How To Change Profile Picture On Gmail Account?

 When you add a profile picture in the Gmail account, it helps others to recognise that they are having a conversation with the genuine people. 

That’s why not only individuals but also businesses believe in using the profile picture in their email account. 

Also, few people like to remove their Gmail profile picture and add a new profile picture into their Gmail account very often. 

change gmail profile picture

Meanwhile, there are also a few users. Who has added a wrong profile picture by mistake, and now they don’t know how to change. It. If you are also one of them.  

Do not worry; It’s not very tough to change your profile picture on your Gmail account. 

You can easily change it on your own; you need to follow few steps to do so, which I have listed below. 

Steps to change the profile picture on the Gmail account using computer- 

  • Let’s open your Gmail account on any browser. In case if you are struggling with a sign-in issue, you may visit, how to fix Gmail sign in problem article. 
  • Press the settings icon and choose the settings from the menu. 
  • Now click on about me link, you will find it under the general tab >> my picture. 
  • Now let’s click on the Gmail profile picture section presented in the basic info section. 
  • Press the change button, and select the photo, if you want to upload a new photo, you can upload it. 
  • Finally, click on set as a profile picture. 

Change Profile image on an Android smartphone- 

  • Let’s launch the Gmail app. 
  • Tap on the photo available on the top right side. 
  • Pick the manage my account option, and select personal info. 
  • Tap on profile picture section, and click on the set profile picture. 
  • Choose your email and click on done. 

Finally, you will change your profile picture on Gmail account using an android smartphone successfully. 

Replace your profile picture on iPhone or other IOS device- 

  • let’s launch the Gmail app and tap on the profile pic. 
  • Now touch the manage your google account option, and then tap on the personal info
  • Touch the profile picture section and click on the set profile picture. 
  • Now choose an image or take a photo and set it as a profile picture. 

So this is the quick guide to change or add the Gmail profile picture. Sometimes, users are also complaining about can’t change their Gmail picture. 

That may be happening because of slow internet speed or wrong file size. 

While you are uploading the image, you should ensure that Gmail accepts the Jpg, png and JPEG files only. You can’t upload the GIF or video files in the profile picture. 

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