How Do I Fix My ASUS Laptop Mouse Touchpad Not Working?

I came here to New York for a company meeting and during the session, my mouse touchpad stops working. Many times did restart my laptop but nothing works. I am rising this question regarding how do I enable my mouse touchpad?

Any laptop mouse touchpad has made for strong duty performance also heavy substances. Generally, it doesn’t fail.

Further, you should restart your laptop before implementing the below steps.

  • If you have recently updated any software or windows roll it back also uninstall any new software.
  • Run touch-pad setup software once again which usually comes with driver cd.

You can also download it from Asus Driver download

If these steps are not working you should change your touchpad also connection cable.

As described above first need to reinstall the touchpad driver. Still not working restore your windows on a back date. After doing all these steps still doesn’t work you should also try to install a new window in your laptop.

These are some tips you should follow before doing any hardware stuff. It seems like nothing worked to replace the touchpad. You can buy a new touchpad easily from any shopping website or the official Asus store.

Steps for replacing touchpad-

  • Turn off your laptop and unplug the charger. Now remove the battery for the security reason it might create any short circuit.
  • Flip back the laptop and unscrew all the screws. Open your back panel carefully.
  • Now you have to find out some more screw which used to hold the upper case of the laptop with the main board.
  • Unscrew those and gently remove the upper case of the laptop. Don’t snatch it because a ribbon cable might connect between upper case and motherboard.
  • Now remove the ribbon cable from the motherboard by sliding the black latch and pulling the ribbon cable gently from the socket.
  • You can see touchpad is connected with the upper panel by small screws. Remove those screws and replace with a new touchpad.
  • Now connects ribbon cable once again with the motherboard and close the latch.
  • Assemble all the open cases also screws one by one as it was. Plug the battery in and start the laptop.

Now would solve your not working touchpad issue by replacing it.


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