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    Philip Steuber

    Change in Youtube profile picture will change your Google or Gmail account picture simultaneously. Youtube and Gmail both are Google products also connected with each other. Even all the Google services work through a single Gmail account name.

    You can change your profile picture from have to log in to your Gmail account before clicking on this link).

    Follow the steps below to change your youtube profile photo:

    1. Open Youtube and click on the profile logo from the right top corner.
    2. Now, select “Manage your Google Account.”
    3. A new tab would open. You have click on a big circle above saying, “Welcome, Your Name.”
    4. It will allow a box to upload your profile picture, which you do want for the Youtube account. Upload picture from your computer or drag n drop there.
    5. Now, click on “Set as profile photo” below, and your Youtube Profile photo will change.
    6. Refresh your Youtube page, and it will display a new profile photo.

    Sometimes, it also takes time to update, so Sign out your Google account and re-login. Further, your all the linked google profile pics would change.

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    Philip Steuber

    I am struggling login problem over a week. Each time, I try to access my AOL account. It just says, can’t access this account. Can you tell me the way to fix AOL mail login problem?

    in reply to: Netflix Keeps Freezing And Stopping On the Loading Screen? #6304
    Philip Steuber

    There are two conditions on Netflix that get stuck and won’t load. The first, all the devices in your home are not playing Netflix and stop at the loading screen. Further, in the second situation, only your one device doesn’t work.

    You are using Roku for playing Netflix on your TV, and it freezes on your TV. Below are some steps which usually fix Netflix freezing issue on TV while using Roku.

    Solution For Netflix Not Loading Issue On Tv Using Roku:

    1. You should restart all the devices before going further. Unplug the TV from Roku and turn off your internet device(Modem/Router). Wait for a minute and connect the TV with Roku. Turn on your internet Modem and connect your Roku with the Internet. Mostly restarting all the device solve the issue.
    2. Heating is a very hidden and root cause of Freezing Netflix and Roku. Make sure all the devices are installed in an open area and never cover with boxes or cloths. Covering the devices can heat and starts freezing as well as hardware failure.
    3. Test your internet speed on your computer or mobile phone. Netflix needs a high-speed internet for playing content. It would start displaying ‘loading please wait’ if the internet speed is slow. Further, You can use for checking the internet speed.
    4. Is there any other device in your home using a high amount of internet speed? It distributes the internet speed and cause of freezing Netflix. Avoid using a high amount of internet speed on other devices while watching Netflix or Roku.
    5. Remove the Netflix app from Roku and reinstall it again. There is a discussion especially for Roku and Netflix you can check how to uninstall Netflix and re-install on Roku. Discussion link: Netflix not working on Roku.Netflix freezing
    6. Update the firmware of Roku and TV as well. Sometimes an outdated version of the software doesn’t allow us to play the latest application. So, it may also create a problem like Netflix freezing while playing.
    7. Do factory reset devices like Roku and TV. Roku and TV do update firmware itself automatically and may get bad updates. Bad update into Roku or TV can create problems. In this situation, you should try once reset the devices as factory default.

    Most probably, these above steps solve Netflix freezing and stopping on the loading screen issue. If you have still issue or any other query, please describe in the reply.

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    Philip Steuber

    About a day back, I was unable to receive emails on my yahoo account using a computer. It was due to the server issue. 

    The yahoo mail server was down in my area. That’s why I wasn’t receiving the emails on my account. You should also check the yahoo server status. 

    in reply to: Netflix Not Working On Apple TV?(Troubleshooting Guide) #6075
    Philip Steuber

    Perfect explanation by Isobel Roberts. Every step is well described and easily fix Netflix not working issue related to Apple TV. I want to add few more points which users are facing and its solution.

    Fix Netflix not Working Issue on Apple TV By Removing Cookies:

    Cookies are playing a significant role in digital technology. Today every device store cookies, and it helps to recognize devices and its user information. Sometimes old cookies not able to load the latest update and software firmware. In this case, you have to remove old cookies.

    Removing old cookies performs from your Netflix account. A Netflix profile identifies by its cookies save in it. Cookies stores the information like last login device; what you did play last like that. Follow the steps below to reset your cookies:

    Connect any PC or laptop on the same internet network or modem/router. Open the browser on your computer and go to Now click on Sign in and log in your account using Netflix email and password.

