How To Fix Hotmail Not Receiving Emails Problem?

Hotmail not receiving emails account is one of the most unexpected problems, people may face any time.

This issue can occur on the Hotmail or outlook account due to the multiple reasons like-

  1. An email filter is landing the emails somewhere else.
  2. You have enabled the email forwarding by mistake.
  3. Your browser is unable to sync with the outlook server.
  4. Invalid account configuration.

These are the four most common valid reason behind not receiving emails issue. Now it’s a time to fix the problem, so follow the instructions given below.

Troubleshoot Hotmail Not Receiving Emails or can’t receive email on Hotmail problem –

An email filter is landing the emails on some other folders-

When you don’t get the new emails in the inbox folder. You should check the other folders like- spam, trash, etc.

If you can find your new emails into the other folder, you should go forward and check the email forwarding settings. Possibly, you have created an email filter on your Hotmail account. That’s your emails being routed to the other folders.

So you need to delete the existing email filters from your outlook account.

  • Get into the Hotmail account on your computer.
  • Click on the Settings icon and then click on view all settings available in the bottom of this menu.
  • Click on rules option if you can see any rule. You need to click on delete button available on the right side of its rules.
  • Click on the ok option, now press the save changes button.

Disable the email forwarding rule-

If your Hotmail account is not receiving any new emails from anyone. You should check the forwarding settings.

Possibly, you have enabled the email forwarding issue that’s why your emails are going to some other addresses, and you can’t receive them on your Hotmail account.

  • Let’s go back to the view of all outlook settings again.
  • Click on the forwarding tab.
  • Untick the enable forwarding option and click on save settings.

Ensure that the sender is typing the correct email address-

If you are not receiving emails from a specific person. You should ensure that he/ she is typing the correct email address. The chances are they must be making some mistake in the email address. That’s why you can’t receive emails on your Hotmail account.

Hotmail server is down-

It does not happen very often, but sometimes, people face the Hotmail not receiving emails issue due to the invalid server issue.

When the server is under maintenance or down in your country, you can easily verify the server status by calling the outlook official team or chat with them.

Browser issue-

Let’s try to access your Hotmail account via another web browser or computer. Now check, do you get any new emails on your outlook account?

If you are going to say yes.

This means, your browser is corrupted; that’s why you are not able to receive the email on your outlook account.

  1. Delete the cookies, history, and wrong extension from the web browser.
  2. Check for the recent update on the web browser if you found any update. You need to go ahead and update it.

Can’t receive the emails on Hotmail using mail applications-

If you can get your new emails on the Hotmail but unable to accept them on the iPhone, Android phone, or any other mail applications.

You should check the mail settings. Possibly, you have configured your account with the wrong details. That’s why it is unable to sync with the webmail.

So go back to the account settings and check if you have configured your account with these settings or not.

Incoming server for outlook account-

Imap –

SSL type- yes.

Port no- 993

Outgoing server for outlook account-

SSL Type- Yes

Port no – 465

After using these tricks, you will start receiving emails on your Hotmail account.

Please let us know via comment, which steps worked for you

63 thoughts on “How To Fix Hotmail Not Receiving Emails Problem?”

  1. Not all emails arrive in my in box. It would appear Hotmail is selective in what emails I receive as some arrive and other don’t. How can I fix this problem?

  2. ^^ I have the same problem. There are a number of weekly/daily emails that I expect to receive and I no longer do. I’ve had to start moving all of my accounts over to use my GMail account for mail. It seems that they are being filtered but I have no way to allow the emails that I want to receive.

    • I also have the same problem with hotmail I’m receiving some emails but not some expected emails ….they’re not in junk or any other file…..I’ve checked that the sender’s have my correct address and asked them to send again but still not received their mail.

  3. I’m having the same hotmail non-receiving issue using old, old Outlook Express and still using Windows XP (yes, I know this is not safe). It almost seems to be intermittent. On rare occassions it seems to receive. But then it goes back to throwing the Error message : server has unexpectedly terminated connection. Ox800CCCOF This all started a few days ago, circa November 20, 2019.

