[Solved] Gmail Not Receiving Emails ? What Should I Do?

In today’s modern era, most professional conversions are taking place through emails. All of us need an email service provider who is secure, fast, and reliable too. 

By the way, many email companies in the market claim to provide an excellent email service. But most people around the world only trust Gmail.

Gmail provides its users with an easy control panel along with many more full features, which makes the user experience even better. And the most important thing is that Gmail servers are always working, due to which you can use your emails whenever you want.

No doubt, Gmail is the best free email service provider in the world, but as we all know that there is nothing perfect in this world, which is also applied to Gmail. Sometimes users can face some fundamental problems; one of them is not receiving the inbox email.

Gmail not receiving emails, Gmail not getting emails

Usually, Gmail users do not receive an email in their inbox, so they first confirm the sender whether he has sent the email to the correct address or not? After that, please wait a while because sometimes, they come up to 5 minutes late due to email server issues.

If emails do not come after that, then it can be a technical problem, which can be caused by the Gmail server or email settings.

If you are not yet getting the emails in your Gmail account. So don’t worry, I am ready to help through this article here. Through this, you can fix a problem related to Gmail not receiving emails on the computer, phone, and mail client software.

What to do If Gmail not receiving emails on the browser, phone, or any other device? 

Clean up the storage- 

If you are not receiving emails in the Gmail inbox and above the mailbox, you receive the storage full alert message. It means that you have used 15GB of free storage space given by Google, due to which the space to store new Mail is not available.

check gmail storage to fix can't receive emails on gmail problem

In such a situation, you will need to clear the storage space, for which you do the following.

1. Delete useless files and folders from google drive

2. Clean the trash folder as well.

3. Delete all spam and unused emails.

4. Delete photos and attachments as well.

After doing this your storage space will be emptied again, and the alert message will disappear. Now you can request the sender to send the email again.

If you cannot delete any file from storage space, you can also buy additional space from Google, for which you will have to pay some monthly fee.

Please check the Gmail server-

Well, Gmail servers are always working, but sometimes they can be down for a few moments, which is very rare. Often this happens when the Gmail support team launches an update or some technical problem arrives.

In such a situation, Gmail users can neither access their account nor receive any email. If you are still not able to get the emails, you should check the server’s status.

Maybe it is down,

You can quickly check the status of the server through the down detector website. If it shows you the Gmail server’s status down, you do not make any changes in your email settings.

You have to hold the email accessibility until server to work properly again. As soon as the server starts working properly, you will start receiving your emails as before.

Email filters- 

If you can’t get new emails in your Gmail inbox, you must check the Trash and Spam folders once. It is possible that your new incoming emails are being deleted directly or are landing in another folder.

Gmail filters

This is often due to mail filters; when we set up email filters incorrectly, it sends new emails to Trash or other folders. To fix this problem, you will need to delete the mail filters, which you can do with the information given below.

1. First, sign in to your Gmail webmail.

2. Go to the Gmail settings (press settings >> see all settings).

3. Now click on the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab available in the settings menu.

4. Here, you will see all the active filters. You have to select all those filters.

5. Finally, you have to press the delete button.

Now all your mail filters will be deleted. And all future emails will come directly to the inbox, and emails that are currently available in the Trash or any other folder you can move back to the Inbox folder.

Email forwarding- 

If you cannot receive any new emails in your Gmail account, along with the message, you are getting the error message of delivery to fail. So you should check the mail forwarding settings once.

turn off gmail forwarding to fix not receiving emails

It is possible that you have enabled email forwarding by mistake, due to which new emails are not coming to your account, and the reason is going. You have to disable forwarding; after that, your emails will start coming back into the accounts.

1. Go to Gmail settings.

2. Press the Forwarding and Pop /Imap Settings tab.

3. If an email is visible in the forwarding section, delete it and then click on the Apply button.

After disabling forwarding, you can ask the sender to send emails again. This time the email will arrive in your mailbox.

Optimize the browser- 

When you open your account on a browser, and it shows you an empty mailbox. This means that your browser is not compatible with Gmail, or it may be that your browser is loading old cookie files, due to which you do not see new emails.

In such a case, first of all, you should optimize your browser, for which you will have to do the following.

1. Delete all types of browser data – cookies, history, bookmarks

2. Check if the browser needs to be updated.

3. Put JavaScript, Adobe Flash Player, and popup settings on.

4. If Gmail still does not load, you have to reset the browser to factory settings.

After doing this, you will start getting new emails in the Gmail mailbox. If your browser is still in problem, then you can uninstall it and install a new browser.

Easy tricks to fix the Gmail not getting emails on iPhone- 

If you can’t receive new emails on Gmail using your Iphone while those emails are available in your webmail, you do not need to panic. You can quickly get rid of the trouble, for which you will have to use the instructions given below.

Check internet connectivity- 

Whenever you cannot get new emails on your Iphone, you have to check the internet connection. you may not have internet on the iphone. This is why it not able to sync the Gmail server.

If you use wifi for internet usage, make sure that your phone is connected to wifi, and if you use mobile data, do not forget to switch it on.

