How Do I Connect iPhone To The Brother Printer

In today’s era, smartphones are not only used for making messages or calls, but you can do all the work from them for which you need a computer, especially when you are using an iPhone. iPhone has many such apps that make your everyday life easier. Suppose you want to print any image or necessary paper from your brother’s printer, present on your iPhone. So you can print them easily.

For this, you need to connect your iPhone to the brother printer through WIFI; if you do not know about making a connection, then do not worry, this article will help you. 

How to connect iphone to brother printer

What is the requirement to connect an iPhone to the brother printer? 

To print from the AirPrint app, fulfil the following requirement. 

  1. A printer that has the wifi feature 
  2. Accessibility to the Wireless network. 
  3. Air print or brother iprint app. 

What is the process to Connect My iPhone to the brother printer?

Join the wifi network on brother printer-

firstly, you need to connect to the brother machine to the wifi network. If your device is already joined to the wifi, you may use these steps to fix it. 

  • Let’s Power on the brother machine. 
  • Go to the network and touch the ok button. 
  • Search for the WLAN setup, and push ok. 
  • Select WLAN setup wizard via up and down arrow and press ok. 
  • Choose your network, hit the ok button. 
  • Now enter the wireless password and press the upper ok button. 

Now your brother machine will join the wifi environment.

Connect the iPhone to the wifi and install the air print app-

how to print wireless from iphone to brother printer

After connecting the brother machine, it’s a time to connect your iPhone to the same network, and then install the Air Print app on your iPhone. 

  • Go to the iPhone’s settings. 
  • Touch the WIFI option. 
  • Tap on your WIFI name available in the list. 
  • Type the security code for the WIFI network and press the ok button. 

Now your iPhone will join your network, right after joining the network, it’s a time to install the air print app. 

  • Go to the app store. 
  • Type air print in the search box and press ok. 
  • Once you see the air print app, press the install button. 
  • Finally, the app will be installed. 

Once you install the air print app, your iPhone will connect itself to the brother printer or available printer in the same network. 

Easy Steps to print wirelessly from the iPhone to the brother printer? 

Once you connect the iPhone to the brother printer, some of you don’t know about how to print from iPhone? Well, that’s quite easy like we do from a computer. 

  • Let’s open the photo or record that you want to print. 
  • Tap on the share button available at the bottom tray.
  • Touch the printer icon.
  • Choose your printer from the dropdown list, and press the print button. 

Finally, you will get the print out from the brother printer, which is given by your iPhone. 

Some primary troubles faced by iPhone users during the connection process-

How to fix no air print printers found an error? 

If you are unable to print and getting no air print printers, found an error on the iPhone. It shows that your iPhone is unreachable to the brother printer. so you need to make these changes. 

Verify the communication method- Let’s make sure that the iPhone and brother printer is connected from the same network. Mostly, people keep their iPhone connected to mobile data, and their machine is connected to the network. 

So go to the wireless settings on your iPhone and connect it to the same wireless network. 

Print the network status report – 

  • Go to the settings. 
  • Click on the all settings option and go to the print reports option. 
  • Pick network configuration and snap the ok button. 
  • Finally, you will get a print out from the brother machine.

If it is showing the printer IP address or 169.x.x.x. you need to troubleshoot the wireless connection.  

Open the printer panel on iPhone- 

  • Let’s open the safari browser. 
  • Type the printers IP address (you will find it on the network configuration page) and press the enter button. 
  • If you see the brother printer page, it means your phone is reachable to the printer. If you don’t see the brother page, you need to restart the printer, iPhone and wifi access point. Now, set up the connection again. 

Upgrade firmware- 

After making these changes, if your brother printer says offline or giving you no air print printer found in the network error, you should upgrade the printer firmware. 

  1. Reset the router- After making all these changes if your iPhone is not communicating to the brother printer. You should reset the wireless access point, and configure it with the correct wireless setup. 

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