How To Fix Gmail oops, a server error occurred 007 ?

Gmail is often referred to as a reliable email service. People who use it face very few email problems, whether you open it through a browser or a mail application. Sometimes, when trying to open their Gmail account in the browser, some users may face some temporary errors, which can be any one of the following. 

  • We are sorry, but your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable.” 
  • Gmail oops, a server error occurred 007.

The browser usually causes such errors, but sometimes it can also be caused by antivirus or server issues. If you are currently facing Gmail Server temporary error 007, then you can handle it through the technique given below.

Gmail error 007

How do you fix the Gmail error 007 – 

Check the Service status- 

If you are getting the temporary error 007 during the Gmail login process, you should check the service status. 

Maybe the service is down for a while. To check the service situation, you can visit the down detector

Use a private window- 

If you can’t log into the Gmail account and get the server error 007 on any browser, please log in to your account in a private window. 

To open the private window on Firefox, you may click on the main menu and press the new private window option.

Now enter and see if it loads the mailbox or not? 

Clear browsing data- 

If you can open Gmail on the private window but getting the Gmail, oops, a server error occurred 007 on the standard window. 

Please optimize your browser; you need to clean the bookmarks and cookies, and other data. 

For Firefox users- 

  1. Open Firefox and press the menu button. 
  2. Click on the options, and pick the privacy and security option. 
  3. Click on the clear data option,
  4. Press the remove all shown button and then hit the save changes button. 

For Chrome users- 

  • Open the chrome history tab. (Use CTRL + H short key)
  • Push the Clear browsing data, determine the time range. 
  • Select all options of data and press the clear data button. 

For internet explorer or edge browser- 

  • Go to internet options. 
  • Check to delete browsing history and then press the delete button. 
  • Now press the ok button. 

Update the browsers- 

Please check for the browser updates; maybe there is an update pending, that’s why you are receiving the Gmail error 007. 

Reset the browser as well- 

If you still can’t load Gmail on your browser, you should factory reset the browser and then retry to reaccess the mail account. 

Check the security programs- 

Sometimes, the antivirus might be blocking the Gmail URL due to security reasons. Due to this, you may be seeing the #error 007 on the browser. 

So you should disable the antivirus on your browser for a while and then reload the account. 

So those are the tricks to fix the Gmail temporary error on the browser. If the problem continues, you need to turn off the computer and router for 10 minutes and then restart them. Now let’s try to open the Gmail account again. 

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