    Once you are logged in, click on Your all the saved cookies will remove, and your account creates new cookies. Now, try to access on your Apple TV, still having an issue, might Netflix has some problem. Try to stream again after few minutes.

    Note: Before removing cookies, make sure your Apple TV firmware software(iOS) has the latest update.

    Philip Steuber

    If you are getting the brother printer offline error message on your Windows 10 computer, you should cancel the pending print jobs. 

    Now restart the printer pool services using the steps given below. 

    1. Type services.msc in the windows search box >> select services. 
    2. Scroll down and select printer pool service
    3. Finally, click on the restart button.

    Once you will restart the services,  it will bring your brother printer online for your pc, you may try to print something now. 

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    Philip Steuber

    Google has recently updated its features and settings. People usually find the option “delete Gmail account” and click on that. After a new update, it’s a little bit difficult to discover how to delete google accounts.

    You follow the steps below and quickly delete your google accounts:

    1. Login to your Google account and click on the image at the right top corner in your browser.
    2. You will find an option “Manage your Google Account,” click on it.
    3. Now a new page will open and click on “Data & Personalisation” from the left column menu.
    4. Scroll down and find the box “Download, delete or make a plan for your data” and “Delete a service or your account.”
    5. It will ask your Google account password for security confirmation before proceeding.
    6. Once you confirm your password, it will allow if you want to download your data.
    7. After all the confirmation, Google will allow you to Delete your Google account permanently.
    in reply to: Do Brother printers enforce toner expiry dates? #5833
    Philip Steuber

    Printer ink or toner expiration topic is very good for discussion. First, you need to know every toner has an expiration date. After a fixed time, toner keeps going sluggish and won’t able to move fluently. Sluggish toner may cause cartridge damage, so don’t use a toner if it expires.

    Toner is a dry black powder containing tiny metal particles. These metal particles use to charge and help for creating text form of print. So, if the black powder or metal is not smooth, you would not get a good print.

    After a fixed date of manufacturing or moisture creates powder clotted. These clotting easily damage printer parts like the printing drum or print head. Further, I would like to advise, avoid using old toner and always confirm the packing date of toner before buying.

    Apart from expiration, you can protect your printer by following a few simple steps. These steps can increase your printer life and always perform excellent printing.

    • Never use an expire or about to expire toner. Always buy any printer toner by seeing the packaging date.
    • Toner box must be sealed and not get moisture. Toner becomes in powder form, and a small amount of moisture can create clotting in it.
    • Always buy a new cartridge from the official company website. There are a lot of chances of duplicity on online shopping websites.
    • Avoid refilling of the cartridge, because refill toner can damage your printer and you would never get a good print.
    • Keep your printer moisture and dust-free. Always use good quality of the dry paper. Sometimes you would not get good print due to paper moisture. Even paper stuck problem mostly happen if the paper has moisture.
    • Time to time clean your printing drum or printing head with clean, dry cotton. Never rub the cotton on the head or drum, slide from one end to another.

    Further, anything else wants to know about printer and toner; please comments below.

    in reply to: Netflix Not Working On Roku TV? (Troubleshooting Steps) #5750
    Philip Steuber

    Roku is a device through which we can play any application on the TV. The app like Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Prime Video, Spectrum TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, The Roku Channel many more can play through Roku TV easily.

    Sometimes these applications can stop working, and it’s not a big issue. Right now, here, I will explain what steps can fix when Netflix stops working on Roku.

    Follow the steps below:

    • The first steps mostly solve the Netflix issues with Roku also very easy. You need to unplug the Roku device from the wall outlet or power outlet. Now, plug it back in after waiting 60 seconds. If it solves your problem and your Netflix is working again great, if not, try the next step.
    • Start your Roku TV and go to the Home screen. Select the Netflix and press star(*) button on the remote. Scroll down to “Remove channel” and click on remove again. Netflix application would remove from your Roku box.

    Now go to your home screen and find the search option. Type here “Netflix” in the search bar, and it will show Netflix application. Select that Netflix icon and click add the channel. It will start adding Netflix on your Roku device.

    After installing check its working or not and still your Netflix not working go to the next step.

    • This step you should try in the last. In this step, we need to reset the Roku device as it had come first. For resetting the Roku device, go to the settings and go down to the system menu from here.

