Change Belkin Wifi Password To Secure Network?

Belkin users must change Belkin wifi password from time to time. Changing the wireless password can secure your internet or Belkin router.

Sometimes people need to reset the belkin wifi password because they forgot or not written anywhere. The reason is anything but changing of belkin router password is not hard.

You need a pc or laptop with Belkin router access and follow the steps below.

Change Belkin Wifi Password By Yourself:

Before changing the wireless password disconnect all the devices connected with Belkin Wifi and forget the network. Now, start the steps below one by one.

  1. Connect your computer to the Belkin router’s Lan port via Ethernet wire directly.
  2. Restart both the device Belkin router as well as connected pc.
  3. Open any web browser and type the Belkin router’s IP address- or check on the bottom of the router.
  4. You can check the router’s IP address from the default gateway, by typing the IPCONFIG command on command prompt ‘cmd’.
  5. Use the username name admin and for the password leave blank or type admin/password as well as.
  6. Further, username and password are not working, reset the Belkin router by pressing the tiny hole on the back of the router using a paper clip.
  7. After testing the Belkin router you need to set up it. Read Need Help To Setup Belkin Router Install Belkin WiFI Router to install the router.
  8. When you will start setting up your router from the beginning, you will get an option to choose the wireless password as well.
  9. Belkin router setup page will open and select the ‘wireless password’ or Pre-shared key(PSK) under the wireless settings.
  10. Finally, you will able to see the existing password. If you want to change it, type the new required password, and click on save.
  11. Further, click on the apply change as well as restart the belkin router.
  12. Now, connect your wireless devices using the new wifi password in your home.
  13. In case the router won’t give internet read Fix Belkin Router Blinking Orange Light Problem.

Find Belkin Wifi Password Through iPhone:

Lots of belkin users forgot their wifi password and just need to know to connect a new device. They don’t want to change and don’t have pc or laptops at home.

So, the current Belkin wifi password can find through iPhone. In this case, your iPhone must connect with Belkin wireless network.

change belkin wifi password

  1. Open safari browser on iPhone and type address can also use or if is not working)
  2. Type login username admin and password, check on the back of Belkin router.
  3. Belkin router setting page will open if the username and password are correct.
  4. Go to ‘Wireless settings’ and select wireless security.
  5. In wireless security, you can see a wireless password showing by the Pre-shared key(PSK).
  6. Write down somewhere and try to connect a new device using this wifi password.
  7. Now, logout from the Belkin setting page.

I hope now you know about how to reset the wifi password on the Belkin router. I hope you have reset the password for your wifi.

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