How To Fix Asus Laptop Black Screen Problem?

Nowadays, there are so many Asus laptop users who are complaining about the black screen problem. 

They get a black display at unusual times. Some of them are getting the black screen from the beginning. 

Meanwhile, others are getting a blank display right after the logo or login screen. 

Here I am sharing the techniques to fix the Asus laptop black screen problem to cure these errors. 

You can apply them to fix the problem. 

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Troubleshoot Asus laptop screen completely black problem – 

If you don’t get a logo or anything while you turn on your laptop. You should follow these methods. 

Check the power light status- 

first of all, you should check the power light status; let’s make sure if your laptop is power on or not? 

If you don’t get a power light on your laptop, you should insert the charging adapter on your computer. 

Now press the power button again. Let’s see do you get any light on it now or not?

If you don’t get the power light yet, there is an issue with the power supply or processor. 

But if you see a power light but no display or any other noise from your laptop. You should move to step  

Re-insert the battery- 

Let’s take out the battery from your laptop for one minute, and now re-insert the battery into your laptop. 

Now turn on your laptop. Let’s see what does it shows to you now. 

If it shows a logo or anything on the screen, there was a need for Power reset. 

Clean the RAM & Slots- 

Sometimes, you may get the utterly black screen on the Asus laptop due to the RAM & Slot issue. 

So you should remove the RAM from your laptop and clean it via an eraser or anything else. 

Once you clean the RAM, you should also clean the RAM slot. 

Replace the RAM Or Slot- 

Let’s replace the RAM slot, remove it from the current slot and install it on another slot. 

Now turn on your laptop. Let’s see what does it showing now? 

If the Asus laptop is still showing a black screen with a power light, let’s replace the RAM, if you have any. 

Check The Display wire- 

This is the most common reason behind the Asus laptop black screen. 

When the wire is punctured, it will not send a proper signal to the display, due to which, you may get a blurry or blank display on the Asus laptop. 

So you should replace the display of the wire. 

Reset the display- 

When you turn on the laptop, you should attempt to reset the display. 

To do that, you need to press the CTRL + ALT + B button all together. Now let’s see what does it shows to you now. 

Display Problem- 

Let’s connect your laptop to the external LCD/ LED Monitor. Now turn on the computer. If you will get a logo or boot menu on the secondary display.

It means there is a fault with your laptop’s display. In such a case, you have to replace it. 

Fix Asus laptop showing black screen after a logo- 

If your Asus laptop’s screen went blank after displaying the logo, it means there is an issue with the boot manager or os. 

Select your hard drive as default OS- 

First of all, you need to ensure that you have chosen the hard drive as a primary boot device. 

  1. Let’s power on your laptop and hold the F2 button. 
  2. Go to the boot option using the right & left arrow. 
  3. Now go to the Primary boot, and choose a hard drive. 
  4. Now press the f10 button. 

Restart in safe mode- 

Let’s attempt to restart your laptop in safe mode.

  • Power on your laptop and start tapping the F8 key until you see the boot manager. 
  • Choose safe mode with networking via up & down Arrow key and press the enter key. 

If your laptop starts in the safe mode, there is a virus issue; in this case, you should scan your computer with the antivirus, and if it still doesn’t work for you. You can factory restore your pc to the backdate.

Reinstall the OS- 

After selecting the hard drive as a default boot, you still get a blank screen on an Asus laptop.

There is an issue with the OS, maybe the boot file is missing, or it is corrupted due to the virus. 

That’s why the Asus laptop is showing a completely blank screen. In this case, you have to install the new OS. 

 Fix Asus laptop black screen problem after login- 

Run Explorer.exe Command to get rid of asus laptop black screen issue- 

If you are getting the black screen on the Asus laptop right after logging into your pc. 

It means the explorer.exe file is not running. That’s why you are getting a black display error. 

In such a case, you should run the explorer.exe command from the task manager using the tricks given below. 

  1. Press the CTRL + ALT + DELETE button all together. 
  2. Press the task manager option from the boot manager. 
  3. Hit the files option from the tab and click on the new task. 
  4. Now type explorer.exe and press the ok button. 

Once you run this command, you will get a display; you may close the task manager now. 

Turn off the fast startup- 

If you are using the Windows 10 OS on the Asus laptop, you should disable your computer’s fast startup feature. You can make the next steps. 

  • Press the Windows + R Key to open the run box. 
  • Type powercfg.CPL And press the ok button. 
  • Now press what the power button do option from the left side menu. 
  • Now uncheck the Fast boot option and press ok. 

Finally, restart your computer again; let’s see what does it shows to you now. 

Disable the External Display: 

If there is an external display connected to your laptop, you should disconnect that from your computer. 

Also, remove the HDMI cable; now restart your Asus laptop again. 

Reset the Computer to fix asus laptop black screen- 

After following the above steps, if your Asus laptop is still showing a black screen, you can factory reset your computer. 

But before doing this, you should take the back up of your data. Do not leave any kind of data. 

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