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    Judy C. Battiste

    This site can’t be reached error shows the issues related to network communication. 

    Most probably, you are typing the incorrect IP address for your router. That’s why you are unable to access the Belkin router’s admin panel. 

    So should check the IP address for your router and then type it again. 

    • Connect your Belkin router with the laptop or computer via ethernet cable or wifi. 
    • Open the command prompt box ( open the run box >> type cmd in the search box)
    • Type ipconfig and press the enter button.
    • Can you See the gateway’s IP address? , that’s your router’s IP address. 

    So you have to try to open your router setup page using that IP address. 

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    Judy C. Battiste

    Let’s make sure; you are typing the correct Gmail password on an android phone? To ensure that, you may use the browser on your phone, and try to sign in through your new Gmail password. 

    If you can sign incorrectly, then it means you were typing the wrong password earlier. 

    That’s why you were unable to sign in to your Gmail account on an android phone. 

    However, if you can’t sign into the Gmail account on an android phone using a new password, please follow the steps available below. 

    Check internet connectivity- 

    First of all, you should check the internet connectivity on your android phone. Ensure that the mobile data is enabled or it is connected through wifi. 

    Because the internet is necessary for the sign-in process. 

    Enable the third party Apps (less secure app)- 

    If you can’t sign into Gmail account using the third party app on your android phone. 

    Please make sure you have enabled the allow third-party mail app feature. If not, you need to do so, for that you may follow the steps given below. 

    1. Go to the Gmail account on your computer. 
    2. Click on the profile picture and press the manage your google account button. 
    3. Under the Security tab, click on the app access. 
    4. Now click on enable less secure apps. 

    Once you do this, you should try to reaccess your Gmail account. 

    Create an app password- 

    Sometimes, you may be unable to access your Gmail account on your android phone through your new password, because it must be asking for the app password. 

    So it would be best if you created an app password using the methods given below. 

    • Get into the Gmail account settings. 
    • Click on the Security tab, 
    • Press the app password tab; now, you need to select mail. 
    • Now you will get a generated password; you need to use that password to configure your account. 

    Install Gmail official APP- 

    If you are still having the can’t login to gmail account on your android phone using the mail app. I would suggest you change the mail app. 

    install the Gmail’s official app into your android phone, and configure your account on it.

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    Judy C. Battiste

    Hi @carlos,

    Error code “err_connection_timed_out” indicates your website is loading very slow. In such type of case, everyone should check the internet speed first. You can use CenturyLink, Speedtest OR Fast any of them for testing the speed of the internet.

    Ensure that, you are getting a good internet speed. Sometimes the website loads slowly due to website hosting server. Further, In this condition, you should also contact the web admin of your company to check the webserver status.

    For more details, you can visit: how to fix err_connection_timed_out issue

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    Judy C. Battiste

    About a few days back, I was unable to access yahoo.com on my chrome. Each time I enter the yahoo URL on the web page, it was showing my connection is not the secure or private error message.

    Further, rest than yahoo other websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter was loading and working without any problem. People were suggesting that Antivirus protection can create these types of issues. After checking my, Antivirus I found expired Antivirus protection into my laptop.

    It was no more privacy error message, once removed Antivirus, and reboot my laptop. You should also read err_connection_reset If you are getting the time out error.

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    Judy C. Battiste

    Reasons behind unable to access aol account-  

    In general terms, people may have aol email login problems due to the following reasons. 

    1. Login details are incorrect. 
    2. Browser related issues. 
    3. Network issue. 
    4. Account settings issue. 

    You can quickly solve the problem. All you have to do, follow the instructions given below. 

    How Do You Fix The AOL Email login problems?

    Check the username & password- 

    When you can’t log in to your AOL account and getting incorrect username or password error message. 

    It would help if you double-checked the username and password for your AOL account. Most apparently, you continue entering the wrong password. 

    That’s why you can’t sign in to your AOL account.

    1. Open the notepad on your pc. 
    2. Please type your password correctly on it and copy it. 
    3. Paste this password on the AOL login form. 
    4. Finally, Press the sign-in button. 

    If you doubt your AOL login password, you should reset the password

    To reset the password, you may follow the steps available below. 

