How To Fix Gmail Error Too Many Messages To Download

If some of your emails are missing from the Gmail but they are available in outlook folder. 

Or you want to connect outlook or other emails to the Gmail’s mailbox. So you check your emails from one place. 

When you try to import them into the Gmail account, It won’t let you import and display this error. 

 Gmail error: too many messages to download. mail from this account has not been retrieved since 

Probably, This problem occurs when you try to download more than 30k messages at a time. If you have set up the account using the pop3 server, Gmail will exceed the download limit. 

To fix this problem, you need to apply these basic methods. That will help you in importing all emails without any error. Gmail error Too many messages to download

How do you fix Gmail error too many messages to download? 

Method 1- Create new label – 

  • Let’s Open the Gmail account on the browser. (Visit: How to fix Gmail sign-in problems, if facing issues in the login process).
  • Press the Settings, and jump into the view of all settings. Gmail settings
  • Click on the labels tab, press the create new label button. (you will find it in the bottom). create gmail label
  • Enter the name for the label, and press create button. create a label

Method 2- Transfer some emails from inbox to new label- 

After creating a new label, you need to move some emails from inbox to another folder. 

  • Let’s jump into Gmail’s inbox. 
  • Put a check icon on the top box to select all messages. 
  • Press the move to icon and choose the new label. 

That’s it your emails will have moved into the new label. Now transfer other messages into the new label as well, and then try to import the news. Let’s see do you still view the Gmail error: too many messages to download. 

Move messages

Method 3- Remove useless emails from Gmail- 

  • Open Gmail’s inbox folder again. 
  • Select all useless messages. Select less than 30 at a time. 
  • Press the trash icon button available on the top. 
  • Now follow the same process to delete the other mails too. 

Step 4- Remove and re-add the email account- 

When you are importing your messages from another email address, but it is giving you Gmail error: Too many messages to download. 

Please remove and re-add the email account from the accounts & import settings. 

  • Let’s jump to the Gmail settings page again. 
  • Click on accounts & import.
  • Under the Import mail and contacts, Press the delete button next to the email account. 
  • Now click on the add account. 
  • Enter the same email address again, and press the add button. 

Once you add the email account again, it should be importing the messages now. 

Some other Questions asked by the Gmail users- 

Why Can’t I import emails from other emails to Gmail? Getting server denied access error?

Generally, this error comes when there is a connection issue. So you should review the following settings. 

  • Make sure the username/ password is correct for the email. 
  • Pop 3 settings aren’t on. 
  • Pop server info is incorrect. 
  • Enable the access settings for Gmail; you are accessing the email from. 

My Gmail can’t import the message, Check the file size. How to fix this error? 

If you import any file into the Gmail, it shouldn’t be more than 150MB long.  So please check the file size before importing the message. 

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