I Need Help To Fix Net::Err_Cert_Authority_Invalid Error Message

Why am I getting Net::err_cert_authority_invalid err on google chrome. I am using the windows 10 laptop.

This error is coming with almost every website, while these all websites are working fine on MacBook pro.

About a month ago, I was getting Net::err_cert_authority_invalid message on my windows 10 computer.

This error was showing due to the antivirus. I had three antiviruses on my computer, and all were conflicting with each other.

So I removed all the antiviruses from my and computer and also from google chrome extensions.
Now it is working completely fine also not getting any “Net::err_cert_authority_invalid”error message.

When your browser is unable to verify the SSL certificate for the secure website, you will notice, “Your connection is not private Net:: err_cert_authority_invalid error.”

The good part about this issue is, you can quickly fix it by using some valid tricks to fix the problem.

Here, I am sharing a quick and easy way to troubleshoot the problem. You can use it to fix your issue.

  1. Correct the time and date on your computer, also check the timezone.
  2. Disable the proxy and VPN servers into your Windows 10 computer.
  3. Turn off the windows firewall and antivirus into your computer.
  4. Remove the dead antivirus and VPN applications.
  5. Remove the cache and cookies from the web browser.

Uninstall the google chrome browser and then reboot your computer, now reinstall it again using the latest setup.

When you get the Net::Err_Cert_Authority_Invalid error on google chrome or any other browser. you should use following tricks to fix the problem.

Change The DNS Address- 

Many times, we have seen people complaining about your connection is not private issue due to the DNS server.

Their DNS server does not respond properly. that’s why they start getting err_cert_authority_invalid error code on chrome.

So you should replace the DNS address with the google’s DNS address which is: and

If you don’t know how to do it on windows 10 computer, you can follow the guide given below.

  • Open the run box, type NCPA.CPL and press ok.
  • Right-click on the network adapter, whichever you are using for the internet and click on the properties.
  • Now select TCP/ IP version 4 protocol and click on properties.
  • Now click on Use following DNS server addresses.
  • Now type in the primary DNS address box and in the secondary DNS address box.
  • press ok and reboot your windows pc once.

After rebooting the windows pc, you should try to access the SSL encrypted websites again. let’s see if they are working fine now or not?

Disable The Proxy Server- 

As we all know, the proxy server is used for hiding the original IP address and location. so we can say, this is some kind of spam activity.

When you will try to SSL encrypted website on your browser using the proxy software. your browser will not be able to handle the secure connection.

due to that, you will get your connection is not private error message along with Net::err_cert_authority_invalid error code.

So you should disable all proxy software and then try to load the page again.

  • Go to the control panel and click on internet settings.
  • Under the connection tab, you will get the LAN settings button, click on it.
  • Uncheck the proxy tab and click on ok.

After removing the checkmark from the proxy tab, you should also check the program and features.

ensure that, there is no third-party VPN or proxy application running into the computer.

So you need to reboot the computer, I am sure this will work for you.

Time And Date Issue- 

Do you know, the time and date play a very important role in maintaining a secure connection. if you have the wrong time and date, it will not work for you and create lots of problem for you.

net::err_cert_authority_invalid will be one of them.

so if you have incorrect time and date into your computer. you should make it correct immediately than after trying to access the website.


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