Lenovo Thinkpad Speaker Not Working But Headphone Works?

In the case of Lenovo Thinkpad speaker not working to check the sound from its headphone jack. Whether the headphone jack is working, there could be many reasons for internal speakers won’t work.

  1. The sound driver is missing.
  2. Default playback audio is not selected.
  3. The media player app is not configured well.
  4. Speakers are not connected as well as a fault in speakers.

Lenovo Thinkpad Speaker Not Working

Before trying the main steps, try a general way to check the audio problem. All you need to do, just follow these easy instructions:

  • Remove the headphones or external speakers from your laptop.
  • Now, reboot your laptop and play any music file to check the audio.
  • Tap the mute button icon on your laptop to unmute the sound.

Fix: Lenovo Thinkpad Speaker Not Working

There are few solutions describe below which can resolve the audio issue of Thinkpad. You may apply all the steps one by one in case of previous solution’s steps do not fix the issue.

Setup Your Internal Speakers As A Default Speaker

The audio settings of the laptop can also start the audio again. Whenever your Thinkpad laptop is unable to detect the internal speakers, manually make internal speakers as a default speaker.

  1. Go to the playback settings (Right-click on the sound icon>click on playback settings).
  2. Select your speakers as a default speaker.

After selecting the default speaker restart the laptop once as well as open programs. Now, check the audio is working or not.

The Driver Is Missing

Please ensure that the audio driver is available on your Lenovo laptop. You need to go ahead and install the sound driver for your laptop.

You may find the best driver for your laptop using the following tricks.

  1. Open the device manager window (open run box>type devmgmt.msc>press ok).
  2. Select the device manager and click on the sound, driver, and game controller.
  3. If you don’t see the driver available on a laptop.

You may download the driver from the Lenovo official website and install it.

Check The Connection

Please ensure that your speakers have plugged into the motherboard. It is possible speaker connection from the motherboard to the speaker can break.

Now, open your laptop back panel and check the wire connection. If it has removed, connect it again using heat soldering.

Uninstall The Driver

If you have already tried the above instructions but still speakers not working on Lenovo laptop, remove the sound driver from your laptop and install a newer version of it.

Once you will install the new driver, you may play something on your laptop. It will play music now.

For more information about Lenovo’s sound issue, you may visit: Fix Lenovo laptop sound not working.


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