    • Go to the AOL login page. 
    • Click on the forgot password link
    • Type your email address and username. 
    • Now verify your account. 
    • Finally, you will get an option to reset the password. 

    If you need brief information, you may visit: how to reset the AOL mail password.

    If you are getting password was changed before error. It indicates, someone has access to your account, and they have changed your password purposely. 

    In such a case, you should think of resetting the password, after changing the password, you should also review the security settings. 

    Check browser autofill settings- 

    If you can’t sign into AOL mail account using the autofill settings on your browser. It would be best if you tried to get into the AOL mail account by typing the password manually. 

    If you can log in successfully, you should go to the autofill settings, and update the password. 

    But If AOL email login problems continue, you should jump to the next step. 

    Clear the cookies or cache files- 

    Sometimes, you can’t access the AOL mail account or website due to existence of old cookies and cache files. 

    That’s why when you face the AOL mail login problem, you should think about removing the harmful cookies, and cache files. 

    To clear the cookies, you may follow the steps given below. 

    Clear the cookies files on google chrome: 

    • Open the google chrome and type chrome://history in the address bar.
    • Now click on Clear browsing data. 
    • Select the time-range as all time. 
    • Check all boxes and click on clear data. 

    Like this, you may clean other browsers are well. Here, I am going to give the link for them. 

    how to clear cookies on firefox? 

    Turn off the proxy or VPn apps- 

    Like we all know, AOL is very concerned about the security and privacy factors. 

    So if you are using any proxy or vpn apps during the sign-in process, AOL will consider it as a suspicious activity. For that, they might put your account on temporarily hold. 

    That is why you need to ensure that no VPN or proxy app is running into your computer. 

    Use incognito window or another browser- 

    When you can’t log into your AOL account, you should try to open it on an incognito window or another browser. 

    Let’s see if it is allowing you to access your AOL account thier or not? 

    If you can access your account on a new browser, it means, your browser is out of date. That’s why you are struggling AOL mail login problems. 

    In such a case, you have to update the web browser, and then try to reaccess the AOL account.

    Check the firewall and security settings- 

    Sometimes, you may not be able to access the AOL login page because of firewall or security settings.

    When your firewall is blocking the web page, you won’t be able to access it. In such a case, 

    you should disable the firewall for a while, now try to reaccess your email account. 

    Check the server status- 

    Never forget to check the AOL mail server status on your locality. Ensure that, the server is running fine in your local area. 

    If AOL server is down, you need to wait until the server starts working fine. 

    in reply to: Why Is My Gmail Not Receiving Emails On Phone Or PC? #6250
    Judy C. Battiste

    Let’s try to configure your account using the manual settings on the phone. Here is the list of manual settings:

    Configuration settings for IMAP server : 


    port no – 993

    SSL (encryption) type- Yes.

    Configuration settings for the POP account- 


    port no- 995

    SSL (encryption) type -Yes

    Configuration settings for outgoing server- 

    incoming server- smtp.gmail.com

    Port no- 587

    optional (SSL/TLS)

    In case, if you face the sign-in issue with your Gmail account, you may visit: how to fix Gmail sign in problem.

    Once you configure your account using these settings, you should refresh the inbox, and now I hope you will start receiving the emails on your account.

    in reply to: audio keypad on Lenovo 720 not working #6175
    Judy C. Battiste

    Let’s press the function button first, and then press the volume control key on your Lenovo laptop.

    Somehow if it doesn’t work, you should follow the instructions given below.

    Install an external keyboard-  

    Let’s plug in the external keyboard into your Lenovo laptop and try to control the volume through it. 

    If it works fine, it means there is an issue with your keyboard. 

    But somehow if you fail in managing the sound through it, it can be an issue related to the device driver or audio settings. 

    Run windows troubleshooting – 

    Let’s run the windows troubleshooting program to identify the reasons. To run this program, you have to do the following things: 

    1. Click on the windows button, and go to the control panel. 
    2. Select the windows troubleshooting and click on hardware and devices 
    3. Now follow the instructions given there. 

    Restore the laptop- 

    If your laptop’s audio key was working before but now it is not responding. You should think of restoring the laptop. 

    May be any recent update is conflicting with the settings. That’s why you are going through such kind of problem. 

