected.
    3. Wear full sleeves dresses at night.
    4. Avoid evening and night walk in mosquito’s areas.
    5. Use mosquito repellent before going out or garden and playgrounds.
    6. Clean home and nearby home area properly at least once in a month. Ask your local authority for mosquito fogging.
    7. Never use any medicine by yourself. Always ask the doctor.


    it looks like, this problem belongs from your web browser. so you need to clean the browser first and then try to access the hotmail. i am sure it will start working fine.

    you will always get this error message, when your router is not able to identify the internet connection from your modem.

    so let’s try to reboot your modem once, and wait for one minute.

    now check what colour of light can you see on the linksys router? if you can see the solid blue or green light. it means, you are getting the internet on your router.

    all you need to do, just run the linksys connect setup again and it will give you the congrats message on your pc.

    But after rebooting the modem, if you still get blinking orange light on your router. then you need to call your isp, and ask to them about your isp configuration.

    once you will get the configuration, you need to go ahead and setup your linksys wireless router manually.

    in reply to: How Can I Update Firmware On Belkin Wireless Router? #523

    You can easily update the belkin router firmware by following the steps given below.

    Step 1 –

    To update the firmware, you need a latest software. that you can get from belkin official website. all you need to do just visit belkin’s official support website.

    now you need to type your model number in the search box and press enter. for example i have chosen belkin n150 router here:


    finally you will able to see list of available firmware. you need to choose the latest firmware and click on download.

    Step 2-

    after downloading the firmware, it’s a time to upload it on router. so you need to open the belkin router setup page.

    and go to firmware update. now you will able to see the option for upload.

    here you need to select the file destination and click on apply changes.

    finally, your router will start updating itself. this process may take few minutes. so do not turn off the router.

    during this time, you might loose the internet connection for a while. so do not worry, just wait once the router firmware will be updated. your router will start working fine.

    somehow, if you still can’t access the internet. you need to visit:

    how to fix belkin router blinking orange problem?

    in reply to: Why Does My Brother Printer Won’t Print Any Documents? #455

    Why my brother printer is not printing both sides of the paper. I am trying to print from my Apple MacBook pro, but it is printing single side only. It’s not even trying to go to another side.

    At the same time, if I try to print something from my windows Pc. it works completely fine. What should I do to make double-sided printing from my brother printer?

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