Brother Printer Won’t Connect To Wifi | Wifi Setup Failed

When you attempt to connect your brother printer to the wifi, but your machine won’t connect to the wireless network and showing you some technical errors. 

brother printer won't connect to wifi

It indicates the problems related to the following things. 

  1. Network login credentials are not valid. 
  2. Your printer is dropping the wireless signals. 
  3. Issues related to the network settings on the brother machine. 
  4. It would be best if you made changes to wireless settings on your wifi router. 

This issue can be quickly resolved by yourself by following some necessary troubleshooting procedures. That is available in this blog if you will continue following this blog. 

Why Is My Brother Printer Offline on windows 10? 

How to troubleshoot brother printer not connecting to wifi problem- 

Step 1 – Power cycle your devices – 

If you can’t connect your brother printer to the wireless network, you should restart the brother machine and wireless gadgets once. 

  1. Remove the power cord from your brother printer and wait for 5 minutes, now plug it in. 
  2. Remove the power cord from the wifi access point (or call it router), wait for few seconds, and plug it back in. 

Once you are done with the power cycling process, you should wait until you see a ready screen on your brother printer and the positive power light on your wifi router. 

Step 2 – Place your brother printer nearby your router- 

If your printer is located far than 10 meters from the wifi router. It may have some disturbance in maintaining the wireless signals. 

In such a case, you may face a brother printer won’t connect to the wifi network problem. 

So you should place your printer nearby your router and then begin the wifi setup again. 

Let’s see if your brother printer is connecting to the wifi now or not?

Step 3- check the wifi credentials- 

Many times, brother users have to deal with the wifi setup’s failed issue due to the incorrect credentials.

During the setup process, If they choose invalid SSID or input the wrong wifi passphrase. 

They wouldn’t be able to connect their printer to the wifi, So you need to ensure that you are using the correct login credentials for wifi setup. 

Also, we all know that the passphrase are case sensitive; that’s why you need to type them in the same situation, as they have been asked. 

Step 4- Reset the wifi SSID & password- 

If your brother printer doesn’t connect to the wifi using the correct password, you should reset the SSID (wifi name) and password.

To change these settings on your wireless network, you need to perform this process. 

  1. Open the router admin panel using the chrome or any other web browser. 
  2. Push the wireless settings option from the menu. 
  3. Remove the existing network name and type the new network name. 
  4. Create a new password now and push the apply changes button. 

Once you press the apply changes button, you need to go back to the printer and connect it through the wireless network. 

Step 5- Reset the network settings- 

Sometimes, you may have a brother printer not connecting to the wifi problem due to the old profile interruption.

When there is an old profile conflicting with your wifi router, it may cause the brother printer wifi setup failed problem. 

In such a case, you should reset the network settings on your printer and then try to set up your printer again with the wifi. 

  1. Power on your brother wifi printer, and click on the network option using the up and down arrow key. 
  2. Push the down arrow key to reach the reset network option and press the ok button. 
  3. Now press the ok button to begin the reset process. 

Once your brother printer resets the network settings, you should try to connect your printer with the wifi. 

Step 6 – Connect your printer using the WPS settings- 

If you have already tried the above steps but still your brother printer won’t connect to the wifi. 

You should use the wps method for connecting your printer to the wifi network. In this method, you need to push the wps button on your printer and router. 

  1. Press the WPS button available on the backside of the router for 1 minute. 
  2. Now press & hold the wifi button on your printer for 3 seconds and then release it. 

After releasing the wifi button, you need to leave your machine free for 2 minutes to connect itself to the wifi network. 

Step 7 – Check for the recent firmware update- 

In some cases, you may have a brother printer won’t connect to the wifi network problem due to the firmware issue. 

When your printer is not updated, it may not be able to function correctly, and you may get a brother printer not responding or some other errors. 

In such a case, you should update the printer firmware and then try to connect your printer to the wireless network again. 

After using these useful steps, your printer will be connected to the wireless network now. 

If your brother printer is still not connecting to the wifi network now, please explain your error message in the comment box. We will share the solution. 

4 thoughts on “Brother Printer Won’t Connect To Wifi | Wifi Setup Failed”

  1. My Brother MFC-J5320DW printer is sat next to the router. It will not connect to the Virgin router. There is no facility on the printer to input the router password, only the SSID, which is input correctly.

    Please advise

    • After you select the SSID I found my LCD basically goes blank. Once I started putting in the password the password then showed up on the blank screen.

  2. I have a MFC-L2750DW and it won’t connect to the right network. We have tried all these steps and it still won’t connect. Any advice? We bought this brand new recently.

    • What is the error message you get in reverse when your brother printer is not connecting to the wifi network?


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