    So you should restore the laptop to the backdate when it was working fine. 3

    To restore your laptop, you may use the rstrui.exe command or visit the system restore option available in the accessories. 

    Clean the keyboard-

    If some keys are not working on the Lenovo laptop, it can be due to the dust inside. So you should take a blower and clean your keyword through it.

    Judy C. Battiste

    Sometimes, you may get the AOL desktop not responding error message due to network issues. When your network does not respond properly. 

    In such a case, you should check the DNS server details first. Try to replace your DNS address with google’s address like- and 

    Now restart your laptop or computer once. 

    Now see the effects. 

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    Judy C. Battiste

    When I was unable to access my AOL account through Android Phone, I did a few things to fix the problem, which I am going to share here, you may use them.

    • Go to the settings on your Android Phone.
    • Click on the Accounts & sync option. ( you may see it with other similar names as well)
    • Now tap on your AOL account.
    • Click on the remove account or delete the account (whatever you can see over there).
    • Once you will remove the account, you should reboot the phone once.
    • Now get back to the accounts and sync,
    • Click on the add account (you will find it on top or bottom of all options)
    • Select AOL as your service provider.
    • Type the email address and password for your AOL account.
    • Put a check on automatically sync the server settings and click ok.

    Finally, it will sync the settings automatically, and get connected to the AOL mail server.

    So I hope you will not complain about AOL mail stopped working on the android phone issue.

    in reply to: Why Is My AOL Mail Not Working On Android Phone? #5892
    Judy C. Battiste

    According to the error message (as you have told us), it seems like, you have made a mistake in configuring your account.

    That’s why your AOL mail is not working on android phone.

    So here, I am sharing the instructions about how will you get this problem resolved easily. You may try it to fix your issue.

    So let’s check these settings,

    • Double Check the display username & password.
    • Remove the account and configure it.
    • Re-add your account using the manual settings.

    Let me go ahead and describe a little more about how to fix AOL mail not loading issue on android phone.

    Verify the password –

    Let’s ensure that you have typed the correct password for your AOL account. Most of the time, people get into trouble due to misspellings.

    When they make an error in typing the correct or do not type it in the correct format, your android phone will not be able to connect to the AOL mail due to the login issues.

    In such a case, you have to reset the password, or you may visit: how to fix AOL mail login problem for more details.

    Check the server settings –

    Sometimes, AOL mail may not be working on the android phone because of invalid server settings.

    Whenever your phone can’t sync with the AOL mail server. You should check the configuration, ensure that they meet the following one.

    The incoming server name for IMAP- imap.aol.com

    Port- 993

    Encryption- SSL /TLS

    Outgoing server name- smtp.aol.com

    Port- 465

    Encryption – tls / ssl

    Delete and Re-add the AOL account-

    Let’s remove the AOL account from your phone and follow the instructions, and re-add it to the automatic configuration. It will start working fine.

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    Judy C. Battiste

    Complete Guide to fix Gmail not receiving emails 

    As per your words, he is unable to get the email on any devices. Which means, this issue is related to the Gmail settings or server-side. 

    So here is a set of instructions to fix the not receiving issue. 

    You can apply these techniques to get the emails again. 

    Check the trash folder or Spam folders- 

    When you can’t receive new emails into your Gmail’s inbox. You should have a look at the trash folder or spam folder. 

    Can you see your incoming mails there? 

    If you are going to say yes! 

    It means there might be two reasons behind this issue. 

    • You have created an email filter. Which is forwarding those emails into the junk mail folders like- spam or trash? 
    • You have marked incoming emails as spam mail. That’s why you are not receiving those emails into the inbox folder and they are landing into the trash folder of your Gmail. 

    To move those emails into the inbox folder, you need to follow the instructions given below. 

    1. Log in to your Gmail account on your browser. 
    2. Click on the trash folder, spam folder
    3. Select your emails, which you want to move into the inbox. 
    4. Click on move to folder icon >> and select the inbox folder

    Once you will move your existing emails into the inbox or any desired folder. You should focus on deleting the emails filters using the steps given below. 

    in case, if you can’t access yahoo account. visit: Why I can’t sign in to the Gmail account.

    Delete Gmail filters- 

    Once you identify email filters as the issue behind Gmail not receiving emails problem. 