    Note: Still receiving Hotmail normally on my iPhone 6s. No problems there.

    • Hotmail started having intermittent problems with outlook express a month ago. As of the second half of November they seem to be consistently blocking the old email client. They may be deliberately pushing users off outlook express / windows xp / older windows, with the error Ox800CCCOF. This is a different than the original issue on this thread. No one has mentioned a work around for the outlook express issue if there is one.

  4. I’m also loosing emails and have no forwarding, rules etc set up and nothing in spam, trash… Using browser and app on my phone so its nothing im doing.
    Going to have to ditch hotmail/live 🙁

  5. I am suffering with receiving spam, but not receiving expected mail (such as when 8 order something and the confirmation doesn’t come through ).
    Not all spam gets through and not all expected emails don’t arrive – seems to be pretty random.

    No, the expected mail is not in spam, trash or been incorrectly addressed.

    Does anyone know if Hotmail is trying to fix this?

  6. Two emails from last night never came to my hotmail account. one from a friend and one from my son whom for sure have the correct addressed. on their end it says sent, I never get.. WHY??

  7. I too am having the same problem. I have no problem receiving emails from vendors I have purchased from but I am not getting important emails even though they have been sent to me multiple times.

    The first email in this thread was in November and no word from anyone at outlook:(

  8. I am not receiving expected emails from at least two organisations.

    This has been going on for a while. I verify that items have been sent via another email and ask them to resend, but still do not get them. Not in my junk file or anywhere else.

  9. ive had 4 calls from customers in the past 24 hours saying weve not replied to their emails regarding making a booking. but weve not received their emails -they try again whilst on the phone and we still dont receive them -even though just a few days earlier we had received their emails -they try from a different email address and sometimes we receive them -cant really change my email address after so many years as its for the business -does anyone know how to fix this problem yet

  10. I am having this same issue. Microsoft support has remotely accessed my account twice. Neither person was helpful. They both tried things I had already tried. They act as if they aren’t even aware that this is a known issue. It’s very frustrating.

  11. I am having this problem. Not receiving expected emails from family but many from businesses and plenty of junk ( which I have not had before!. Anybody have a solution?

  12. Same here. Mail going to my Hotmail account not received but copy to my spouse’s Yahoo account does arrive. Problem must not be on sender’s end. Microsoft will need to fix this soon – unreliable system is bad for business.

  13. I am having the same problem. Done all the checks on forwarding etc. Only seems to be affecting 2 email addresses, but both are important contacts. Maybe coincidence but both are gmail users.

  14. None of these ‘Fixes’ have helped me. I run my business on email. I check every email on both Inbox and Junk. I am missing some very important emails from customers and I have not been able to figure out why.

    Something is definitely up. I wish I knew what it was.

  15. The last few days my hotmail/outlook account stopped receiving emails from gmail users.
    Under Settings – searched on Blocked Senders and Domains setting,
    and under Blocked senders was the domain.
    I am sure I did not add this as a blocked domain. I removed it, and now receive gmail.

    Hope this tip helps others.

  16. I have been experiencing the same problem. How come I can send email to a partticular person but I cannot receive his reply. Done with all the checkings but same problems occur. Please have it fixed immediately.

  17. I too am having similar problems. Am not getting some of the emails being sent to me since the past few 2 weeks. Maybe have to change from hotmail. Have written to them multiple times but no reply.

  18. I am having similar problems than all of you:
    1) lots of non-controlled junk e-mails during mainly december 2019 in my normal account
    2) some (by the moment 2) gmail e-mails that I know they have sent me correctly several times but I still haven’t received (internet misterys…)

    I am getting into “Blocked e-mails” in Settings section, I am deleting “” from its list and I am goiong to see what it gives, guys.

