How To Access My Yahoo Account Without Having OLD Phone Number?

I am trying to access my yahoo account, but it keeps asking for the verification for that it is sending the code on my old phone, which I don’t use anymore.

Is there any way to access my yahoo account without having the old phone number? If Yes? Please tell me how?

If you don’t have the old phone number to verify your yahoo account, do not worry; you can use another way to check it and easily access your yahoo mail account.

Under the verification method, you will get an option says, use another way. You need to click on it.

Now you will see the other methods to verify the account like- email address, security questions, etc.

If you try to verify your yahoo account using the email address, it will send a code on your email. You need to type that code in, and then try to reaccess the yahoo account.

Just like that, if you will use the security question method to access your yahoo account.

You will able to see some questions like- what is your mother’s first name?

You need to answer them correctly.

Once you answer them correctly, you will get an option to verify the email account.

That’s how you can easily verify the yahoo account and get access to the yahoo mail account.

In case, if you are facing sign in trouble. You can visit: how to fix yahoo mail sign in problems and follow the steps to correct the problem.

If you are unable to access your yahoo account because of not having the old phone number, here, are the instructions to retrieve the access.

  1. Let’s try to reset your yahoo mail password using the yahoo mail sign in helper.
  2. When you get the option to verify the emails, you need to choose an email verification method.
  3. Once you verify the account successfully, you will get an option to create a new password. So you need to create a new password and get log into your account through it.
  4. After logging in successfully, you should go to the settings and remove the old phone and type the new phone number, which is in use right now.
  5. You will get a verification code on your phone. To verify your account and your phone number will be replaced.


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