Lenovo laptop won’t turn on | How To Fix?

Why does ‘my Lenovo laptop won’t turn on’ is just a nightmare for any laptop user. It is one of the worst things because don’t know how to fix it. Mostly the problem becomes with power parts or display of the laptop.

Today the blog is going to show you how to address the following issues under the title Lenovo laptop won’t turn on. It is bringing some do-it-yourself steps for Lenovo Thinkpad laptops. So that a non-tech savvy person can try to start the laptop.

lenovo laptop won’t turn on

We observe many conditions under the same problem won’t turn on. You may see the power light is on, but the Lenovo Thinkpad is not starting. We have categorized the issue below:

  • Lenovo laptop won’t turn on flashing/blinking power light.
  • My Lenovo laptop won’t turn on showing only the Lenovo screen.
  • No power light and won’t turn on a Lenovo laptop.
  • Lenovo laptop black screen not starting.
  • Shows the startup logo then restarts again and again.

Initial Step If Lenovo Laptop Is Not Turning On:

There is some initial step to check the status of hardware before proceeding to the next step. Everyone has to follow the steps below to make sure there is no issue related to hardware.

  • Unplug the charger power cable and check wall outlet has electricity.
  • Check the charger power status indicator. If it is turn off replace the power supply. Always use the original charger and get from the official website buy Lenovo charger.
  • Check carefully any physical damage to the adapter cables plugs or charging points. Look for signs of burn marks or twisted cable.
  • Replace the hardware if you find any damage to the AC adapter, DC, or charging pins.
  • Check the charging indicator light of the laptop is on or off after connecting the charger to the laptop.

If your laptop won’t charge itself, you can visit: why is the Lenovo laptop not charging the battery? 

Fix Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On Flashing/Blinking Power Light:

In this case, the power button or light of the laptop keeps flashing but does nothing. Sometimes the laptop turns on itself after a few minutes or hours. This problem generally occurs due to a faulty charger or battery.

Once we press the power button laptop needs a fixed start-up power or voltage. The laptop wouldn’t on if the battery is old or not generating the required power for a laptop.

The same thing applies to the charger of the laptop. A laptop never turns on if the charger has any fault and it won’t provide the prescribed voltage for the laptop.

Replacing the battery or charger can start the laptop but here one more solution through which you can try to fix it. Follow the steps to apply on your laptop-

The one minute fix or reset the power cache-

  • Shut down the laptop and unplug the power cord of the charger from the wall outlet.
  • Disconnect the charger and take out your battery.
  • Hold down the laptop’s power button for one whole minute. After one minute release the button and put the battery in. Plug the charger and turn it on.
  • If the laptop boot up normally, you are good to go otherwise go to next.
  • Now, unplug the charger and remove the battery again from the Lenovo laptop.
  • Second-time press and hold the power button for one minute.
  • Release and start the laptop once again like the above step.
  • Still, having a startup problem, revise the step again for the third time.
  • After releasing the third time power button, do not insert the battery in the laptop.
  • Plug the charger to your laptop only and turn on.
  • If the laptop has turned on, it means the problem is in battery replace it. Otherwise, go to the next step.

Reset The Laptop Setting-

  • Unplug the charger and remove the battery from your laptop.
  • Every laptop has a tiny reset hole on it. It may be below or back of the laptop.
  • Insert a paper clip and press straight in the laptop reset hole.
  • Press the power button along with the paper clip and hold both together for 10 seconds.
  • It will reset the laptop settings as default.
  • Now, plug in the battery and start your Lenovo laptop. Still not turning on go to the next step below.

Completely Reset All Settings With BIOS-

  • Lift the battery and unplug the charger from the Lenovo laptop.
  • Remove the back/bottom cover by unscrewing.
  • Remove the BIOS battery using a paper clip.
  • Press and hold the power button for one minute.
  • Insert the BIOS battery and close the back cover of the laptop.
  • It will completely remove power saved within laptop components and reset laptops as well as BIOS.
  • Now start the laptop and check its turning on.

Drain The Battery And Reset-

  • Unplug the charger from your Lenovo laptop.
  • Try to turn on Lenovo’s laptop on battery and leave it till the turn off itself by completely discharge.
  • If the power button flashing, leave as it is till the battery drain.
  • Pull out the battery and press the power button 10 times within 1-second intervals.
  • Now, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  • Insert the battery and turn on the ThinkPad laptop.
  • Try to turn on the laptop by pressing the power button.

My Lenovo laptop won’t turn on stuck at Lenovo logo screen:

We can relate stuck on the Lenovo screen logo issue with BIOS software. BIOS is responsible for the first boot of any computer or laptop. It first checks all the hardware equipment staus and starts windows normally.

You can try to fix it by updating the BIOS firmware. Follow the steps and apply them to your laptop.

  • Connect LAN or Internet cable on your laptop LAN port.
  • Plugin the charger of the laptop and restart the laptop.
  • Keep pressing DEL/Delete key to enter the bios setup. In some models enter in bios setup key may differ. It shows on the bottom screen of every start-up.
  • First, find the option to make bios settings as a factory and apply it on.
  • Now, there would be an option for check for updates. Select it and install updated firmware of bios.
  • Press F10 also save and exit.

Note: In case any hardware part of the laptop fails in the test, your Lenovo laptop won’t start. You will get an error message on post boot screen about equipment failure. You must read the message and try to fix it.

Fix No power light and won’t turn on a laptop:

No light indication after pressing the power button indicates some critical issues. First, check the indicator light on the charger. If your charger has light turn on means a problem has with the laptop.

Take out the battery of your Lenovo laptop and plug it in the charger. Press the power button and check if there any indicator light on. If the laptop is turning on, change your laptop battery.

In case after connecting the only charger still, has no light, follow the steps below:

  1. Remove charger and battery from the laptop.
  2. Press the power button 10 times within every second of the interval.
  3. Press and hold the power button for one minute after completing 10 intervals.
  4. Now, Connect the battery as well as charger and turn on the laptop.

Lenovo laptop black screen but the fan is spinning:

Press the power button, Lenovo laptop is turning on. The motherboard is sounding and hear the spinning fan, but your screen stays black or very dim. That’s Lenovo black screen and nothing works rather spinning fan.

In this case, you suppose to turn off the laptop by long-pressing the power button or remove the battery. The black screen problem mainly occurs from faulty RAM or dirty RAM.

It can be fixed easily by changing or cleaning the RAM. Read in detail here how do I know my RAM is faulty? and fix Lenovo black screen problem.

Shows The Startup Logo Then Restarts Again And Again:

Sometimes we start the laptop and hear the fan engage, but then it shuts off right away before you get to that initial startup logo screen. It seems like it started and you hear the motherboard and clicks.

It keeps restarting over and over that’s going to be a boot loop. The problem may arise due to corrupt Windows operating system boot files or dust in the fan.

Your Lenovo laptop never turns on if it is dusty or something stuck on the fan. A laptop Fan must spin to maintain the temperature.

As always any questions or comments leave them below or ask in our community. Check out the frequently asked questions first in the Askprob forum, it could save you some time.

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