10 Easy Steps To Fix Gmail Won’t Load On Google Chrome

Gmail, known worldwide as the best email service provider. Often its users use it on their computer through a browser because it is an effortless and secure way to access any email.

 By the way, whenever you need to sign in to your Gmail, you can quickly login to the account by going to the official website of Gmail, filling in your user details.

 But if you cannot load the Gmail website in your Chrome browser, this may be due to technical difficulties in the browser, network or computer security. 

You can quickly fix yourself; you have to make the following changes in your browser or computer settings according to the need. After that, your google chrome browser can load Gmail’s website.

10 Ways to fix Gmail won’t load in Google chrome quickly – 

Step 1- Use the incognito window- 

When you try to open the Gmail website on a chrome browser, it shows a blank page with a loading symbol. Let’s attempt to open it on the private (incognito) window. 

Use incognito window

  • Let’s launch the chrome browser on the computer. 
  • Press the Chrome menu icon presented at the top right corner. 
  • Click on the new incognito window option.  

Now try to load the Gmail website on the google chrome browser. 

Step 2 – Make a Ping- 

Let’s make a ping to the Gmail server from the pc. So you can identify whether It’s a problem at your browser-side or the network side. 

command prompt to ping gmail, Gmail doesn't load on google chrome

  • Open the command prompt on the pc. (Start >> type cmd in search >> press the command prompt option from the search result). 
  • Type ping www.gmail.com and press the enter button. 

If the packet gets delivered successfully, there is no issue from the network; the problem is with browser settings. In such a case, you may jump to step 5. otherwise, continue following the given methods until the issue gets resolved.

Step 3 – check the network- 

Whenever Gmail is not loading in the chrome browser, please check the internet connection on the pc. 

Users often can’t sign into the Gmail account using the browser due to the internet connections only. 

You may try to access any other website like- Facebook, Yahoo, etc., on chrome. Can you access these websites or not? If not, you need to fix the internet connection on the computer. 

Step 4 – Configure manual DNS servers- 

If you can’t load Gmail on the google chrome browser, getting this page is not available, along with the DNS server error. 

This means your DNS server is unable to resolve the DNS Query. So, you have to modify the DNS server with the following. 

Primary address-

Secondary address-

For windows pc- 

  • Let’s initiate the run box (press Windows + R key simultaneously)
  • Type ncpa. cpl and press the ok button.
  • Right-click on the network adapter, now click on properties. network adapter


Select TCP/IPV4 and press the Properties button again.



  • Press the radio button presented in front of use the following DNS address option. 
  • Now Fill the primary and Secondary DNS IP address. which is: and
  • After filling in the address, please press the apply changes or ok button.

DNS address 

Once you make these changes to the DNS server, it is required to reboot your computer once. After that, you may re-access the Gmail website. 

For Mac Pc- 

  • Go to the network preferences
  • Pick your network adapter from the list and click on the advanced button. 
  • Now Click on the DNS option, and press the + icon. 
  • Type the primary and secondary addresses. 
  • Press the apply and ok button. 

Step 5 – Clear the Gmail & other google bookmarks-

Let’s clear all bookmarks related to the google services from the chrome browser, and then reload the Gmail website. Gmail bookmarks

  • Let’s initiate the chrome browser on your pc. 
  • Open the Bookmark manager by pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + O buttons together. 
  • Now click on the three dots available right side of Gmail’s URL. 
  • Press the delete button. 

Now do the same to remove other google URLS as well. Now type www.gmail.com in the top address bar and surf it. 

Step 6 – Clear browsing data- 

If Gmail is not loading on the google chrome browser and showing a completely blank page, you should clear the browsing data by following these techniques. 

  • Open the chrome browser, and press CTRL + H key. 
  • Press the Clear browsing data option from the left menu. 
  • Pick up the time range as all-time from the dropdown menu.
  • Now put a checkmark on all possibilities. 
  • Click on the clear data button. 

Finally, your browser will start cleaning the data. It may take some time.

Once the process gets completed, you must restart your browser. After that, re-access the Gmail website. 

Step 7- Check proxy settings on browser-

Some users can’t load Gmail into google chrome and get the connection without a private error due to the proxy server reason. 

Gmail doesn’t consider the proxy connection as a secure connection. If you have enabled the proxy for chrome browser, it may not load the chrome or any other browser correctly. IN such a circumstance, you have to disable the proxy using these techniques. 

FIx Proxy server for gmail won't load on google chrome

  • Let’s open the control panel window (start >> control panel). 
  • Click on the internet option (you may find it under the network and internet)
  • Click on the Connections tab. 
  • Now press the LAN settings button. 
  • Uncheck the proxy server option if you see any, and then press the ok button. 

For MAC users- 

  1. Go to the network preference.
  2. Click on the network adapter. 
  3. Select the network adapter and click on the advanced button. 
  4. Press the proxy tab. 
  5. Uncheck the proxy server option and then press the ok button. 

Now let’s restart the browser and then see what do you see on your browser now? 

Step 8 – Disable the antivirus- 

Apart from the proxy servers, an antivirus can also cause the “can’t load Gmail on chrome” issue.

Your antivirus might be blocking the Gmail website; that’s why Gmail doesn’t load in chrome. So turn off the antivirus protection entirely for 15 minutes, and then reload the Gmail website in chrome. 

Step 9- Update the chrome browser- 

An outdated browser can be the reason for Gmail won’t load in chrome issue. If you are using an outdated browser, it may not load the HTTPS:// certificates or other required data properly. 

You should keep checking for the browser update; if there is any update available, you may update it right now. 

  • Let’s launch the chrome browser. 
  • Press the menu icon and click hover to the help. 
  • Click on the About google chrome option. 
  • Now chrome will automatically start searching for the update; if it finds any update, it will update itself independently.

Step 10 – Install a new browser- 

Right after making these changes, if Gmail won’t load on chrome yet. You should uninstall google chrome from your pc, now download the latest chrome setup and install it into your pc. 

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