[Solved] Hotmail Not Receiving Emails | How To Fix

Hotmail, which Microsoft Corporation now owned, uses to be glitch-free email programs for the public. But since, it has been merged with the outlook domain.

Hotmail and live mail account users are suffering from several problems with their email. Not receiving emails on the Hotmail account is one of them. Generally, this problem occurs on the Hotmail or outlook account due to the following glitches.

Hotmail is not receiving emails

  • Issues with the email filters.
  • The browser is unable to load the folders completely.
  • Emails have been routed to another account.
  • Imap/pop or exchanges are not set up correctly.
  • Network or security-related issues.

How do you fix your Hotmail account if it is not receiving emails-

If you can’t receive the emails on your Hotmail account using a computer, emails are available on the smartphone. Here are the techniques to get it fixed.

Check the browser- 

If your browser cannot load the new emails from the Hotmail server, please log in to your account on a different browser. Now check, do you see your new emails there or not?

If you can get the emails on a different browser, you need to make the following changes to your current browser.

  • Clean up your web browser (delete all cookies and cache data).
  • Update the browser plugins.
  • Update the browser as well.

After doing this, if your browser is still unable to load the emails, you may factory reset the browser and then reload the account.

Check the junk email folder-

If Hotmail is not receiving emails in the inbox folder, please go to the junk folder. If new emails are available in the junk folder, make changes to these rules.

Check junk mail if you can't receive emails on hotmail account

  • Let’s log into your Hotmail account using the outlook website.
  • Press the settings icon and click on view all outlook settings.
  • Click on the junk email option from the left menu.
  • Delete all domains available in the junk list and press the save button.

After changing the rule for junk mail, you need to go back to the junk folder and move those emails into the inbox.

Double-check the email rules (filters)- 

When you can’t receive emails into the inbox, please check other folders if your emails are arriving into the mail or other folders.

hotmail filters

  • Go to the outlook mail settings on your outlook again.
  • Click on the rules .
  •  Press the delete button available next to the rules.
  • Now click on the Save button.

Verify the server status-

Sometimes, users may deal with not receiving emails on the Hotmail account due to server issues. When outlook servers are overloaded with the heavy mail traffic or some updates is running.

It may stop responding for a while during that time if you will do any activity on your email account. It will not proceed successfully. So you should also check the Hotmail server status if the server is down. You should wait until it is up again.

Select newest on top filter- 

Some Hotmail users can’t receive new emails in the inbox due to a short filter issue.

newest on top filter to fix hotmail not receiving emails

They have chosen the oldest on top filter type by mistake. Due to this, the inbox shows the old emails at the top. So make sure you are also not repeating the same mistakes on the outlook account.

  • Open the outlook inbox.
  • Click on the filters tab, and hover your mouse on the sort option.
  • Select the newest on top option.

Delete the email forwarding-

Sometimes, you may not receive the emails on the Hotmail account due to the forwarding issue. Maybe you have enabled the forwarding by mistake. To disable it using the tricks given below.

  • Go to the outlook settings.
  • Click on the forwarding,
  • Type the hotmail password, and sign in button.
  • Now, if you see any email address in the forwarding list, please delete it.

Why can’t I receive emails on Hotmail using the windows mail and outlook app? 

If you are getting send & receive errors on the Hotmail while accessing it via mail applications like- windows mail, outlook, etc., you can use them to resolve it. 

Internet connection problem-  Please check the internet connection on your computer. Maybe your application is not able to access the internet. That’s why you are getting the send and receive an error. 

Disable the security programs- Sometimes, the mail application cannot receive the emails from the Hotmail due to the security issue. Therefore you need to turn off all kinds of computer security programs, including- firewall, antivirus. And then rerun the application. 

Update the mail password- If you can’t receive emails on your Hotmail account and it keeps asking you to enter the password. Please update the password for the mail account in the account settings. 

Check the server settings- You should also check the Hotmail server settings for IMAP/pop 3 servers. The information should match the following details. 

IMAP server name- imap.outlook.com

Port no- 993

Authentication type – SSL

POP3 server name- pop.outlook.com

Port no – 995

Authentication type- SSL  

SMTP server name- smtp.outlook.com

port no- 465 or 25 

authentication type- optional. 

 What to do if Hotmail is not receiving emails on iPhone? 

  • Go to the iPhone’s settings
  • Please search for the accounts and password and tap on it. 
  • Touch the Hotmail account
  • Swipe down and touch the delete account button. 
  • Once the account, will be deleted, you need to press the add account button. 
  • Select outlook from the list, and type your email address and other details. 
  • Now select the services, and press the done button. 

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