How To Auto Forward Emails From AOL Account?

is there any way to auto-forward the emails from aol account to another account. I want to forward them into Gmail account. I use regularly for all work.

Yes! AOL allows you to forward your emails into another address automatically. for that, you just have to enable to auto forwarding feature on your aol account and give the destination email address. where your emails will land.

Here I have mentioned the instructions to enable the auto farwarding option into the aol mail. you can go ahead and use them. 

  1. first of all, Open the aol email on the webmail. in case, if you struggle with aol mail account login process. you can visit: easy guide to troubleshoot aol email login problems.
  2. once you will get into the aol account, click on the settings option.
  3. Go to the general settings.
  4. Click on the Forward settings.
  5. Now click on Radio tab, which says,”forward the copy of incoming email to”.
  6. Here, you need to type the email address, where you want to land the copy of incoming email.
  7. Finally, click on save settings.

These were the basic tricks about enabling the auto forwarding email on aol.

You can easily enable the auto-forwarding on aol mail using the general settings option. but remember, if you will enable the email forwarding.

you will not receive any new emails into your aol account.

they will be directly going to the given address.

So do it only, if you do not want to receive the new emails on the aol account.


I can not find the “Settings Option” to forward the mail and AOL hung up on me twice. ARGH


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