[Best Guide] Fix Lenovo Laptop Sound Not Working Problem

Sound not working on Lenovo laptop troubleshooting steps are the same for Lenovo ThinkPad and IdeaPad models.

Generally, windows 10 users complain about audio issues quite often after the updates. This issue does occur due to several reasons-

  • Speakers are not plugged-in correctly.
  • Audio settings are incorrect.
  • The sound is muted.
  • An update required.

All these are the key causes behind Lenovo’s notebook sound no longer working. Now let us proceed and correct this problem.

Steps To Fix Lenovo Laptop Sound Not Working

The sound of your Lenovo laptop may not work due to the audio driver. Except for driver, there are many reasons which can cause the audio issue. Read below and solve no audio issue:

lenovo laptop sound not working

Step 1- Choose your speakers as the default playback

Let’s ensure that you have chosen connected speakers as the default playback option.

  • Press Windows + R key mutually to launch the run box.
  • Write ‘Control‘ in the run box and hit the ok button.
  • Scroll down the control panel page and choose the ‘sound‘ option.sound option in control panel askprob
  • Now, select default playback as a current audio device and click on set as default.
  • Finally, press the ok button.

select default sound windows 10

Restart the Lenovo laptop to apply changes to all the applications.

Step 2- Disable the audio enhancement

Disabling audio enhancement from sound settings can start the audio of laptops.

Disable sound enhancement by applying these steps-

audio enhancement

  • Go to the sound settings from the control panel using the above instructions.
  • Select the default playback speaker and click on the Properties button.
  • Find the ‘audio enhancement’ tab and put a checkmark to disable and press ok.
  • Now, restart the laptop and play any audio file.

Step 3- Update the sound driver to fix Lenovo laptop sound not working

After an update or pending an audio driver update can create no audio issue on Lenovo laptop. Update it using these steps.

  • Connect Lenovo laptop with internet or wifi to update the driver.
  • Press the ‘Windows + R’ key on the keyboard to open the run box.
  • Write devmgmt.msc into the box and click ok.devmgmt command
  • Right-click on the sound driver and press the update.update audio driver
  • Choose Search automatically for updated driver option.
  • Now, windows will start searching and updating the sound driver.update sound driver

Wait until the computer download and install the update.

Step 4- Remove the duplicate or un matched driver

Every model of a laptop has a specific driver. The laptop won’t work if the driver installed is not matching with hardware.

A duplicate audio driver can’t sync with Lenovo’s laptop and create an audio problem. To fix the sound driver syncing issue follow the steps-

  1. Open device manager from command Run > devmgmt.msc > sound, video & game controller.
  2. Right-click on the sound driver and click on the uninstall button.
  3. Put a checkmark on the delete driver and press the ok button.
  4. Remove all audio drivers from your Lenovo laptop and reboot the laptop.

After rebooting the computer, Windows 10 will automatically find the best driver itself.

Step 5- Restart the audio service

Lenovo laptop will have no audio if windows audio service stops. In that case, you should restart the windows sound services using these steps.

fix lenovo laptop sound not working problem restart audio service

  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing the ‘Windows and R keys together.
  • Now type ‘services.msc’ into the box and press ok.
  • Click on the ‘windows audio’ option and press the reboot (restart) button.
  • Windows will restart the audio service again.
  • Restart the laptop to apply the sound changes.

Step 6- Uninstall the sound driver to fix Lenovo laptop sound not working

Multiple drivers installed into your Lenovo laptop conflict with each other. A wrong update of the audio driver can also cause an audio problem on the Lenovo laptop.

In that case, re-installing the audio driver after removing can fix no sound issue of Thinkpad.

Uninstall the audio driver from Lenovo laptop-

  • Open the device manager again ( Run > Type devmgmt.msc > press ok)

remove driver fix lenovo laptop no audio problem

  • Right-click on the sound driver’s name and press the uninstall.
  • Put a checkmark on the delete driver and hit the ok.

uninstall sound driver to fix lenovo laptop no sound problem

Install the audio driver into Lenovo laptop-

  • After removing the driver restart your laptop once.
  • Now, go to the Lenovo driver website and click on ‘START SCAN’.
  • Scanning will download and install the correct driver for the Lenovo laptop.
  • Further, restart again the laptop and check the sound is working or not.

Step 7- Increase the volume

Raise windows default volume, and then play something on your Lenovo laptop. Follow the steps to boost the audio driver volume-

increase audio to fix lenovo laptop sound not working

  • Hit the sound icon available in the taskbar on Windows 10.
  • Move the volume cursor from left to right to raise the volume.

Step 8- Let’s Plug-in the secondary (external) speaker

The problem with the internal speaker can also cause ‘Lenovo laptop sound not working’.

An external speaker or headphone can use to identify the issue has with the internal speaker or driver.

Connect an external speaker and play something audio file. If you can not hear sound from the laptop, there is an issue with the internal speakers.

In this case, you have to change the internal speaker of the laptop.

Step 9- Confirm the Audio is not muted

People can get an audio problem on their Lenovo laptop due to the mute issue. They mute the sound by mistake and forget to remove mute.

unmute audio to fix lenovo laptop no sound problem

So you need to ensure that you are not repeating the same mistake.

If you see the cross or mute icon over the sound icon in the taskbar, unmute the sound using the steps given below.

  • Click once on the audio icon to unmute the sound.
  • Press the volume button from the laptop’s keyboard to unmute the sound (generally it is f1 or f2 on the Lenovo laptop)

Step 10- Factory restore the computer to fix Lenovo laptop sound not working

After trying the above steps still sound not working on the Lenovo laptop, perform the factory restore of the laptop.

system restore

Restore it to the backdate, when the audio was working.

  • Type ‘system restores’ in the taskbar search box.
  • Click on the ‘system restore’ and choose the restore point when the sound was working.
  • Finally, press the restore button to start the process.
  • System restoration will take a few minutes and restart the laptop.

Note: System restores only remove applications installed and reset all the laptop settings. It won’t erase any personal data or media files.

Steps 11- Re-Soldering The Internal Speaker

Broken internal speaker wire can cause no audio from Lenovo’s laptop. In this open the laptop and reconnect the connecting wire by using a soldering tool.

  • Safely open all the screws of the laptop and remove the back panel.
  • Use a spudger and unlock the front speaker cover.
  • Now, find the broken wire of the speaker and apply soldering paste on it.
  • Further, put the wire on the speaker connecting point and solder it.

Some faqs By Lenovo Users

Windows 10 Startup Audio Not Working On Lenovo Laptop

Disable boot audio settings do not allow windows startup sound. To fix the Lenovo startup audio not working issue follow the steps below-

  • Press Win Key + I to open windows settings.
  • Click on the ‘system’ from windows settings.
  • From the system and left menu hit on the “Sound” tab.
  • In the sound tab checkmark on “Play Windows Startup sound”.
  • Click on Apply and Ok.
  • Further, restart the computer, and startup sound will work.

Fix No Audio From Youtube On Lenovo Laptop

There are browser separate sound settings for each website. Whenever a sound is muted for youtube, won’t able to listen to online video audio from youtube.

unmute chrome audio

Unmute the browser audio using the sound mixer option.

  • Right-click on the sound icon and click on the sound mixer.
  • If you see the audio is muted for your browser or youtube app, you should unmute it.

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