How To Update The Firmware On Epson Printer ?

We all know, computer hardware is always weak without good software. The same formula applies to the printers as well. 

No matter which model of Epson printer you are going to use for your office or personal use. If it doesn’t have the latest software, it will begin several causes for you like- 

Epson printer won’t connect to wifi or

Epson printer printing blank pages. 

So you should always upgrade the printer firmware (software) whenever the company releases any update. Now some of you may be concerning how to update the Epson printer firmware? 

Well, you oughtn’t to depress about it. Here, I am to serve you with that. 

How to update firmware on epson printer


Recommendation for updating the firmware on Epson printer- 

  1. A computer. 
  2. Epson software. 
  3. USB cable (only if you are using the local printer).

Things you need to remember during the update process- 

Before we help you in updating the firmware, you should take of few things. 

  1. Never switch off the Epson machine while the firmware update process. 
  2. Please do not make changes to the printer until it restarts itself on its own. 
  3. Never close the firmware upgrade window on your pc until it completes.

How to update the Epson printer firmware using windows pc- 

  • Open the Epson software on your windows computer.
  • Click on the Epson software updater option (If you don’t have it, you can easily download it from the Epson website). 
  • Pick your printer model from the dropdown list. 
  • Now put the checkmark on the firmware updater, and press install 1 item. 
  • Now UIC window will prompt on the screen; please press yes on it. 
  • You will see the license agreement window; you need to read the license and then click on I agree. Press the ok button. 
  • The Epson firmware updater window will appear; you need to click on the start button to begin the update. 
  • Finally, the firmware will start updating; during this time, do not unplug the printer’s power cable. It may need some moment to install the latest firmware. So be patient to get it installed correctly. 
  • Once you will see the firmware has been updated successfully, message. Please press the finish button. 
  • If you see any prompt window, click on ok. 

Guide to upgrade the printer firmware using the MacBook pc- 

  • Open the Epson printer software (Application >> Epson utility folder). 
  • Click on the Epson utility downloader. 
  • Select the printer firmware and then press the install button. 
  • Accept the agreement and type the pc password. 
  • Double click on the Epson printer utility to run the program. 
  •  Accept the license and push the next button. 
  • Now press the start button and hit the ok. 
  • Finally, your Epson printer will start updating the firmware. It may need several moments to complete the upgrade process. 

After making these changes, your printer will start working fine. 

So these are the techniques to update the firmware on the windows or mac pc. If you need any other help related to the Epson printer, please let us know via comment or send us an email. We will answer your query with the proper solution.

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