    You should focus on deleting those folders into the junk or trash folders. It will help you in resolving the  Gmail send & receive issue. 

    • Go to the settings on your Gmail account. 
    • Click on the filters and blocked addresses
    • Select your email filter and press the delete account. 
    • Now you will get a confirmation message, click on ok

    Once you will delete the email filters, you will start receiving the new emails on your Gmail’s inbox folder. 

    unBlock the email account- 

    If you are not receiving emails from any specific person, you should check the block settings. 

    Most probably, you have blocked them. That’s why you can’t receive the emails on your Gmail account. 

    1. Go back to the Gmail filters and blocked addresses settings Again. 
    2. Select the email account name, which you wish to unblock. 
    3. Press the unblock button available on the right side of the email address. 

    Turn off the Gmail forwarding settings- 

    If you have enabled the forwarding settings on the Gmail account by mistake. You will not be able to receive the new emails on your account. 

    Because those emails will be forwarded to the given email address. 

    So you have to turn off forwarding settings than only you will receive emails on your Gmail account. 

    1. Go to the settings on your Gmail account. 
    2. Click on the forwarding & pop/IMAP tab. 
    3. Select the email address (which is available in the forwarding settings)
    4. Press the delete button available next to it. 

    Free Up Gmail space- 

    We all know google provides 15 GB of storage only, which includes the drive, Gmail, and other services as well. 

    So if your Gmail space is full. You will not be able to get new emails on your Gmail. 

    If that is the case, you have to free up space by deleting the useless files permanently. 

    Once you do so, you should try to send a test mail to yourself. 

    Also, If you don’t want to delete the files, you may buy the storage space using this link: 

    Always choose the keep the Gmail’s copy in the inbox option- 

    If you have enabled the pop settings on your Gmail account. Always ensure that you have selected the keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox folder. 

    Otherwise, you will go through gmail not receiving emails problem. 

    • Go back to the IMAP/ pop settings.
    • Under the pop download, select keep the Gmail’s copy in the inbox from the dropdown menu. 
    • Click on the save settings button available below. 
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    Judy C. Battiste

    Let’s check the web server status. Ensure that, It is not overloaded with the files. If it is processing too many files at a time. you have to kill some file data.

    Also, optimize your web server, delete the heavy images and videos from the database.

    Now try to load the webpage again. Let’s see what it is showing now?

    In case, if you get a privacy error. you can visit: Troubleshoot your connection is not private error on google chrome. 

    in reply to: Why Is My Macbook Pro Running So Slow? #5574
    Judy C. Battiste

    An older macbook pro will always run a bit slower than the newer one. So if you are owning an older version of the mac pro. you have to compromise with the speed.

    All you can do for maintenance, you can optimize it regularly. it will keep your mac healthy all the time.

    in reply to: How Do I Fix Macbook Pro WiFi Slow Problem ? #5545
    Judy C. Battiste

    Recently, I had the same issue with my macbook pro. Whenever I was running the internet via wifi, it was running horrible.

    But If I switch the connection and use the ethernet cable for the internet. It was working fine.

    At that time, I did a few things to troubleshoot the slow wifi internet problem on macbook pro. you may use them to fix your issue.

    • Let’s move your apple macbook pro nearby your wifi access point. Now run an internet speed test.
    • Switch off the router for 2 minutes, now switch on it. Now connect your macbook to the wifi.
    • I did change the wifi security type. I had switched it to the WEP 64 bit.

    After changing the security type, I am no more a victim of a slow wifi connection.

    in reply to: How to get back my Hotmail account? #5418
    Judy C. Battiste

    Hello Amal,

    I really apologize for the late reply. Can you answer some basic questions? it will be very helpful for me.

    I have taken a look at your email address and went to the outlook website to check the account recovery method. there, you have linked some other Hotmail account for the recovery.

    Do you have access to that email address?

    If your answer is yes!

    I will recommend you to try to reset your account password after a week.

    Because as you told us your account is locked for now. so it will be normal within a week.

    Also, did you try to send a govt-issued id to the outlook for account recovery?

    if not, you should send them one id.

    they will verify it and recover your account for you.

