Easy Way To Fix Gmail Not Syncing On Android

 The “Gmail not syncing on android” problem is one of the most trending smartphone users’ issues. Usually, when you set up the Gmail account on any android phone. They will automatically start syncing the google services data on the phone. 

However, sometimes, the mobile devices are unable to sync with Gmail because of misconfiguration. Some of those settings are listed below. 

  • Mail settings are incorrect. 
  • Auto-sync has been disabled. 
  • Internet settings issue. 
  • Mail application related issues. 

To fix the Gmail syncing problem on the android phone, you need to make few changes to the Gmail or phone settings.

Gmail not syncing android

How Do I Fix Gmail not syncing on android phone? 

Turn on the auto-sync- 

When Gmail is not syncing the emails on android phone, you should review the auto-sync feature. Make sure you haven’t disabled it. 

If you have disabled it by mistake, please go to the mail settings and turn on this feature. 

  • Open the settings.
  • Tap on the Accounts and password. (In some android phones, you will have users & account or accounts option).
  • Touch the Gmail account.
  • Scroll down and touch account sync.
  • Touch the Sync now button. 

Review the internet connection- 

Sometimes, Gmail is not receiving emails on the android phone because of the internet connection. So you should take a look at the mobile data and wifi settings. If you are wifi feature, then ensure that your android phone is connected to the wifi.

However, If you use mobile data, don’t forget to turn on the smartphone’s mobile data feature. 

You can easily manage both settings from the settings. 

Update the Gmail password-

If you have recently changed your Gmail account password, didn’t update it on the android phone. It is obvious to suffer “Gmail not syncing on android phone” problem.

In such a case, you need to go to the mail settings on the android phone and update the Gmail password there. 

  • Let’s open the settings tab on the android phone. 
  • Tap on the accounts & password section. 
  • Touch the Gmail address. 
  • Look for the password section; type here your Current Gmail password. 
  • Press the save or ok button. 

Now re-open the Gmail settings and try to use the webmail again. Let’s see what does it shows to you. 

Reconfigure the Gmail on android phone- 

After making these changes, If Gmail is still not syncing with android phone, Please remove the current account settings and reconfigure your account again. 

  1. Open the settings on the android phone again. 
  2. Tap on the Accounts & password section. 
  3. Touch the Gmail account. 
  4. Press the delete or remove account button. 
  5. Now touch the add account button. 
  6. Select Gmail from the list. 
  7. Enter the username & password and press continue. 

If you enter the correct login details, you will successfully sign in to your Gmail account, and Emails will start syncing into your account. 

Update the mail application- 

Some users are getting the Gmail not syncing on android error after inputting the correct login details. In that case, there might be an issue with the mail application. 

So you should update the Gmail application with the help of the play store and then retry to sync with mail from the server. 

How Do I Fix Gmail not syncing contacts Android? 

If Gmail is not syncing the email contacts on the android phone. Please check the auto-sync option first. It is enabled, but still Gmail not syncing on Android; please make these changes. 

Let’s Perform the import & export contacts feature task on the android phone. To do that, you visit the Gmail contacts webmail page and then press the menu button. 

Now select the import and export option, and perform whatever process you want to do. 

So these are the steps to fix Gmail not syncing on android phone problem. In case if you are dealing with some other issues with the Gmail account. Please tell us via comment or send us an email. We will give you a solution by replying to that comment or write a separate post for you. 


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