How To Do Port Forwarding On Netgear Router?

If you are a gamer or CCTV camera or server executive, I am sure you must have heard about the port forwarding process. 

But If you don’t know what exactly it is? Read this simple defination to understand this technology process. 

“Port forwarding is the network process, through which you can send or receive data or traffic from one point to another directly. This traffic or data (we call it packet in network technology) will bypass the networking devices like- router, firewall, modem, etc.”

netgear port forwarding

Why is it required on the Netgear router? 

So when you play online games on your xbox, play stations. They need to be connected to the gaming server. 

But your router does not consider this activity as a secure activity. That’s why it will block the connection.  

But If you will enable the port forwarding for the specific ip address on your Netgear router, then your device will bypass the firewall security on your router and directly get connected to the server. 

Before forwarding the port on your router, you must know a few things. 

  • Port number that you need to unblock. 
  • Device’s ip address. 
  • Server type (FTP Or http)

If you know these things about your router, you can go ahead and begin the forwarding process on your Netgear wifi router. 

How to enable port forwarding on Netgear router? 

Till now, we have learned about the usage of the port forwarding feature; now, it’s a time to learn how to do it? 

In this guide, I am sharing the steps to do the port forwarding through various methods like-

  1. router admin panel. 
  2. Netgear genie. 
  3. Netgear nighthawk app. 

You can use the method which you want to use and enable the port forwarding on your Netgear router. 

Port forwarding through Router admin panel- 

netgear router admin panel

If you own an old router, which does not use the Gennie app or any other apps, you can forward the port through this guide. 

  •  Connect your laptop or computer to the Netgear router. 
  • Now switch on the router & computer. 
  • Open the webpage and visit, or you can open the Netgear router admin page through ip address. 
  •  Type your router login name and password and hit the sign-in button. 
  • Under the advanced option, select the port forwarding option. 
  • Now choose port forwarding as a service type. 
  • Now you may select the service name from the drop-down menu. 
  • Type the ip address of your device and push the add button. 
  • Finally, bang on the apply changes button. 

For Netgear genie app- 

If you have installed the Netgear genie app on your computer or laptop. you can use this guide to do port forwarding on your Netgear router. 

netgear gennie

  • Open the netgear genie app. 
  • Click on the advanced tab and then choose advanced setup from the left menu. 
  • Choose the port forwarding or port triggering option from the menu. 
  • Choose your service type; If you don’t see your service type from the list (rest of the instructions are the same as we did for router admin panel), you can push the add custom service button. 
  • Give it a name for the port, and type your devices ip address. 
  • Type the incoming and outgoing port no. 
  • Now press the save button. 

For Nighthawk app – 

If you are using a nighthawk router, you can enable the port forwarding using these steps. 

  • Let’s connect your smartphone to the Netgear wifi router. 
  • Open the nighthawk app and click on the network map. 
  • Now choose the forwarding option and begin the port forwarding. 

So this is the guide to bypass the firewall or turn on the port forward on your Netgear router. 

I hope it will help you in troubleshooting the issue. 

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