    For more details, you may have chat with the outlook team: https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/contact/virtual-agent/?

    in reply to: How To Fix Err_Connection_Reset In Google Chrome? #5260
    Judy C. Battiste

    Err_connection_timeout error message directly showing the issues related to the network settings. So follow the guide given below to fix the problem.

    Disable the proxy settings-

    Firstly, you should disable the proxy server on your Windows 10 laptop. To disable the proxy server, you need to follow the instructions given below.

    • Open the internet explorer and click on the settings icon.
    • Click on the internet options, and then click on the connections tab.
    • Now you need to click on LAN settings and then uncheck the proxy server box.
    • Click on ok.
    • Once, you will uncheck the enable proxy server. You should reload the google or yahoo website again on your google chrome.

    Check the internet connection-

    Check the internet connection on your browser. Make sure your computer is not dropping the connection frequently.

    If you are using the internet through Ethernet cable, ensure that the cable is connected correctly.

    In case, if you are using the wi-fi on you on your windows 10 pc. You should ensure that signal strength.

    It should be in the good signal strength.

    Disable the firewall-

    If you have checked the above functions but still getting the web page is not available error message with the error code err_connection_reset.

    You should disable the firewall, and then reload the page again. To do that, you can follow the instructions given below.

    • Go to the control panel and click on the windows firewall option.
    • Click on turn windows firewall on or off options available on the left menu.
    • Select turn off the firewall and click on ok.
    • After turning off the firewall, you should reboot the computer for once, and then load the page again. Let’s see if it is working fine now or not.

    Website is down –

    If you are unable to load any specific site, this can be due to the server issue. Maybe the website is down in your area. That’s why you are getting err_connection_reset error message.

    In such a case, you need to wait until the server starts working fine. All you can do, complain about it to the website admin.

    In case, if you are getting the proxy error, you can visit: how to fix your connection is not private issue.

    in reply to: Can’t Connect To The AOL Mail On Mail Application Macbook #5134
    Judy C. Battiste

    Well, many times, people can’t connect their aol account on mail application due to the two primary reasons.

    1. Account setup problem.
    2. Application problem.

    Here, I am sharing the guide to fix this kind of problem. You can quickly try these instructions to correct the problem.

    Let’s try to log in your account on safari and check if you can sign in successfully or not. If you cannot, you need to change the password. You may visit: how to fix AOL emails login problems for more information.

    Once you will able to log in your AOL account on safari but unable to get it on the mac books mail application. You should change the password on mac application using the tricks given below.

    1. Open the mail application on a mac book.
    2. Click your mail and click on accounts.
    3. Select your account and delete it.
    4. Now press the add account button and select AOL as your service provider.
    5. Type your email address and password and press ok.

    Check The Network connectivity- 

    If you couldn’t connect your AOL account on mail application. It can be due to several reasons like-

    • DNS server not responding.
    • Firewall issue.

    You should check these settings correctly.

    Check Mail application update-

    If you have already tried the above steps, but you can’t connect the aol mail account on MacBook mail application. You need to check for the application update. Maybe there is an update required for the mail. That’s why you are going through such kind of problem.

    So these are the techniques to fix the can’t connect to aol mail on mail application. In case, if you have any other questions, visit aksprob community to correct the problem.


    Judy C. Battiste

    If you don’t have the old phone number to verify your yahoo account, do not worry; you can use another way to check it and easily access your yahoo mail account.

    Under the verification method, you will get an option says, use another way. You need to click on it.

    Now you will see the other methods to verify the account like- email address, security questions, etc.

    If you try to verify your yahoo account using the email address, it will send a code on your email. You need to type that code in, and then try to reaccess the yahoo account.

    Just like that, if you will use the security question method to access your yahoo account.

    You will able to see some questions like- what is your mother’s first name?

    You need to answer them correctly.

    Once you answer them correctly, you will get an option to verify the email account.

    That’s how you can easily verify the yahoo account and get access to the yahoo mail account.

    In case, if you are facing sign in trouble. You can visit: how to fix yahoo mail sign in problems and follow the steps to correct the problem.


    in reply to: Why I Can’t Sign Into iCloud Account? #4538
    Judy C. Battiste

    Generally, People can face the Icloud sign in problem due to the multiple reasons.

    • Invalid login details.
    • Server issue.
    • Website issue.
    • Connection issue.

    So here are the techniques about how to fix can’t sign into icloud problem.

