Need Help For TP Link Router Setup ?

My Doughter has gifted me a tp link router. I don’t know how can I install it on my network. can anyone help me with tp link router setup.?

It is very easy to set up a TP Link router. Now days every routers are coming with easy auto setup wizard. You just have to follow their instructions and it will connect with your internet.

First you have to find out which type of internet you have in your home from your ISP(Internet service provider). ISP mostly provides two types of internt to their respective users. First is dynamic in which router start working once connects with internet wire. Second is PPPOE in which your ISP provides username and password for your specific connection. You have to configure your router with that username and password.

Follow this guide for tp link router setup:

  1. Let’s unbox your tp link router.
  2. Power off your internet modem, Now pick up an ethernet cable and hook it up from your modem to the internet port of the tp link router.
  3. Let’s take another cable and connect it from your pc to the LAN port of the router.
  4. Now power on the router and modem, wait for 2 minutes. so your router detects the internet settings from your isp modem.

Once you will get the solid green or blue internet light on your tp link router. you can simply go ahead and setup the wifi name and password for your wireless network.

I just called my ISP and asked them about My connection type. They told me I own a PPPOE connection. Can you tell me, how can I setup tp link router using PPPoe Connection?

It is always easy to setup tp link router. no matter which connection type you have? For you, I am sharing the tricks to install tp link router using PPPoE connection.

  1. Let’s make the connection between devices (modem, router, and computer), and then power them on.
  2. Now open the tp link router setup page using the router’s IP address. you can easily find the ip address on the router itself. It must be presented on the top or bottom of the router.
  3. Once you will log into your router, you need to click on the internet (WAN) settings. here, you need to type the username and password for your account.
  4. Select your internet Connection type as PPPoE and type the username and password given by your isp.
  5. Now press apply button. your router will reboot for a while, and then it will get connected to the internet.


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