How To Fix Hp Printer Won’t Connect To WiFi?

My new hp envy wireless printer is not connecting to the wifi. I don’t know the real issue behind it but it is really annoying.

Each and every time, I try to connect it through my wireless network. It shows me a connecting message on the display. It doesn’t move anywhere else.

Can you tell me, why does my hp printer won’t connect to wifi and how do I Get it connected through the network?

Please tell us about these things; So we can assist you in a better way.

  • What is the exact model number of your hp printer?
  • How far your hp printer is from the wifi access point?

Also, Which method are you using to get your printer connected to the wifi?

Quick Ways To Troubleshoot Hp Printer Wireless Connection Problem – 

Here I have the quick guide to troubleshoot the hp printer won’t wifi issue. You may use it to troubleshoot your connection issue:

  1. Power off your hp printer, wifi access point (router) for two minutes and then power it on.
  2. Let’s place your printer nearby your router, it should be within the range or 10 meters.
  3. Turn on the wifi on your printer, and try to connect with the wifi now.
  4. Please verify the password, You might be typing the invalid login password, that’s why your printer might not be connecting to the wireless network.
  5. If your hp printer is not connecting using the valid wifi password, you should try to connect it using the WPS security method.
  6. If WPS setup also doesn’t work for you. You should try to connect it through the wireless using the hp printer assistance tool.
  7. Let’s restore the network settings and reboot your printer again. After that make another attempt to connect it through the wifi network.

After following all these instructions, your printer will be connected to the wifi. You may go ahead and try to use the network now.

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