    Check username and password-

    Firstly, you should begin by checking the icloud login details. You might be typing the incorrect password.

    IF you are typing the valid login password but still can’t sign into icloud yet.

    In this case, Someone might have changed your icloud password. That’s why you are unable to sign in to icloud account.

    In such a case, you need to reset the icloud password and then try to login again.

    Check Server Status-

    It happens rarely, but sometimes, people face icloud sign in problem on their iPhone, iPad, or other devices due to the server issue.

    When the Apple server is down in your area or not responding correctly, it may prevent you from the login process.

    So whenever you are having difficulty with the sign-in process. You should check the server status.

    You can quickly check the server status by chatting with the Apple team. If they confirm the server outage, you should wait until the server starts working fine.

    Optimize your web browser-

    Let’s install another browser into your device and then try to access the apple account.
    If you can successfully sign in to your account, it means there is no problem from the apple server side.

    The issue is related to the web browser.

    So you have to optimize your web browser and then try to reaccess the account.


    Judy C. Battiste

    When you get, the hp printer is an offline error message; It would help if you did the following things:

    Check for the driver update-

    Let’s begin by checking the driver update. You might have an outdated printer driver. A printer driver helps to connect and operate print command successfully. Your printer creates an offline printing problem if the printer driver is not up to date.

    So first of all, you should go to the device manager on your computer and right-click on your hp printer.

    Now you need to click on check for the driver update. If there is any printer driver update is available, your printer will update it automatically.

    Disable the security-

    Many times, people get the hp printer says offline error message due to firewall security reasons.

    So it would help if you disabled the antivirus and firewall for a while and then try to print something from your printer. Let’s see if your printer is allowing you to print or still giving you the offline error message.

    Uninstall the printer driver-

    If you have already tried all these instructions but still your hp printer keeps giving the offline error, Uninstall printer driver from the computer.

    After uninstalling the existing version of the driver, install a newer version of the printer driver into your computer.

    Once you complete the installation process successfully, you will get rid of the hp printer, says offline error message.

    in reply to: Why is my asus laptop running slow? #4328
    Judy C. Battiste

    You can easily boost the speed of your Asus laptop using the tricks below.

    If your Asus is running slow, you should start with optimizing your computer to make it run faster.

    In the optimization process: we will do the following things.

    • Delete the prefetch, temp files.
    • Run drive cleaner to clean the drives.
    • Run the System file scan, to repair the corrupted system files.

    Here, I am sharing the process to optimize the computer. You can go ahead and follow it.

    Run Drive Cleaner-

    Drive cleaner helps you in cleaning the drive. Here, are the instructions about how will you clean the C:// drive.

    • Open the run box and type cleanmgr and press ok.
    • you will able to see the drive selection window, where you need to select the C:// drive and press ok.
    • Now your computer will start scanning the drives, this process may take several minutes, so you need to wait till that time. Once the process will be completed. You will see a list of folders, which needs to be deleted. You need to select all of them and then click on ok.
    • Finally, your computer will start deleting the useless files from the windows drive.

    Run System file scan-

    this program helps in repairing the damaged windows files. If your Asus laptop is running slow. It might because of corrupted or damaged Windows files.

    So we can say, this is the most important process to optimize the computer.

    • Open the command prompt in administrator mode.
    • Type sfc /scannow command and press enter.
    • Now your computer will start scanning the system files. This process might take several minutes or hour, depend on your files. So you need to leave the computer free till that time.
    • Once your system files scan will be completed. You need to restart the computer once.

    Run Check disk scan –

    Your Asus laptop can be running slow due to the bad sectors on the hard drive. So you should run check disk scan once. To run the check disk, you need to type CHKDSK in the run box and press ok.

    This will run a process to check the bad sectors. If it will find anything there. It will remove it automatically.

    Scan your computer with good antivirus-

    Most of the time, people face Asus laptop running slow problem due to the virus issue.

    When you have malware, spyware or any other kind of virus on your computer. It will slow down the speed of your computer.

    So you should scan your computer with a good antivirus. Whenever my laptop starts running slow. I believe in using malware bytes antimalware to clean the computer. They are also providing 7 days of trial. You can download it from there official website and use it on your computer to scan your computer.

