How Can We Change Youtube Google Account Profile Picture?

I want to change my google profile photo, but I don’t know how to do it? Can someone share the instructions for me?
Also, will it change my youtube picture as well?

Change in Youtube profile picture will change your Google or Gmail account picture simultaneously. Youtube and Gmail both are Google products also connected with each other. Even all the Google services work through a single Gmail account name.

You can change your profile picture from have to log in to your Gmail account before clicking on this link).

Follow The Steps Below To Change Your Youtube Profile Photo:

  1. Open Youtube and click on the profile logo from the right top corner.
  2. Now, select “Manage your Google Account.”
  3. A new tab would open. You have click on a big circle above saying, “Welcome, Your Name.”
  4. It will allow a box to upload your profile picture, which you do want for the Youtube account. Upload picture from your computer or drag n drop there.
  5. Now, click on “Set as profile photo” below, and your Youtube Profile photo will change.
  6. Refresh your Youtube page, and it will display a new profile photo.

Sometimes, it also takes time to update, so Sign out your Google account and re-login. Further, your all the linked google profile pics would change.

Changing Google account Profile picture will change the Youtube Icon Picture. Youtube becomes linked with Google account. So any changes made into Google account also reflect on the Youtube account.

You can change the Google profile picture or icon using your phone or tablet. Further, if you have login access to your Gmail account, go with any steps according to your device below:

Change Youtube Profile Picture using Desktop or Laptop

You can use your desktop or laptop to change the Youtube profile icon. Google may ask the confirmation code sent on your registered phone if going to use any new or friend’s laptop.

Note: If you are already login or sign in into your Youtube account, go to step 4.

  1. Open any browser in your laptop and hit enter after typing 
  2. From the top right corner, click on “Sign in”
  3. Now, enter your Youtube or Google account id and password
  4. If you have problem with your Google account login, read Can’t sign in Gmail account
  5. After login, same at the top right corner click on a circle showing the first letter of your name(Usually orange or green in color)
  6. A small drop-down menu will open, and on the corner of the circle, find a small camera icon
  7. Select that icon, and it will prompt a page to upload your profile picture
  8. Upload your profile picture from your laptop and click below “Set as a profile photo”
  9. Now your profile photo or Youtube icon would change

Change Youtube Profile Picture Using Macbook

In the Macbook, usually, people use Safari as a browser. All the steps for changing the Google profile photo would be the same as the above described for Laptop or Desktop. You can use Safari instead of chrome or internet explorer.

Change Youtube Profile Picture Using Android Mobile Phones

Android operating system developed by Android Inc. Later Google bought the android operating system, and now it is Google’s property. All the android based smartphones need a Google account to start(You can use without Google account, but some major functions won’t work).

Changing Youtube or Google profile photos through the android system is very easy because you are already login in.

  • Go to the settings of your mobile smartphone and open the Account section by scrolling down
  • Further, there may be three options 1. Device brand account(like Samsung or HTC),2. Google, and 3. Account & sync
  • Select Google from here and click on that google account which profile photo you want to change
  • Now, click on “Manage your Google Account.”
  • Click on the top circle and select “Set profile photo”
  • Two options directly take a photo using your mobile camera or choose from the mobile phone gallery
  • Further, your account profile picture would change and display the same as on the youtube-icon

Change Youtube Profile Picture Using Tablet Device

Mostly tablet operates on Android operating system. So you can change your Youtube profile picture like describe for Android mobile phones. Read the steps above also the same for Tablet.


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