    Let’s PRAY outlook-hotmail and Gates’ workers do properly their job to fix it ALREADY, receiving the e-mails we are expecting. If not, I recommend ALL OF US-YOU TO DELETE PROGRESSIVELY OUR HOTMAIL-OUTLOOK ACCOUNT -E-MAIL AND WE OPEN AND USE A GMAIL ONE, WHICH DOESN’T GIVE THIS KIND OF AMATEUR PROBLEMS.


  19. I’m having the exact same issue. Not receiving emails from important people now, no rules created, no settings. This is not good as I’m trying to work with these people across the globe and am not receiving their messages.

  20. I have problem receiving emails from gmail adresses. I still get emails from a lot of others, but I know for sure that gmails does not get though.
    Tried to delet my blocked list and also set the emils i know on the white list, but it did not resolve my problem.
    The support has not yet respond to my latest contact..
    I wil stop using hotmail if this is a known problem.. I HAVE to get a email that actually can get important mail through!

  21. Hi – I suddenly had this problem (not getting gmail messages sent to my hotmail account) and for me it was fixed by accepting the “something needs to be fixed with your account..” or whatever on the Action Centre on Windows 10. I think I’d just been ignoring it for a while and closing it down. I am now receiving gmail again from people who had chased me up as not responding. Hope it may help. Cheers

  22. Same here. For the past 6 months the list of contacts whose emails I don’t receive & they don’t receive from me, is growing. Hideous. Just not good enough. I’ve checked all my settings & there’s nothing there to fix.

  23. Same problem, not getting all my business emails, plenty of spam. I’ve checked settings and they are all fine. Have regular emails showing up in spam folder, even when I click that it’s not spam or junk, the next time I get an email from same email address it puts it back in spam/junk folder. Going to set up gmail account today and make the transition to moving my emails over. I can not run my business by not receiving very important email that mean money to me.

  24. From about 1 month ago, only receiving some of my hotmail messages, yet not others from several people. From the comments left so far it looks like Outlook has changed something at their end which is messing up many peoples inboxes. If this carries on I’ll have no option but to ditch this email for another more reliable one.

  25. Same problem. There is no way to know how many emails I am not receiving. But I know I am not receiving some. I’ve checked my blocked emails (removed all blocked emails a few months ago trying to solve this same issue). The customer said they have been sending me emails since the 25 of March. I received 3 emails from their account on the 24th. I entered their email address into the ‘Safe’ category. And they have tried sending not only replies to previous emails (which the email address has to be correct there). And fresh, new emails. It has been a few hours and still nothing. This is a good customer who sends a few dozen emails to me every month. I cannot find anything wrong with my settings. I haven’t changed anything. It worked up until about 6 days ago.

    • Same here, people who should be able to email me no problem, now I don’t receive their email. They are not blocked, all other things have been checked, password changed, etc. 🙁

  26. Been using hotmail since 2008. Yesterday I have faced similar problems with gmail. I have been searching solutions online since then and I read a helpful solution here. It seems that domain is on blocked senders (I didn’t put it here of course). So I removed it but still gmail e-mails didn’t come. After I put the domain in safe senders all the e-mails from gmail are coming now. This solution worked for me and I m very happy cause I didn’t want to change my mail.

  27. I can’t get email from my work computer to my hotmail account, I have had work look at it and it is leaving my work email server or what ever it is called and they said the problem is not on my work email side. This has been going on for the last week, it worked fine for years before this. My phone is the same phone I have been using for a couple years, nothing has changed as far as devices or services. I can send emails from my hotmail account to my work email with no problems.

  28. So frustrating. I have had this account for like 20 years. All my spam and email on file/company/login stuff comes here. Now Im not about to get reset password stuff. Emails from alot of the companies I have subscriptions with and even from friends but all the crap stuff seems to come through with no problem. This has been happening for a minimum of 6 months. I have checked all my settings and nothing is off!
    Please Microsoft!!