    Now go to advanced system settings and select factory reset. On the screen, you will get space to type some password code and that you will get on the same screen below or the Roku device. You have to type that code, and the Roku device would reset as factory default.

    Further, you have to add your desired channel from the search menu again. I hope these steps can connect your Roku with Netflix.


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    Philip Steuber

    Clash of clan or COC is one of the fastest booming game in the world. Now it is organizing worldwide games live battles with a significant amount of prize.

    The amplest part of the game is its graphics and smoothness. Its glitch-free match with the highest HD platform. This game doesn’t need high-speed internet.

    How to play Clash of Clan:

    COC is a mobile game, so you have to download and install it from the play store (For android users) or apple store (For apple users). Direct link descriptions are Android: Download Coc Play Store  Apple: Install COC from Apple Store

    You can start playing the game as a guest account, or I will prefer to sign up with your Google or any email account. After login, you can connect your social media profile too.

    After sign up, you may start playing the game by developing your kingdom and protecting from attackers. It needs very patience and time taking the game.

    For more information visit supercell official website from

    in reply to: What Is New In Upcoming Pubg game? #5469
    Philip Steuber

    The latest Pubg update is update 4.3, which is already live now. It is also called Pubg season 4, update 3. Update 4.3 is a preparing platform for next season. Pubg very soon going to launch its new season.

    What’s new in Season 4 Update 3 or Pubg update 4.4:

    1.DBS gun:

    In update 4.3 pubg team has introduced a new type of weapon called DBS( double-barrel shotgun). It has a 100-meter effective range, with the ability to attach any variety of scopes.

    2. Better Sound Quality:

    In the update 4.3, pubg has improved game sound quality. Game sound is much better than before. They have updated footsteps and jumping sound quality for different types of jump styles. Along with you may feel more realistic sound during the games.

    For more information about pubg updates follow pubg offical account from

    in reply to: Pogo Games Won't Load On My Computer? #5458
    Philip Steuber

    Pogo gamers mostly face pogo games, not loading, pogo games crashing, or running slow issues. These issues are directly linked with the browser, internet speed, and internet speed. If your computer’s software has any problems like JAVA or Adobe flash player, your games won’t work correctly.

    Sometimes it may also be possible everything works fine, and game server (EA Games) is down. In that case, you may even get trouble with the game.

    Follow the steps below to fix your Pogo game problems:

    Fix your computer compatibility issue-

    Every company upgrades its gaming patches from time to time. These new patches required the latest software updates. Further, you will not be able to play the game if your computer isn’t capable of handling these patches.

    To check the system compatibility required for pogo games click on this link –

    Fix your Java and Flash issue:

    Every online game needed either Java or Flash player on the computer for playing. You need to install the current version of Java and Flash player. Even if you have both in your system, install once again. The previously installed application may corrupt.

    Official Java installation website link-

    Official Adobe Flash player installation link-

    Fix your Antivirus and Firewall blocking pogo games:

    In some cases, people found their antivirus program or its firewall is blocking games. In this situation, temporary turn off or disable your installed antivirus program.

    Some antivirus also installed website scanner plugins into your browser, If you have disable it too.

    Fix your pogo games by resetting browser settings as factory defaults:

    Any program or application can change your browser settings. These settings may affect in pogo games. If, above all, the steps won’t work, reset your browser settings. For more details on browser check

    reset browser for pogo games

    All the above steps mostly solve the pogo games problems, but still, you have any issue you may directly contact with pogo company through


    in reply to: Can’t remember my icloud account #5188
    Philip Steuber

    Hello, Michael bobo,

    First, sorry for the late reply. As you are saying your father gave you an iPad and you don’t know the lock or passcode of iPad.

    I want to clear one thing an Apple ID and iCloud ID are like same. If I am not wrong, this iPad login credential had created by your father. So, he may have used his phone number as recovery information. If you have still access of that number, reset the password of that apple id.

    All the steps for recovering Apple iPad forgotten password already described here:

    Apart from that do you have any query please let me know here in comments.

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    Philip Steuber

    We do never notice, but many times our computer get the infection from the internet. These infections can, in the form of many types. Some virus or application asks permission to install the program and change your administrative privilege settings.

    It will block if you have any good antivirus on your computer. If you don’t get any proper protection, highly possible it may affect your computer settings.

