Netflix Keeps Freezing And Stopping On the Loading Screen?

An Askprob user has requested to write a post on Netflix keeps freezing and stuck on the loading screen saying Loading Please Wait error. He was using Roku for streaming Netflix, and frequently, it starts buffering.

Many Netflix users are complaining about freezing or loading please wait problem on Netflix. You are also having the same problem while using Roku. Follow the below steps to fix your Netflix freezing issue:

Primary Solution For Netflix Keeps Freezing

  • Restart your all devices ( TV, Roku, and internet modem or router ) and try again. Mostly this step works.
  • Check your devices are getting a proper wifi signal and internet speed is not getting slow.
  • Disconnect from wifi and connect it again, even you can check by connecting directly with your internet modem.
  • Check your TV firmware and keep updated.
  • Update Netflix app install in Roku.
  • Uninstall Netflix and reinstall it again.
  • Check your internet speed on other devices.
  • Might be your wifi router is not capable of handling enough devices in your home. Disconnect some devices from the wifi network and try to play Netflix.

There are two conditions on Netflix that get stuck and won’t load. First, all the devices in your home are not playing Netflix and stop at the loading screen. Further, in the second situation, only your one device doesn’t work.Netflix Keeps Freezing


You are using Roku for playing Netflix on your TV, and it freezes on your TV. Below are some steps which usually fix Netflix not loading issue on TV while using Roku.

Solution For Loading Issue On Tv Using Roku:

  1. You should restart all the devices before going further. Unplug the TV from Roku and turn off your internet device(Modem/Router). Wait for a minute and connect the TV with Roku. Turn on your internet Modem and connect your Roku with the Internet. Mostly restarting all the device solve the issue.
  2. Overheating is a very hidden and root cause of Freezing Netflix and Roku. Make sure all the devices are installed in an open area and never cover with boxes or cloths. Covering the devices can heat and starts freezing as well as hardware failure.
  3. Test your internet speed on your computer or mobile phone. Netflix needs high-speed internet for playing content. It would start displaying ‘loading please wait’ if the internet speed is slow.
  4. Further, open and search ‘internet speed test‘. Click on ‘RUN SPEED TEST‘.
  5. Is there any other device in your home using a high amount of internet speed? It distributes the internet speed and the cause of Netflix won’t load.
  6. Avoid using a high amount of internet speed on other devices while watching Netflix or Roku.
  7. Remove the Netflix app from Roku and reinstall it again. There is a discussion especially for Roku and Netflix you can check how to uninstall Netflix and re-install on Roku. Article link: Netflix not working on Roku.
  8. Update the firmware of Roku and TV as well. Sometimes an outdated version of the software doesn’t allow us to play the latest application.
  9. Do factory reset devices like Roku and TV. Roku and TV do update firmware itself automatically and may get bad updates. Bad update into Roku as well as TV can create problems. In this situation, you should try once reset the devices as factory default.


Most probably, these above steps solve Netflix spinning on the loading screen issue. If you have still issue or any other query, please describe in the reply.

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