Lenovo laptop shut down suddenly | How To Fix

Press the power button of your Lenovo laptop, and the fan has started spinning. Instead of loading windows, your Lenovo laptop shut down suddenly. If it is repeating, this article will help you to start your Lenovo laptop.

Normally Lenovo Thinkpad does not shut down randomly. A laptop shuts down itself due to overheating as well as viruses. You can fix the laptop shut off the issue by yourself if know the reason behind it.

Reason Why Lenovo Laptop Shut Down Suddenly:

A laptop can shut down itself to protect its parts from permanent damage. Whenever the laptop heating above the damage level of hardware, it turns off itself. The laptop may overheat due to dust as well as hardware failure.

Lenovo laptop can reboot suddenly by any virus application installed in it. You may download and install unwanted software into your Thinkpad unwillingly.

Spammy software seize memory space and start unwanted processing in the background. This processing can hang your windows 10 as well as the processor, result in your pc will restart.

Faulty or damaged hardware may also be the reason for restarting your Lenovo Thinkpad laptop. Read all the possibilities below to fix the Lenovo laptop shut down suddenly.

Cleaning Dust Can Fix Sudden Restart Issue of Lenovo Laptop-

It is very common for Lenovo laptop is Shutting down due to dust. Further, removing or cleaning dust from the fan of the Laptop can resolve the issue.

Lenovo laptop shut down suddenly

The spinning Fan inside of the laptop works as a coolant and keeps cool the processor. Follow the steps below to clean the Fan:

  • Turn off the laptop and remove the charger.
  • Unplug the battery and flip-down towards the backside.
  • Find and remove all the tiny screws of the Lenovo laptop. Remember and keep safe all the screws.
  • Carefully remove the back plastic cover of the laptop.
  • In some laptops, you can’t open the back cover without removing touch and keyboard. So, take care at the point of back cover removal.
  • Unscrew the HDD and remove the RAM by sliding the holding notch.
  • Blow all the dust from the Fan using a dust blower.
  • Spin the Fan by hand to check to find any dust particles stuck in it. Remove the dust particle carefully if there is.
  • Close the back cover and screw it properly.
  • Plug in the battery and start your Thinkpad.

Put your hand in front of the exit air of the spinning Fan and confirm the blow of air is normal. Use your laptop, and if it is working fine, you are good to go otherwise go to the next solution.

Removing Junk Files Can Solve Lenovo Turn of the issue-

Windows apps create lots of temporary files for running the app. Some files may remain after closing the app. Removing those temp files manually can fix many problems with your laptop.

Remove Junk Files-

  • Press the Windows+R keys together and get the Run dialogue box on the screen.
  • Type ‘temp’ and press ok. A window will appear with some files.
  • Select and delete all the files.
  • Again Open the Run box using Windows+R and type ‘%temp%’ into the Run box of your Lenovo laptop.
  • Same as above, select all the files and delete them also.
  • Open Run dialogue and type ‘prefetch’ and tap ok.
  • Click on ‘Continue / Yes’ and a window will appear with some files.
  • Please select all the files and delete them completely.
  • Now, Right-click on the ‘Recycle Bin’ icon and scroll down to select ‘Empty Recycle Bin’.

In case of your Lenovo laptop still doesn’t turn on, you should proceed to the following settings.

Remove Unwanted Application-

Never install any app or program you don’t know about on your computer. In case it’s already installed please delete by following steps.

  • Click on the Start button and go to ‘Settings’.
  • In the settings, select ‘System’ and go to Apps & Features from the left.
  • Below you can find all the installed applications in your Lenovo Thinkpad.
  • Choose the unused applications and uninstall them.
  • After removing the app restart the laptop.

The virus can cause Lenovo laptop shut down suddenly issue-

Keeping safe your Thinkpad from unwanted applications and viruses is very tough. Spammers use new tricks to install the messy application on your laptop and destroy it.

So, you need a good antivirus on your pc which can remove viruses. Follow the steps below to remove the virus.

  • Removing viruses can go through a trustworthy antivirus.
  • Microsoft has already provided inbuilt security in Windows 10. A genuine and updated window 10 is much better than any third-party antivirus.
  • You can also choose an external antivirus for extra features
  • First, buy its subscription and they will guide you about their product installation.
  • Further, complete scanning removes all the viruses from your pc.

Lenovo Laptop Shut off Due To Hardware-

RAM can be the reason for the sudden display shut down of the Laptop. A faulty RAM always creates problem-related to display and speed. Your laptop display will flicker or not turn on in case the RAM is faulty.

Further, a display screen can suddenly shut off due to the fault of RAM. So, you should replace the RAM and verify the issue.

Change Battery and Charger To avoid your Lenovo laptop shut down suddenly-

An old laptop battery isn’t able to give good voltage and power. A faulty battery shows full charge even it is not charged. Your laptop sensor will turn off the laptop if the charger or battery is faulty.

Fix your Lenovo, laptop battery issue from Why Is My Lenovo Laptop Battery Not Charging? article.

Your Laptop and battery will damage if you are using a copy or repaired charger. Always use the original charger. You can buy Lenovo Chargers from the official website.

So these are the steps to fix your Lenovo laptop shut down suddenly issue. If you have any questions, you can ask us on Askprob Twitter or via comment below.

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