    Changes in computer settings may also affect for restarting the computer. This problem can easily solve by restoring your computer in the backdate when it was working fine.

    in reply to: How Do I Fix Go Pro Screen Is Showing Black? #4265
    Philip Steuber

    I want to share my own experience on the go pro black screen issue. Once I was doing river rafting with my friends. I did fix my go pro on selfie stick. During hitch hole of water, my stick goes down into the water with a go pro.

    I didn’t notice my go pro has stopped working until reach the hotel. It was surprising that go pro is waterproof then how it stops working in water. I did notice there was a tiny hair crack on the body.

    I had decided to open because I wanted to shoot more. Water has reached inside the go pro and the reason for showing a black screen. I removed every part carefully and kept under the table lamp.

    After two hours of light heat, all the parts dry. I fix all the parts and turn it on. This time it was turned on and working fine. I did close the leakage part on the body, and it was working fine.

    So, before trying anything else, you can try these above steps. It may turn on your go pro screen from black.

    Philip Steuber

    A laptop only starts when all the components are connected and working fine. During startup, laptop send a token from BIOS to check all the parts. If all the tokens come back with ping, indicates components are working and laptop boot up.

    Laptop can’t turn on if any components don’t reply to the token. For every part have a different type of sound. Like missing keyboard has two or three beeps and missing RAM continuous beeping sound.

    As you describe, you have continuous beeping sound, and it may be due to faulty RAM.

    in reply to: What Is VPN And How Does It Works? #4245
    Philip Steuber

    Above answers has described nicely about VPN. As the name VPN(a virtual private network) states, it creates your personal or private network system. This own network hides everything from worldwide.

    Lots of hackers use this service for hiding himself or herself. So, I would like to suggest you be away from using a VPN service; it might affect your privacy also. If you have to use a VPN for some good work, go with trusty network partner and paid VPN.

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    Philip Steuber

    Tik Tok is a social media application. This application is to work for creating and sharing short videos online. Tik Tok was launched in 2017 by a Chinese company ByteDance.

    Tiktok is available for Android and iOS Apple phones. First, you have to download and install this application on your phone.

    After installation, tiktok will ask you to register or sign up. You can quickly sign up by using your email id and phone number. Now you are ready to use tiktok.

    Making a video in TikTok Live Online-

    • Open your Tiktok application by clicking on tiktok shortcut in your mobile.
    • Once it will open click on “+” sign showing below middle on the screen. At the top, there is an option “Pick a sound” to add extra audio in your video.
    • You can select music from the tiktok audio library by using the option “Shoot with this sound.” Music from the library plays from starting. You can trim according to your video.
    • Fix the camera on the subject which you want to record and keep pressing the red recording button. Till the time it is press, will record and stop after leaving.
    • After recording, you can add some extra effect by using right side buttons. You can select the and trim the video part. Here everything is saved in draft and still not published.
    • Once your video is ready and you have watched by yourself, click on next and add title and hashtags(#). Select your desired thumbnail and hit on done.
    • Now the last steps click on Post. It will upload your video in your tiktok account as well as public so that anyone can watch. You may also change your privacy settings from public to friends or secret.
    in reply to: How To Keep Laptop’s Battery Life In Good Condition? #4252
    Philip Steuber

    All the answers are very well described in the laptop’s battery life. Almost everything has covered about protecting battery life. I want to add two more points from my side. It may help anyone to protect the battery from the fast drain issue.

    Upgrade your laptop memory from HDD to SDD-

    HDD works on a small spinning motor which causes extra consuming energy rather than SDD. Latest laptops are coming with SDD.

    On the other had a solid state drive(SDD) works like a big memory mobile card. It doesn’t have a spinning motor for consuming battery energy. Anyhow it will increase the battery life.

    Remove unused devices-

    We connect lots of external devices or peripheral with the laptop. Some are like pen drive, any flash drive, Mobile, USB DVD drive, Online printer, and many more.

    Unused devices keep consuming the power of a battery. You should turn off blue tooth also. It doesn’t matter power saving quantity is tiny, but we are talking about saving battery.

    in reply to: Why Is My Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages? #3785
    Philip Steuber

    According to me, there are many reasons for printing blank pages in your Epson printer. I describe below in points. You can check all the points in your printer.

