How To Fix AOL Mail Error 604 Message Sent Failure?

Generally, you get AOL mail error code 604 on email client software like Outlook, AOL Desktop, etc. After pressing the send button in your Aol mail, it says “The message was not sent because of an error”. This is a delivery failure error message with the AOL mail error 604 code.

Solution For Aol Mail Error Code 604 With Message “The message was not sent because of an error”

AOL sends your email draft to email servers. These servers connect with different email servers. Your mail delivery will fail if there is a communication issue between servers. Below find all the reasons for AOL error 604:

AOL mail error 604

Check Your Internet Connection

Your email on the browser works live on the internet. You can not use email service if your internet is down. So, check your internet connection on the modem as well as wifi router.

Restart your internet devices like modem and router also fix the AOL mail issue. Further, still having internet issue call your internet provider.

AOL Email Server Maybe Down

An update or changes on Aol mail server can takedown Aol services. The time and location of a down server may vary. You can check AOL Tweet or Google it about the Aol service down status.

This is the most trending reason for AOL mail error 604. So, just wait and use your AOL emails later.

Check Email ID Domain and Username

Email address made up of three parts. First is the username, second @ symbol and third is a domain name. A mistype letter in an email id won’t allow you to send the email.

Often users type a comma (,) in the place of a full stop ( . ) in the email id. So, verify your sender email id before sending an AOL email.

Your Windows Firewall Is Blocking AOL Emails

Microsoft Windows firewall protects your device and emails from phishing attacks. Might possible it has blocked your email by mistake. You can check by disabling the windows firewall.

  • Go to Start, then Settings.
  • Click on Update & Security and then Windows Security.
  • Now open Firewall & network protection and Go to Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall.
  • Choose your Aol mail app and check to allow incoming email.

Few steps may differ from the type of Windows 10 you are using.

AOL SMTP Error Cause Error 604

A configuration problem in your AOL mail app cause Aol send and receive error. Often the change in your SMTP app settings stops working the AOL app on your pc.

In such a case, update the below settings for the outgoing server in your AOL mail app.

Outgoing server address –

Port number – 465

Encryption type – SSL

Update AOL Mail App

AOL mail must be updated with the new security patch. An old mail app won’t sync with the email server and create many issues. So, regularly check for the software update of the AOL mail app as well as windows.

Further, you can download a new Aol mail app.

Disable Your Antivirus To Fix AOL mail error 604

It is a very high priority that your antivirus is blocking your AOL emails. Antivirus also blocks spam emails to protect your account. So, disable your antivirus to verify the issue.

Login Again Your AOL Account

It seems funny, but re-login email account fixes many issues. You have to logout of your Aol account from everywhere and clean saved cookies from your browser.

Further, log in again to your AOL account in your mail app. Wait for a minute to sync the app with your pc and test by sending a test mail.

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