How To Fix Epson Printer WiFi Setup Failed?

epson printer wifi setup failedEpson printer wifi setup failed is a very common message during the Epson printer installation. Failing in the Epson wifi printer setup process occurs due to some basic mistakes.

Offices and homes are getting tiny and everyone loves to connect their Epson printer through the wifi network. In a simple word, don’t have to use the wired connection for printing.

All need to do, check the setup steps and connect the Epson printer to the wireless network.

Reason Behind Epson Printer WiFi Setup Failed – 

  • Dropping Wifi connection.
  • Invalid Network SSID or passphrase.
  • The network settings are conflicting.
  • Firmware issue.
  • Security problem.

Quick Tips To Fix The Epson Printer WiFi Setup Failed Problem – 

  • Ensure that your printer is placed within 8 to 10 meters far from the wifi access point.
  • Verify the network name (SSID) and password. Maybe mistakes in typing the password or SSID.
  • Power cycle wifi router and Epson wifi printer and wait for 2 minutes. Now start the wifi setup process again.

Advance tips for Epson network setup issue

Restart Wireless Service- 

In case the Epson printer won’t show network SSID during the wifi setup means it is unable to find your wifi.

It can be the reason for the Epson printer wifi setup failed every time. In such a case, follow the below steps:

  • Turn off the wifi on your printer, wait for one minute and turn on it again.
  • Place the Epson printer near the router and now begin the process.
  • Make sure wireless broadcasting is not disabled from the wifi router.

Check Security Password-

People do mistakes in typing the security password and cause Epson printer network setup failed issue. Password mistakes mostly happen with capital letters and special keys.

You need to type the password in the same format otherwise printer will not connect with wifi. If you have any doubts about the wifi password, you may see it on your router.

  1. Go to the wifi settings on your router.
  2. Under the password section, click on the show password.

Reset The Network Settings can fix the Epson printer wifi setup failed-

People changes their SSID(Network name) for security reason and Epson printer can conflict with the old network name. In this case, reset Epson network settings can solve setup or connection failed issue.

To reset the settings, follow the steps available below:

  1. Power on the Epson printer and wait until it is ready.
  2. Use the left/right arrow to reach the setup option and click the ok button.
  3. Go to the default restore settings using the arrows and click ok again.
  4. Select the reset network settings and press the ok button.
  5. Now you will see the confirmation window, click on yes.
  6. Finally, Epson printer network settings have been reset.

Further, reboot the Epson printer and try to connect with wifi network.

Use WPS Method For Epson Wifi Setup-

After resetting the network settings still unable to connect the Epson printer to the wifi, use the WPS feature once.

If the router and Epson printer both have WPS features, no need to use a secure password for the connection.

Everything needs to do, press the WPS button on the router, and leave the device free for two minutes. It will automatically sync with the wifi access point and connect with it.

For better understanding, read the connectivity steps below:

  1. Press the home button on the Epson printer once.
  2. Hold the wifi button on your printer for three seconds.
  3. Now, press the WPS button on your wifi router.

Leave them free for two minutes.

If the printer gets a connection from the wifi, it will show a successful connection message.

Change The Wireless Channel-

The wifi broadcasting issue can create trouble in the Epson printer wifi setup.

When it does not get the strong signals from the wifi access point, the printer can have a connection issue.

In such a case, change the wifi channel on your wifi router. Make it on 9 or 11 first, and then try to connect to the wifi.

To change the wifi channels, you have to:

  1. Open the router admin panel.
  2. Click on wifi settings.
  3. Now select the wifi channel from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click on apply changes.

Change The Security Type-

Epson printer supports all kinds of wifi security types, but if the setup is failing many times, change the wifi security type.

Replace the wifi security with the WEP 64 Bit. Once change it, change the wifi SSID as well.

Now let’s see if it is connecting to the wifi or not.

  1. Get into the router admin panel again.
  2. Click on wifi settings.
  3. Select the security type as WEP 64 bit.
  4. Make a new passphrase.
  5. Now, create a new SSID as well.
  6. Finally, click on save settings.

Check Mac Address Filter-

MAC address conflict can also do the Epson printer setup failed. Further, check the mac address filter settings on your router.

You may have blocked the printer by mistake. That’s why it is unable to connect to the wifi.

  1. Open the router admin panel.
  2. Click on advance settings.
  3. Further, select the mac address filter.
  4. Remove the printer’s mac address.
  5. Now click on save changes.

Reset Wifi Router-

It is also a possible problem with the wireless router or modem causes printer setup failed issue.

It can be solved by only resetting the router. After doing the reset need to set up the router again.

Read more about the router from How To Setup Linksys Router | Install Linksys Router.

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