    • Most of the people will suggest ink cartridge must empty. It is also correct because about 50% of cases see blank printing due to low ink level. So, never underestimate low ink level notification.
    • The second most common case is printer preference settings. Computer through which you are printing may be possible that printer settings have changed. You have to reset default settings once again.
    • Half of our printing is directly from the website online. Some web owners lock their content for protection and copyright issue. In that case, you can’t print our copy of those online content. Further, It will print blank pages if you give the command.
    • Cartridge nozzle gets dry if you haven’t print long for time. In this situation, you can clean the cartridge head or nozzle with clean tissue paper. Default printer software also become a head cleaning tool. You can use that.

    I hope all these steps can start your printing.

    in reply to: epson printer error code 0xf4 #3784
    Philip Steuber

    Every error code defines a particular problem. Like you will get error code 0xf4 in Epson printer if printer got stuck during a print job. It may be much reason like broken paper; paper jam also empties ink cartridge.

    Assume your printer is correctly working fine and suddenly start giving error 0xf4 on the display screen. In this situation first, you have to check is there any paper stuck inside printer or roller. Restart your printer after removing a piece of stuck paper.

    Sometimes you won’t recognize the ink is about to finish. During printing, if the cartridge gets empty, will start giving the error. It may also be possible blank cartridge error code can differ in respective models.

    Solution for Epson error code 0xf4 is to check all the possibility which can stop the printer.


    in reply to: Why Is My Belkin Range Extender Blinking Orange? #3776
    Philip Steuber

    You need to know what does it mean of red light in Belkin range extender. Most of people think red light shows the device is dead. You will surprise to know that red light of any device is not for dead fault indication.

    Belkin range extender shows red or orange light when it stops working. Work of range extender is only boosting the signal. It captures the configure network signal and transmit by increasing it.

    We connect range extender with internet modem or wifi router. Sometimes router or modem can’t connect with range extender due to network glitch. In this situation, range extender starts blinking red light.

    It may also be possible you are not getting the internet from your internet provider. Range extender starts giving orange or red light if your modem or router doesn’t have internet.

    Further, red light in range extender can be due to any reason.

    in reply to: How To Reset Yahoo Mail Password? #3770
    Philip Steuber

    You need to remember your yahoo login id correctly. First, make sure you are typing the correct login id. Yahoo has a feature of recovering forgotten yahoo id if you don’t remember your yahoo id. You can read the steps from recover forgot yahoo login id.

    Reset/Change yahoo account password:

    • Open the Yahoo home page website and click on Sign in from the right top corner.
    • Type your email or yahoo id in place, asking for “Enter your email address” and click next.
    • Now it will drive your page for entering your password, which you don’t remember.
    • Press On “I forgot my password” below Sign in option.
    • It will prompt a page for entering your recovering email or phone number. The recovery option will show here which you did set before.
    • Type your recovering option, and the Yahoo server will send a one-time password code. You have to type that code on your screen.
    • After typing code, it shows an option for a new password. Type your new desired password and click on save.

    Now your yahoo password has changed.

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    Philip Steuber

    Redmi is launching great budget phones, also with features. Redmi is part of xiaomi company. Recently it has launched K20 also K20 pro in China. Both mobile phones have great features according to price and respect competitors.

    K20 and K20 pro have difference only in rare points. First, let me explain what the difference between K20 and K20 pro is.


    K20-[Qualcomm SDM730 Snapdragon 730 (8 nm)]

    K20 Pro- [Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855 (7 nm)]


    K20-[Octa-core (2×2.2 GHz Kryo 470 Gold & 6×1.8 GHz Kryo 470 Silver)]

    K20 Pro-[Octa-core processor (1×2.84 GHz Kryo 485 & 3×2.42 GHz Kryo 485 & 4×1.8 GHz Kryo 485)]


    K20-[Adreno 618]

    K20 Pro-[Adreno 640]


    K20-[Fast battery charging 18W]

    K20 Pro-[Fast battery charging 27W (Quick Charge 4+)]

    Apart from that K20 Pro comes with 8 Gb Ram variant also.

    in reply to: What is stall in flight? #2529
    Philip Steuber

    We heard lots of humor about Boeing 737 max in the past few days. Boeing company has to ground their all 737 max model planes, because of recent two similar crashes.

