Gmail Not Receiving Yahoo Emails | 6 Easy Methods To Fix

Gmail is now days loaded with tons of good features. import emails & contacts is one of them. With this feature, you can sync another account with Gmail. 

This feature is generally used by those who were earlier using Yahoo mail but now uses Gmail for communication purposes. 

When you connect the yahoo account with Gmail, you will not face any issue. yet sometimes, Gmail is not receiving yahoo emails because of a few primary cause like- 

  • Yahoo account is not syncing with Gmail. 
  • Pop 3 server settings are incorrect. 
  • Yahoo server is down. 
  • Browser or network issues. 

If some of you can’t receive emails on Gmail from yahoo. Here is the guide to re-sync the yahoo account with Gmail. 

Gmail not receiving yahoo emails

How do you fix Gmail not receiving yahoo emails problem by yourself?

Method 1 – Disconnect & reconnect the yahoo account- 

If Gmail can’t import emails from the yahoo account, Please disconnect & reconnect the yahoo account. 

  • Let’s Log into the Gmail account.
  • Press the Gmail settings symbol and Go to the “see all settings“.
  • Now click on the accounts & import tab.
  • In the import mails & contacts section, Press the delete button next to the yahoo account.Gmail settings
  • Now, hit the import from another address button, and insert the yahoo address. Gmail not receiving yahoo mails, add email account
  • Here, press the continue button to accept the shuttle cloud migration license agreement. 
  • Finally, you will be redirected to the yahoo mail login page, enter the login info, and hit the sign-in option.
  • select the services that you want to import from yahoo account. Press the press the start import button.start import

After connecting your account again, you may check the inbox. Let’s see if Gmail is receiving emails from yahoo mail or not?

Method 2- Check the pop 3 mail server settings- 

Some times, Gmail not receiving yahoo mail problem occurs because of pop3 server settings. 

When you migrate the yahoo account with Gmail, It requires an incoming and outgoing server. 

Most of us use the Pop3 servers for that. If you are also using the pop3 servers for migration. Please make sure that the account uses the following settings. 

Server address-

Port no- 995 and SSL should be on. 

Method 3 – Check the yahoo mail inbox- 

When Gmail is not receiving yahoo emails, you should sign into the yahoo account and check the mailbox. 

yahoo mail filters, gmail not receiving yahoo emails

Do you see new messages in yahoo’s inbox? If yes, then you should then jump to the step 5. 

If you still can’t receive emails on yahoo mail too. Please deactivate the filters on the yahoo mail.

  • Let’s open the Yahoo mail settings
  • Press the filters option from yahoo settings. 
  • Hit the trash icon to delete the mail filter.

Method 4 – Check yahoo server- 

yahoo services are getting worse day by day. Their server often gets down due to technical glitches. If you have connected the yahoo account with Gmail. But still, Gmail is not receiving new emails from yahoo. 

Yahoo mail server status

Please check the yahoo mail server. Probably, the yahoo servers are down today. If you find the yahoo service status down. Please wait until the problem gets resolved; you will automatically start getting the Gmail account’s emails.

Method 5- Check the mail filters- 

Apart from the account migration, sometimes, Gmail can’t receive yahoo emails due to the filter issue. The Gmail filters might consider those emails as spam mails; that’s why all those emails might be going to the junk or trash. 

So you should deactivate all kind of mail filters on Gmail and then import the mail again. 

  • Let’s open the Gmail settings on the web browser again. 
  • Press the filters and blocked the address button. 
  • Push the delete option next to the mail filters. 

Reset the browser or app – 

Sometimes, the problem occurs from the browser or Gmail app side. The browser of the app may not be loading the mailbox properly. 

In such a case, you should clear the cookies and cache files, delete the browser or app data, and then log in to the Gmail account again. 

After changing these settings, the yahoo mail should be working fine. In case if Gmail is not receiving yahoo mail yet. Please contact the service provider for such issues. 

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