  1. Go to the Iphone’s settings. 
  2. Click on the mobile data, and slide towards the right side to turn on the mobile data. 

Turn on auto-syncing- 

If the Iphone is connected to the Internet, you can still not get new emails on Gmail. In such a situation, you have to review the Auto-sync settings. You may have turned off auto-syncing because your phone cannot connect to the Gmail server.

Can't receive emails on gmail enable sync

If auto-sync settings are disabled, you can enable it through the steps given below.

1. Open the settings app on your phone

2. Go down and touch on Mail, contacts, and calendar option

3. Now tap on your Gmail account

4. If Mail is syncing off, enable it

After enabling auto-syncing, you can open the mail app again and refresh the inbox folder; now, your phone will start downloading all the new emails.

Remove & configure the account- 

Sometimes Gmail users are not able to get new emails on their Iphone because they have changed their email password or any other details, which they forget to update on their Iphone.

If you cannot receive emails on your Iphone right now, check the account settings once; you may have inputted the wrong password or server details, due to which your phone cannot connect to the server. 

Add gmail account

In such a simple way, you will delete your Gmail account from Iphone and then configure the account again with the working password.

1. Once again, go to iphone settings

2. Now click on the Accounts and Password option.

3. Select your Gmail account and tap the delete key below it.

4. Now, you will get a confirmation message; you have to click on it.

5. When the account is removed, you have to go back into the accounts and passwords again and click on Add Account.

 6. Select Gmail from the list of email providers.

7. Now type your Gmail account details and password and tap on the Next button.

8. Finally, switch on all the services you have to use and click on OK.

Fix Mail app to get rid of not receiving emails on gmail problem- 

If your mail app is frequently crashing while using Gmail or running very slowly, you should first update it with the update app store’s help. After that, you open the Mail again; if you still cannot receive emails through the Mail app, you can use Gmail’s official app.

Which you will quickly get on the App Store.

What to do if Gmail is not receiving emails on the mail app like- outlook, thunderbird, etc.- 

Some Gmail users cannot receive new emails on mail applications like- Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. If they access their account through the Gmail website, then they get all the emails. You can take the help of these steps to fix this problem.

Enable less secure app- 

As we all know that Gmail gives great importance to the security of the user. That is why, by default, disables access to all third-party mail apps. If you want to use your Gmail account through a third-party app, you have to enable third-party app access.

Less secure app, Gmail not receiving emails

1. Go to Gmail Account Settings.

2. Now click on the Security tab.

3. Now enable the Less Secure App feature

After enabling this feature, you can press the send and receive button and check whether you can receive new emails?

Enable the incoming servers- 

This is a very popular reason, most people configure their Gmail account in the Mail app, but they do not enable incoming servers (IMAP and pop) from Gmail settings. Because of which their mail app can never contact the Gmail server. As a result, users can’t receive new emails over Gmail.

enable pop or imap server, Fix Gmail not receiving emails

If you cannot access the new emails through the Mail app, do not forget to enable pop and IMAP settings once.

1. Go to your Gmail account settings.

2. Now click on the IMAP / pop option.

3. Enable whichever server you are using, and click on the Apply button.

Security programs can cause not getting emails on Gmail– 

Sometimes email clients can’t get emails from Gmail due to security issues when their computer’s firewall, antivirus, or vpn server stops the secure connection. Then the mail application is unable to download emails from the Gmail server.

In such a situation, you have to disable all security programs for a few moments and then continue sending and sending and receiving tasks.

If you receive emails this time, it means that your security programs are blocking the mail app, which you will have to unblock manually.

Check the server details to fix gmail not receiving emails- 

Have you checked your account configuration settings? May not have entered your correct password, details of incoming and outgoing server. Because of which you cannot receive new messages through the email APP.

According to Gmail, your server information should be as follows.

If you have filled your account with the wrong information, then you can remove it now and configure the account again through this information. 

Some frequent questions related to not receiving emails asked by the Gmail users- 

Why is Gmail not receiving some emails only? 

Usually, it happens due to blocked or filter settings. You should look at them; if any rule is created delete for a specific type of email, you need to delete them. 

So go to the Gmail >> settings >> blocked and filters settings >> now remove the email account from your device and reconfigure it. 

What will you do if Gmail not receiving emails from one person only? 

Usually, this happens when we block the sender or create a specific rule for them. In both cases, the emails will be directly landing into the Trash or spam folder. 

So as I have said earlier, you have to disable the filters and unlock the email address. It will work fine then for you. 

Why is my Gmail not getting emails on an android phone? 

If you can’t receive emails on Gmail using an android phone, the issues might similar as we have earlier shared for the Iphone. You can delete the account from the Gmail account for the easy way and add it again using the latest password and email details. 


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  1. why is my gmail not receiving emails from my bank? They are sending me bank statement and some other important documents, but My Gmail is showing nothing from them.
    what according to you may be reason for that? I have already checked my Email filters and blocked list. nothing is there.

    • Can you confirm from your bank, if they are using the correct email address or not? I think, they are typing the incorrect email address. that’s why you can’t get the emails on the gmail account.


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