How To Setup Epson Printer Using Computer?

Can you tell me the easy way to setup Epson printer? I am not a tech-savvy person. I tried to follow the user guide but still unable to install my Epson printer.

Epson printer setup is very easy to setup. all you need to do. just make a proper connection and run the printer driver.

once you will run the driver setup, it will ask you for the connection type. you need to select the connection mode for your printer and follow the instructions to setup it.

Here, We are going to share the basic instructions to install Epson printer. You can easily go ahead and setup it using these tricks.

  1. Firstly, you should focus on making the physical connection. Here, you need to connect your printer from Router, & pc. So take an USB cable and connect it from computer to printer.
  2. Now Power on your computer, printer and router.
  3. Now connect your Epson printer to the Wifi using the printer control panel. If you want to setup espon printer with USB cable. You can easily skip this method.
  4. Now insert the Epson printer driver disk into your pc, and run it.
  5. Once you will run this setup,  you will receive license agreement window. Here, you need to accept it and press the next button.
  6. Now you’re going to get another screen which will give you the option to choose the connection type. Here you need to select your connection type and press the next button.
  7. Now follow the instructions, and wait until the process get completed.

So this is the basic way to install Epson printer. I hope this will help you. If you have any questions regarding Epson printer, please feel free to ask them. We will try our best to help you.

Thank Curtis for helping me in the epson printer setup. Basically, I have set up my printer as a local printer using the USB cable.

But I want to setup it as a wireless printer now.  is it possible to install my Epson printer as a wifi printer?

It is easy to set up your Epson printer as a wireless printer. just follow these steps.

Connect your printer to the wifi first- 

first of all, you need to connect your Epson printer to the wifi.

to do that, you need to power on your printer and go to the settings >> click on network settings >> choose the network name >> now enter the wifi password.

Finally, your printer will be connected to the wifi. if it doesn’t you can visit: fix Epson printer won’t connect to wifi problem.

Run Epson printer driver software-  

Once you will connect your printer to the wireless network. It’s a time to run epson printer setup. for that, you need to insert the epson printer setup disk into your pc and follow the instructions for basic setup.

When you will reach to the connection type window, here you need to choose the connection type as a wireless printer. Now your pc will give you an option to find your printer.

Here, you need to select your printer and follow the instructions again. your printer will be successfully set up.


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