How To Fix Brother Printer Won’t Connect To WiFi Network ?

Most of the time, People encounter the wifi setup failed issue on their brother printer due to the several primary reasons. 

  • Incorrect wifi Details. 
  • Issues related to the access point or router. 
  • Signal strength is weak. 
  • Printer related issues. 

Brother printer won't connect to wifi

But the good part is, you don’t require a technician to fix this problem, because you can set it on your own. So carry on with this guide and fix the brother printer won’t connect to wifi. 


Guide To Fix Brother Printer Won’t Connect To Wifi Network-

Step 1 – Check the signal strength- 

Whenever your brother printer is not connecting to the wifi network, you should check the signal strength first. 

wifi signals

You should be available in the excellent or good signal zone if the wifi signals are appearing weak on the printer. You should install your printer close to the wifi router. Now try to connect it through the wireless network. 

Step 2- Power cycle the printer and computer- 

After checking signal quality, you should power cycle your devices once. 

  • Switch off your wifi access point and wait for one minute now switch it on. 
  • Let’s remove the power wire from your printer, wait for 30 seconds, and power it on.

After rebooting your printer, once you will see the ready screen, you should try to connect your printer to the wireless network. 

Step 3- Check wifi credential details- 

If you are getting the incorrect username or password error during the brother printer wifi setup. 

You should check the wifi credentials like- password, encryption type, etc. Most of the time, people get this kind of error because they don’t input the valid password. So be sure you are not becoming one of them. 

If you have any doubts about your password, you should review the password once. 

Step 4- Change the wifi name, password & encryption type. 


Sometimes, there might be an issue with the current wifi profile; that’s why your brother printer might not be connecting to the wireless network. 

Brother printer wifi setup failed


So you should reset the network name, password, and encryption type on your router.

To reset the wifi profile on your router, you may use this guide. 

  • Get into the router’s admin panel. 
  • Click on the wireless settings. 
  • Clear the current network name and type your new network name. 
  • Select the wifi encryption type as WEP 64 bit. 
  • Erase the old password, and create a new hexadecimal password. 
  • Now press the save settings or apply changes button (whatever you see it).

Now you may go ahead and try to connect your printer with a new wifi network name and password. 

 Step 5 -factory reset the network settings – 

If you have already tried the above instructions but still your brother printer won’t connect to wifi network. 

reset netword  settings on brother printer

You should reset the network settings on your brother printer. 

  • Power on the brother wifi printer, and press the menu key. 
  • Go to the network using the up and down arrow button and press the OK key. 
  • Reach to the network reset using the up and down arrow and press the OK key again. 
  • Now you might see a confirmation message; you need to click on OK. 

Finally, the printer will reset the network settings and restart itself. 

Once you see the home or ready screen, you may go ahead and try to connect your printer to the wifi network. 

let’s see is your brother printer connecting to the wifi (wireless) network or not?

Step 6 – set your wifi channel on 9 or 11- 

Sometimes, your router might not be able to produce the right signals on random channels. So it would be best if you changed the channels to 9 or 11. 

access point wifi channels

To switch the channels, you may follow these steps. 

  • Get into the admin panel of your access point. 
  • Select the wifi settings (It maybe with other names as well, totally depend on your router model) option from the menu. 
  • Under 2.4 GHz network, Now select the wireless channel as 9 or 11. 
  • Press the save changes button. 

Now make another attempt to connect it through the wifi. 

If your brother printer still won’t connect to the wireless network. You should jump to step 7.

 Step 7- Try to connect your brother wifi printer using WPS or auto-configure feature- 

If you have tried to set wifi network on your printer. However, your brother printer couldn’t connect to the wifi network. 

It would be best if you tried to connect it using the WPS function. To use this feature, you must have a wps enabled router. 

  1. Power on the brother wifi printer and access point or wifi router. 
  2. Press the WPS button on your wifi access point or router. 
  3. Hold the wifi button on your printer for 3 seconds and release it.

Now your machine will start syncing to the router. you need to leave your printer and router free for a while. 

Once your printer is connected to the wifi, you will get a solid green wifi light on your brother wifi printer. 

Step 8 – Update the printer firmware- 

After pursuing the upon advice, if your brother printer still not connecting to the wifi. It means there is some issue with your printer itself. 

In such a case, you should try to update the firmware on your router. 

You may download the latest firmware from the brother’s official website, and update.

Step 9- Reset the printer to the factory settings-

If you have tried all the above steps, but still you are unable to connect your brother printer to the wifi. 

You should reset the machine to the factory settings, and configure it again. 

factory restore the brother printer

To reset the printer, you may follow this guide- 

  • Power on your brother printer >> Push the menu button. 
  • Now select initial setup or setup(depending on your printer model, which option do you see) using the up and down arrow key and push the OK key. 
  •  Go to the reset option and press the OK key 
  • Now press no. One key to confirm the process. 

Finally, your printer will begin the factory reset process.  

After resetting itself, it will restart once, and then you may go ahead and configure the wifi network. 

So this is the full manual for fixing the brother printer can’t connect to wifi issue. 

If you have any queries related to the brother printer, you may ask us via comment. We will try our best to solve it. 

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  1. My Brother MFC-J5320DW printer is sat next to the router. It will not connect to the Virgin router. There is no facility on the printer to input the router password, only the SSID, which is input correctly.

    Please advise

    • After you select the SSID I found my LCD basically goes blank. Once I started putting in the password the password then showed up on the blank screen.


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