  29. holy shit microsoft, way to ruin my 20 years old account.

    the worst of all is they are blocking verification code e-mails, so i can’t log into my stuff at all.

    it probably began going to shit some 2-3 years ago when i started randomly not receiving e-mails from steam.

    then more recently it happened with patreon. i waited several weeks but was still completely locked out and decided to create a new patreon account with a different e-mail to “solve” the problem.

    then myanimelist e-mails never arrive and can’t recover the account. also waited several weeks.

    now riot e-mails not coming through and i can’t log into my shit.

    microsoft ruining my life with their stupid ass “anti spam” filters. if you’re worried about spam AT LEAST SEND IT TO MY SPAM FOLDER, THAT’S LITERALLY THE WHOLE REASON IT EXISTS, instead of bouncing it back to the sender, or worse, silently discarding it.

    i’ve even recently had problems with sent e-mails being discarded.

    don’t bother with this piece of shit service people, use something else.

  30. I wish someone at Microsoft would respond. I’m having the same issue with one forum that I used to get several thread updates. Now nothing at all.

    If they want me to stop using Hotmail or whatever they want to call it this month I will.

  31. I was having the same problem too! Did not recieve mails from accounts. It seemed like the domene was put on the blocked-list 🙁 I removed it from there, but it still didn’t help. Then I added to the list with safe senders, and now it works!!

  32. Same issue here, since May 4th, 2020. I did get an email from an MS guy with some questions and tips but he seem to have disappeared suddenly (

  33. I have same issue. Several important emails were not going through. I have to use other email to receive them. I had this problem 2 years ago and find out missing email once a while. I have checked out all filter, rule, block or safe contact, etc. I didn’t realized it is system problem until this month.

  34. Same issue have my email account for 25 years now I cant get some verification or password reset emails.
    I don’t need another person to tell me to check my email address or spam folder or safe senders have done this many times and its not the cause, I wish it was then I would have some control over the problem.
    I cant get help from the vendor as they say “it works for other people” and the same with email team but the problem seems to be with with the mail servers over which neither I nor the vendor emailing me have control over.

  35. I have the same issue. i’ve had my account forever and don’t want to change. it’s just i don’t get some email from some places. I’ve even cleared out my black list and white list. Now, i’ve got nothing in either. NO rules, nothing. Problem still exists.

  36. same problem here. can receive from my friend’s gmail account but not their yahoo account. even sent a test email for a reply…and didn’t receive that email either.

    • Hi Dana,
      Please try below things and let me know:
      1. logout Your Microsoft account from PC laptop or phone.
      2. Uninstall any emails app installed on your PC or phone.
      3. Reset your browser and clear all the cache n cookies which may block your emails.
      4. Now, restart your PC or mobile phone.
      5. Further, try to install an outlook mail app or login in the browser, and check outlook inbox is receiving emails or not.
      Please write in the comment if it doesn’t work.

  37. Similar problem. Waiting on emails and people calling me asking why i haven’t replied … people I know … Very random. Some emails come in, and then some don’t.
    Had a very important email I was waiting on that didn’t come in, a lot of hassle later I spoke to the person at the company and then I sent them an email which they received and when they replied back to me (we stayed on the phone) I did not receive their reply. So I added their email address to my ‘contacts’ list and tried again, and then it worked.
    Problem is, how many emails am I not getting from individuals, companies, etc who are not on my contact list, and yes, there are emails from people on my contact list I’m also NOT getting.
    Like all of you above, what a friggin’ hassle and who knows what emails I haven’t received. There was 2 day period where I received only a total of around 6 emails (regular and junk) … i usually get 20 plus a day easily (including junk folder), so where did those other emails go? Major problem. And again, like most of you, I don’t have any forwarding or special filters set that would cause this problem. I’ve had hotmail since the 90’s and I pay the $ 19.95 a year for extra storage space which I’m at a fraction of capacity.

    • Hi Paul,
      As you describe above you are getting your emails in outlook after adding receiver in contacts. So, might possible some outlook settings are blocking emails rather than contacts. You have subscribed outlook paid service, so better to contact them before doing any changes in settings.


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