How To Update The Netgear Router Firmware Automatically?

Whenever you need to update the firmware of netgear router, it is very important to find the correct firmware version.

If you don’t use the correct version, you netgear router may stop working. now some of you don’t know about how to update the netgear router firmware or find the correct version of it.

If you don’t know how to update netgear router firmware, You may follow the steps given below.

In this blog, I have explained about how to update the router manually, genie or nighthawk app. you can use the instructions as per your app.update netgear router firmware

How to update the firmware on netgear router using genie app automatically?

If you have a smart router, which uses the netgear genie program for admin panel. Here is the guide to update the netgear router firmware.

  1. Power on your netgear wifi router & modem.
  2. Connect your computer or mobile phone to the pc.
  3. Now make sure, you have a solid green light on the router, if it is blinking orange, you need to fix the connection.
  4. Open the negear genie app or go to the website.
  5. Enter the username & password for router admin panel, press the ok button.
  6. Now Push the advanced tab, and click on the administration.
  7. Press the router update, and press the check button.
  8. If there will be any update available, you need to press the yes button to update the router.
  9. Finally, netgear router will reboot and update the firmware by itself.

How to update the netgear router using the nighthawk app-

If you are a netgear nighthawk user, the firmware upgrade process will be very easy for you.

1.Make sure, your smartphone is connected from the netgear wifi.

  1. Now open the nighthawk app, and sign into your netgear router.
  2. Please input your username/ password for netgear admin panel.
  3. Tap on the router image shown on the top.
  4. Scroll down and press the check for update button.
  5. If there is an update found, you can press the update button to upgrade the firmware.

That’s it, your netgear wifi router will reboot itself and upgrade the firmware.

In case, if your netgear router is blinking orange after reboot, you should restart the modem as well.

How to download and install the firmware manually on the netgear router?

If you are unable to update the firmware automatically due to the the internet problem.

Do not worry, you can update it manually. to do that, you need to download the correct firmware version and install it on your router.

Download the correct firmware version –

  1. Go to the netgear support download website.
  2. Click on home solution and press the routers/ modems option.
  3. Enter the version number of your router in the search box. for example- I am entering the WNR2000V4 model. you can find your model number at the bottom of your router.
  4. Click on the firmware version to download.
  5. wait until the file gets downloaded.

Upgrade (install) the firmware-

  1. Let’s open the netgear router admin panel on your pc.
  2. Click on the advanced tab, and press the administration option.
  3. Push the router update option, and press the browse button.
  4. Select the firmware file, and press the upload or open button.
  5. Now press the update button.

That’s it, your router will now begin the reboot process.

So this is the guide to update the firmware on any netgear router, if your machine is unable to update itself,

Please tell us via comment, we will describe about other methods to upgrade it.

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