Lenovo Laptop Sound Not Working? [7 Easy Steps To Fix]

Recently I went to Quora for the contribution. There, I found many queries related to the Lenovo laptop sound not working problem.

Some users were missing the audio entirely. In the meantime, others were having the issue on a specific app like- YouTube, zoom, etc.

The no sound problem on the Lenovo laptop occurs because of a few basic reasons.

  1. Audio is muted, or volume is too low.
  2. audio services are not responding.
  3. Windows is unable to detect the output audio device.
  4. The sound drivers are conflicting.
  5. Audio driver requires an update.
  6. Windows requires an update.
  7. Speaker or hardware related issues.

These 7 faults can put you in no sound problem in the Lenovo laptop at any time. Now the questions come up in everyone’s mind.

lenovo laptop sound not working

What is the process get the sound back on any Lenovo Ideapad or any other laptop? 

Well, here were are going to talk about how to fix the no audio issue on the Lenovo laptop. I have separated this guide into two parts. 1. Basic guide and Advance guide to getting rid of the audio not working on Lenovo laptop. You can apply them Lenovo laptop, which has windows 10 or the previous version of it.

Basic instructions to get rid of No sound problem on Lenovo laptop?

Unmute the sound- 

If the sound has suddenly stopped working on the Lenovo laptop, Please reboot it first. Once you see the home screen, you should check the mute functionality.

If the Lenovo laptop shows the mute sign, please unmute the audio.

If you don’t have an idea about how to unmute the speakers on a Lenovo laptop? Don’t worry; here are the ways to unmute the speakers.

  • Let’s press the speaker icon available in the Windows taskbar. If you don’t see it, press the expand arrow to view more functions. There you will see the speaker icon.sound icon on lenovo laptop
  • If you find the cross sign next to the speaker. Click on the speaker to unmute it.Unmute to fix lenovo laptop no sound problem

If you feel difficulty in unmuting the sound using the above steps, you may press the mute/unmute function key.

There is also a mute/unmute function key available on each laptop. It should be F1 or F2, entirely depends on the laptop model number.

Raise the volume on the laptop-

Sometimes, the sound is working, but the speakers are not loud enough. That’s why you can’t listen to anything from the laptop.lenovo laptop no audio problem

That generally happens because you have decreases the volume. So you should boost the sound volume on the laptop by making several changes to your laptop.

  • Press the sound icon in the Windows taskbar again.
  • Increase the audio on the laptop. Leave the bar on 100%.

Use the headphones or external speakers- 

If you have no sound from the laptop while using the internal speakers. Please use the internal speakers of headphones on it. Let’s see it is playing the audio on your device or not.

If Lenovo laptop speakers not working but headphones or speakers are. You should review the sound driver settings of your laptop.

There are high chances of missing the driver for internal speakers, which is causing the no sound issue on the laptop.

Pick the default playback- 

Sometimes, the Lenovo laptop has no sound problem due to the default speaker issue. Windows might be using the wrong device to output the sound.

Default audio speakers

So you should select the internal speakers as default and then retry to access the internet on your devices.

  • Go to the control panel on laptop.
  • Click on the sound (hardware and sound).
  • Pick up the playback device & push the as default button.
  • Finally, Press ok to make the default playback.

Advance Guide to fix the Lenovo laptop sound not working problem on windows 10 or any other laptop? 

Restart the audio services-

In windows 10 OS, Audio service stop responding very often. Due to which, users have no sound on their Lenovo laptop. To get back the computer’s sound, they need to restart the audio services using the steps given below.

windows audio services

  • Click on the windows key available at the taskbar, Input the “services” in the windows search box.
  • Go to the windows audio service using the scrolling method.
  • Select the windows audio service and press the restart button.

Update the audio driver- 

If the sound is not working on the old Lenovo laptop. Please look for an update for the sound driver.

  1. Hit the Windows key in the keyboard or use the windows key given in the taskbar, and enter the device manager in the search. Hit the device manager option from the search result.device manager
  2.  Right-click on any single audio driver, and push the update driver option.
  3. Press the first option that says about the automatic update.automatic update the lenovo laptop audio
  4. Wait for a moment; windows may take a couple of minutes to download the finish the driver update process.

Remove the duplicate & useless drivers- 

Sometimes, the Lenovo laptop has no sound problem because of duplicate drivers when the computer uses multiple sound drivers. They might conflict with each other. in this case, you may get no audio output device installed error.

In this case, you should uninstall all audio drivers from the laptop using the techniques given below.

  1. Let’s open the device manager window again using the same steps we used previously.
  2. Right-click on any audio driver and click the uninstall device” from menu.
  3. Put a check and hit the ok button to finish the process.
  4. Now do the same thing to uninstall the other audio drivers too.

Once you uninstall all drivers, please restart the laptop, the windows will automatically install the best audio driver from the Lenovo store.

Factory Restore the computer- 

After changing these settings, if Lenovo sound is still not working. Please proceed for the factory restore process. You should roll back your pc to the backdate when the sound was working fine without any issues.

Factory restore on windows 10

  1. Enter CMD in the windows search, and push the command prompt option.
  2. Type “rstrui.exe” and Push the enter button on the keyboard.
  3. You will now see the factory restore button; Please select the restore point and press the next button.
  4. Now you will see the warning message before processing the request. Please press the continue button.

Other queries related to the Lenovo laptop sound not working issue? 

Why am Unable to play audio on YouTube and zoom app? 

If sound is not working on Lenovo laptop while using the YouTube or zoom app, please check the Volume control center. You may have mute the audio for those apps. So open the volume mixer on your device and unmute the audio for that specific app.

How do I improve sound quality on a Lenovo laptop? 

Apart from the general audio driver. Some laptop also needs the advance driver like- a Realtek or HD audio etc. So you should scan for driver requirement.

Why is Lenovo laptop microphone not working? 

As a speaker, The microphone can also be that’s why you can’t hear the audio. So you can go to the recording section in the sound settings.

Apart from this, the microphone might not be working because of privacy settings issue.

Go to the privacy settings in Windows 10 and allow access to the microphone app.

How to fix Lenovo wifi not working? 

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