    After taking off both the planes got crashed and the pilot was informing ATC (Air traffic controller) plane is out of control.

    Investigators had found a black box which was safe in a crash. Once they restore all the information and data saved in the black box, found something similar in the crash. Both pilots were saying about the same issue out of control.

    Aero scientist team did deep research on it and found the problem is with plane’s autopilot software.

    Autopilot tries to make a plane in the safe flying zone. If needs software can take their own decision at critical situation. Same happens with both the plane.

    During takeoff, the pilot keeps the nose of the plane towards upside for climbing. The angle of the nose has fixed for climbing. It should not be exceeded nor low.

    If it is low, the plane can’t climb and maybe crash. If the pilot increases the angle of the nose it starts going upside just like a rocket.

    Plane thrust is not as much powerful as rocket and at the time it stops moving upwards. Now, the plane would be falling down due to loss of air pressure and speed. This situation has called a stall.

    The problem was not related to stall it was working fine. The pilot was on the perfect angle of the climb that day but autopilot fault summarising plane nose is getting upwards and may be at a stall position.

    So autopilot was trying to nose down and the pilot was on the right position. Result plane nose declined towards the down position.

    The plane started getting down fast. The pilot was trying to move nose at upside but can’t do that because autopilot won’t let do it. The pilot didn’t know how to stop the autopilot system because recently Boeing has installed this system into this model plane.

    Result plane did hit directly with the ground. Half part of the plane had subsided many meters inside of the earth. The plane did hit the ground with a high speed of more than 1000 Km/h.

    in reply to: What is inside of a power bank? #2521
    Philip Steuber

    The power bank is a small electronic device which contains a huge amount of DC energy in the form of battery. We can use this energy by using the USB cable.

    Usually, power bank energy uses for charging the device like mobile phones, cameras, toys, etc.

    Structure of Power bank-

    Power bank case usually made of metal as well as hard plastic.

    It is slim just like a mobile phone. One side contains a micro USB charging point which uses for charge the power bank.

    It contains two or more USB port through which we can use power bank energy for charging the devices.

    There may some small led bulbs or display indicators which shows how much energy is left or drain.

    Inside of Power bank-

    Power bank usually contains two things. First is a big battery and the second is the controller chip. Controller chip control charging of power bank and draining the energy of power bank.

    Power bank battery could be different capacity.

    In the market, there are 5000 mah, 10000 mah, 20000 mah and many more variant are available right now.

    in reply to: How to make conditioner at home? #2530
    Philip Steuber

    Home remedies are best for human bodies. If people will start using home remedies, never face any health-related problems. Today I will explain about using conditioning your hair at home.

    There are lots of common home products can we use for hair conditioner. Read the steps below-

    • Mix Mayonnaise with egg and vinegar together in a bowl. Apply gently on your hair and wash with normal water. Don’t use warm water it may turn an egg into white particles.
    • Honey, milk and olive oil mixture can also use as a conditioner for hair.
    • Mix Aloe vera with olive oil and apply on your hair after a bath. It works as a healthy conditioner.
    • Curd and lemon one of the best anti-dandruff products for hair.


    in reply to: How Do I Fix A Print Head On HP envy 4500 Printer? #2163
    Philip Steuber

    I have heard about the print head issue before but first time found something like a paper head broke. Might possible problem is related to paper or its paper head.

    Fist check paper head or paper tray is installed correctly or not. If it is fit, check paper should not be stuck anywhere in the printer.

    Restart your printer two or three times. Sometimes stuck paper comes out after restarting the printer.

    in reply to: How do I Change the Alias Name In outlook? #2164
    Philip Steuber

    Log in to your Microsoft outlook account and go to your info tab. Now click on add email alias and go to add an alias. Here type your required alias name then save. Your alias is saved.

    in reply to: HP Paper Feed Roller Has Stopped Working? #2165
    Philip Steuber

    This problem is one of the prevalent issues with every printer. There are many reasons that a printer is not taking the paper from the paper tray.

    It happens when the roller is not able to pull printing paper inside the printer. The roller is made up of rubber, and it got vanished with the time. In this situation, we need to change the rubber.

    If your printer is ancient or using after a long time, roller rubber got dried. The dry rubber roller is not able to pull the paper from the paper tray. In this situation, clean your rubber with wet cloths or wet tissue paper.

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