    Also, you should always have one antivirus on your computer. That can protect you from the virus in the future.

    Remove unwanted programs-

    After cleaning the computer, your step should be removing the unwanted files from the computer.

    Once you will remove the unwanted programs from your computer. Your computer will start running faster than before.

    Check for the windows update-

    Do not forget to check for the windows update. When your windows are not up to date and it has lots of update in pending. It will be the reason behind the Asus laptop running slow.

    So you should check for the update time by time. Also, I will recommend you to put your computer in the automatic update mode. Whenever there will be an update available for your windows. It will automatically update itself.


    in reply to: How To Add AOL Mail Account On Outlook 365? #4222
    Judy C. Battiste

    Which incoming server is better ? IMAP or POP3?

    I want to configure AOL account on outlook 2016. Also, I have some subfolders in my emails. So tell me according to that, which email server should I choose?

    Judy C. Battiste

    Hello Brenda,

    My Ink cartridge is correctly installed into the printer. I can say this because I had gotten the click sound when I installed it into my printer.

    But for your satisfaction, I tried to remove it again and reinstall it. But it did not work for me.

    in reply to: How Do I Reset WiFi Password On My Belkin Router? #4124
    Judy C. Battiste

    There is no password on the top or bottom of my Belkin router. Only, username: admin is available.

    Where can I find the Belkin router password?

    in reply to: epson printer error code 0xf4 #3740
    Judy C. Battiste

    Epson error code 0xf4 comes due to the empty ink cartridge, broken paper, paper jam etc.

    Here I am sharing the quick instructions to fix the problem.

    1.    Let’s begin with checking the ink status on your Epson printer. You might not have ink into your cartridge. That’s why your printer is unable to print and display the 0xf4 error code.

    So check the printer settings carefully, if you find something wrong with the printer.

    2.    Make sure, there is no broken paper stuck into your printer. If you found any. You need to remove it from the printer immediately.

    Judy C. Battiste

    Why you are exporting the data from your aol desktop gold. If you want to configure your aol account on the outlook application.

    You can easily do it without exporting and importing the data.

    All you need to do, just configure your account using the valid information like- username, password, server address etc.

    once you will add your account on outlook successfully, it will automaticallly start syncing the data. You don’t have to do anything.

    When you try to configure the aol account. you should begin it with the IMAP server. it will sync all emails and other data faster than other servers.

    for brief details you can visit: how to add aol account on outlook?

    in reply to: How To Reset Brother Printer To The Factory Settings? #3488
    Judy C. Battiste

    If you want to reset the network settings only, you can follow the instructions given below.

    1. Power on your brother printer.
    2. Press the menu button and go to the network
    3. Use down button to go to the reset network option.
    4. Now you will get the confirmation message. You need to press 1.
    5. Once again press 1 to begin the restore process.
    6. Finally, your printer will reboot itself, and it will reset the network settings.
    in reply to: How To Auto Forward Emails From AOL Account? #3489
    Judy C. Battiste

    You can easily enable the auto-forwarding on aol mail using the general settings option. but remember, if you will enable the email forwarding.

    you will not receive any new emails into your aol account.

    they will be directly going to the given address.

    So do it only, if you do not want to receive the new emails on the aol account.


    Judy C. Battiste

    Let’s start with rebooting the printer pool services. To reboot the service, you need to follow the instructions given below.

    1. Go to the service manager.
    2. Scroll down and click on printer pool service.
    3. Now click on reboot.
    4. Let’s try to print excel file now.

    Check Ink Level – 

    if your epson printer is not printing the excel file yet.  you should check the ink level status. If you find ink level low. you need to go ahead and replace the ink cartridge. this will fix the problem.

    in reply to: HOw To Fix AOL Error Code 11, Account Cancelled? #3345
    Judy C. Battiste

    Normally, People get Aol error code 11 during the AIL installation failure. When they do not install the AOL Instant message successfully, you will get an account canceled error message.

    To Fix this kind of problem on AOL, I have tricks. you can use them to fix your account.

    1. First of all, you should clean the windows registry files from your computer.
    2. Delete the Existing files from your pc.
    3. Also, Delete the temporary files.
    4. If you still get error 11, you should uninstall the AOL Messenger from your computer and install it again.
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