Why Does My Aol Old Mail Disappeared ? Recover Missing Emails

My Aol old mail disappeared from the mailbox all of a sudden this morning. I did not delete any emails from my account.
Can somebody tell me how do I retrieve my lost emails?

These days, many AOL mail users are complaining about missing emails problem.

as per their words, their email automatically disappeared from AOL mail account, while they did not remove any of them.

I know It sounds a little strange, but it’s a bitter truth because I have seen many users reporting about the same problem.

They all are looking for instructions about how to retrieve lost emails on the AOL account?

So here I am writing this complete article on how to retrieve missing emails on AOL account.

Why is my AOL mail disappearing automatically?  

If you take an in-depth look at the AOL community, you will find out many people questioning why their emails are missing from their AOL account?

So here is the answer for them:

  1. You have enabled the forwarding settings on your AOL account.
  2. Email filters are moving those emails into the other folder.
  3. An anonymous person has deleted the emails.
  4. Your device or app is unable to sync with the AOL mail server.

These are the four most common reasons for the AOL mail disappeared problem.

Now let’s go ahead and look forward to recovering those missing emails.

How To Fix AOL Missing Emails Problem-

Aol Old Mail Disappeared

Check Other Folders- 

If your emails are disappearing from one folder. you should check other folders.

Let’s see, do you see your emails there or not?

If you find your missing emails on folders, this is happening because of the email filter.

There is some email filter working on the AOL account. That’s why these emails are going to the other folder.

If this is the case, you should Delete the email filter, and then move your emails back into the existing folder.

To delete the email filter on the AOL account, you need to follow the steps given below.

  1. Let’s login to your AOL account using the web browser. If you can’t access the AOL mail account, visit Fix AOL mail login problem
  2. Click on the settings and select the mail settings.
  3. Under the filters section, you need to select the filters and click on the delete button.

Check The Trash Folder To Find disappeared Aol old mail- 

If your AOL mail got deleted automatically, you should check the trash folder. Can you find your missing AOL mails there?

If yes! you need to restore all those emails to the folder.

An Anonymous Person Has Deleted Those Emails- 

If your AOL emails are missing from the AOL account. Also, your emails are not available in the trash folder.

you should check the recent activity on your AOL account. If you see any suspicious login activity into your account.

the chances are, someone has gained access to your account. and they have deleted your emails purposely. That’s why your emails are missing from the AOL mail account.

In such a case, you should secure your AOL account first, then communicate with the AOL mail support officer to restore your emails.

Note- AOL mail officer can restore the emails when they were not deleted more than 30 days ago.

If your emails have been disappeared from the AOL account for more than 30 days, they will be permanently deleted from the server.

Server Related Issues- 

Recently, there was a server glitch, that’s why all emails were deleted from the AOL account automatically.

Many people lost their thousands of relevant emails from their account, but the good part was people retrieved them by talking to the AOL mail team.

If you have also lost some of your emails from the AOL account, you should also have a look at the server, Ensure that the server is working completely fine.

Browser Issues- 

When you go through email disappeared problem on AOL account the issue on your computer. It would help if you tried to log in to your account on another browser.

Let’s see, can you view your missing emails there or not?

If you can find your emails there, it means there is no issue from the AOL server side.

You have all the emails in your account, but your browser is corrupted. that’s why some emails are disappearing from the AOL account

In this situation, you should do the following things:

  1. Update the web browser.
  2. Clean the web browser (remove junk, cookies, and corrupted files).
  3. Update the javascript and enable the pop-up settings.
  4. Restore the browser once.

Can you tell me what’s wrong with the AOL mail server right now? My send mail disappeared automatically from the mail account. I have refreshed the mail folder but it says, the sent folder is empty.

Where are my emails gone and how do i revert my lost emails?

If the AOL sent emails are missing from the phone or outlook application.

You should review the account setup type. Ensure that you have configured your mail account with the IMAP server.

Because sometimes the pop server might not be able to sync with the server properly.

Also, If you sent mails are automatically deleted from the AOL webmail account. You should have a chat with AOL support.

Some other queries related to the AOL Mail Disappeared-

AOL Old Mail Folders Disappeared On Outlook Or Smartphone? 

When your old mail folders are missing on outlook or any other application, you should check to try to sync with the AOL account.

You should remove the account and reconfigure it using the IMAP as an incoming server.

Why Are My Old Mail Missing From The AOL Spam Folder? 

AOL keeps the spam mails for 30 days only. If any email is available in the spam folder for more than 30 days, it will be automatically deleted from AOL.

why are my AOL Emails are being deleted from iPhone 11 pro automatically? While they all are available on the AOL webmail. How do I restore my lost emails on AOL?

AOL emails disappeared from the iPhone while they are available in the webmails? 

If your AOL mails have been disappeared from the iPhone, while they are available in the webmails.

it can be due to two primary reasons:

  1. iPhone is unable to sync with the AOL mail server.
  2. You have configured your account using the pop settings.

In a simple way, you should try to delete the account on your iPhone, and re-add it using the auto settings or IMAP settings.

For brief details, you may visit: Why Is My AOL Mail Not Working On Android Phone?

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