How To Change Profile Picture On Gmail Account?

Change Profile Picture On GmailChange in the Gmail profile picture adds a genuine effect in your email account. It also helps others to recognize that they are having a conversation with the same person.

That’s why not only individuals but also businesses believe in using the profile picture in their email account. A good profile image on Gmail leaves a positive impact on the client.

Few people like to remove the old Gmail profile picture and add a new profile picture into their Gmail account. While you are changing profile image, ensure that Gmail accepts the Jpg, png, and JPEG files only. GIF or video files doesn’t allow Google in the profile picture.

Today we will discuss all the issues related Gmail profile photo through this article. The topic we covered are below as:

  • Add the Gmail profile picture.
  • Change the wrong Gmail profile picture.
  • Remove the photo from Gmail.
  • Add a Gmail profile photo through the mobile phone.
  • Change the Google profile picture via iPhone.
  • Size of Gmail profile picture in the year 2020.

Simplest Steps to change the Gmail profile picture:

It’s not very tough to change your profile picture on your Gmail account. You can easily change it on your own by following the simplest steps to do so, which are listed below-

  • Let’s sign in to your Gmail account on any browser. In case if you are struggling with a sign-in issue, you may visit, how to fix Gmail sign in problem article.
  • Press the icon looks like a small gear and choose the settings from the menu.
  • Go to General Tab and scroll down cursor to reach ‘My picture’.
  • Click on ‘Choose a picture’ from the front of ‘My picture’.
  • It will redirect you to the page of your Google account profile. You can directly reach here by clicking on while logged in.
  • Now, click on the Gmail profile picture section in the basic info section.
  • Click on ‘Add profile picture’ than ‘Select a photo from your computer’.
  • Browse your photo and click on open. The photo will be start uploading.
  • Further, click on the set as a profile picture.

The above steps are performed through a laptop or desktop pc. You can add as well as change your Gmail account picture with the help of these steps. For the change in Gmail profile pics through mobile phones go to the next step.

Change Gmail Profile Image On An Android Smartphone- 

  • Open the Gmail email app on your phone and tap on your top right side profile pic.
  • Next, click ‘Manage your Google Account’ section.
  • Tap on circle space above displaying your Gmail account name.
  • Click on ‘Set profile photo’ and choose the desired option for your photo.
  • You can select ‘Take photo’ for live image capture using a mobile camera.
  • Now, confirm the change, and your Gmail profile pic would change.
  • In some mobile phones, the circles’ image option might not display. In this situation, click on the ‘Personal info’ menu after opening ‘Manage your Google Account’.
  • Touch the profile picture section in Photo and click on the set profile picture.
  • Further, please choose an image or take a photo and set it as a profile picture.

Finally, you will change your profile picture on the Gmail account using an android smartphone successfully. In some cases, Google may ask your Gmail account password for security reasons.

Replace Your Profile Picture On iPhone Or Other IOS Device- 

Your Gmail profile photo may sync from iCloud Apple ID, iTunes, or app store if you have given permission. You may change your email profile pics through your iPhone without changing Apple id information. Follow the steps below to change iOS Gmail profile pics-

  • Go to iPhone Settings and then accounts.
  • Open iPhone synced account and go to Google accounts.
  • Select your Gmail account and tap on the menu from the right-top menu.
  • Now, tap on the circle space showing above your Gmail account name.
  • Choose your profile photo path from your laptop pc and upload it.
  • Further, click on save, and your Gmail profile pic has been changed.

So this is the quick guide to change or add the Gmail profile picture. Sometimes, users are also complaining that they can’t change their Gmail picture.

That may be happening because of slow internet speed or wrong file size. According to Google, 180*180 pixels is the perfect size for a profile photo.

You have to replace or add a new Gmail profile photo whenever did set a wrong profile pic. Profile pic space can not leave completely blank if already set a pic before.

Few Gmail users don’t know by default anyone can see your profile photo. A google account photo works for all Google services like Gmail, Youtube, Meetup, etc. So, once you are confirmed about your photo, then set as profile pic.

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