Netflix Not Working On Apple TV?(Troubleshooting Guide)

Netflix not working on Apple TV is a popular issue search by an Apple TV user. Problems may be different, but people search only Netflix is not loading or work. Some Netflix issues are like:

  • Netflix Says Currently Unavailable on Apple TV
  • Not Loading Netflix on Apple TV
  • Netflix No Sound on Apple TV
  • Netflix Keeps Crashing on Apple TV

Above all, the issues related to Netflix are not working, but the solutions are different for each topic. Let’s discuss one by one and the steps to fix Netflix problems on Apple TV.

Fix Netflix Says Currently Unavailable on Apple TV Issue

No connection between your TV and Netflix create ‘Currently Unavailable on Apple TV’ issue. There could be many reasons behind the currently unavailable issue. Follow the steps one by one to fix it:

  1. Please turn off all the devices like TV Netflix and internet connection(Modem or Router) and turn it back on after waiting 1 minute. Usually, restarting apple TV and streaming device fixes the currently unavailable issue on Apple TV.
  2. Check your internet connection using other devices in your homes like pc, laptop, or phones. If you are Not getting internet, time to call your internet provider or check fix the problem related to your routers.
  3. Login NetFlix in your PC or Phone. There is also trouble accessing Netflix on your PC, which might be a problem with the Netflix server. You can try after few minutes.
  4. If Netflix is working on other devices in your home, go to your Apple tv OS, Now go to Settings > General > Software Updates > Update Software/Update automatically> Download and Install. You have to update your device operating the software.
  5. Fix network glitch or settings-
    • On Ethernet connection: Go to Ethernet > Configure IP > Select on Automatic > Configure DNS > Select Automatic.
    • On Wi-Fi connection :Select Your Wi-Fi network > Configure IP > Click on Automatic > Configure DNS > Select Automatic.

In the last, if nothing works, reset your Apple TV settings as company factory default. Go to your Apple TV and open Settings > General > Reset >Click on Reset all Settings > You have to select Confirm.

Try to connect your Netflix, once the Apple TV reset would complete. Still having an issue, you may contact Netflix customer care through their support page

Netflix Not Loading on Apple TV

Low internet speed or bad updates also cause Netflix won’t load issues. In this case, check your internet connection even your internet speed. If internet speed is low, Netflix won’t load videos and start giving not able to load errors.

Further, reset your Apple TV and log in again to your Netflix account. It will also prompt on the screen if any new update is available.

Netflix No Sound on Apple TV

During the streaming video, users complain about the sound issue on Netflix Apple TV. The audio issue usually happens with changes in sound settings. Follow the steps below to fix the Apple TV sound issue on Netflix-

  • A new update or mistake applied to sound settings, occurs sound issues on Apple TV and Netflix stops playing sound. You have to check the sound settings and change them according to the device.
  • Sound settings on Apple TV 4th Generation and Apple TV 4k for Netflix: Go to Apple home screen, and open Settings > Video and Audio > click on Audio Format > Change Format > select Use Best Available.
  • Sound settings on Apple TV 2nd and 3rd Generation: Go to Apple TV’s home screen and open Settings > Video and Audio >Select Audio Format > Dolby > Select Auto (to enable surround sound) and play video on Netflix.
  • People are also saying some videos on Netflix has no sound. It would help if you tried to play something else on your Netflix.
  • A hardware problem is the last but not least, which can fix sound issues on Apple TV Netflix. Check the connection once again properly.
  • Try unplug the HDMI cable and plug it back, it confirms there is no loose connection. Further, try another HDMI cable to make sure cable is working well.

Netflix Keeps Crashing on Apple TV

It is a prevalent problem, and every user faces at least once in life during the uses of Netflix. There could be many reasons behind Netflix Keeps Crashing on Apple TV. You may follow the steps below to confirm and fix the Netflix crashing issue:

  • Internet speed has a major role in crashing problems on Netflix. You should check your internet speed. Open Netflix or Apple TV and go to Settings > General > Network > Test Network > OK > Yes and choose your preferred speed.
  • Restart your Internet devices like your modem and routers. Further, restart your Apple TV. Avoid using internet devices in your home, which consume high internet speed while watching Netflix.
  • Apple TV OS(iOS) has the latest patches or updates to install. You can check it from Settings > General > Software Updates, download and install the update if there is any new update available.
  • Reinstalling Netflix’s application again can solve most of the issues. Follow the steps below to install the updated Netflix App in Apple TV:
    • Find the Netflix application icon on the Apple TV home screen and hold it from the centre until the icon starts shaking.
    • Now, click on ‘Delete’ by pressing the play/pause button.
    • It will ask your confirmation before removing it, allow it.
    • Further, open the Apple TV app store and reinstall the Netflix app again.
    • After completing the installation, open the Netflix app from the home screen and login with your Netflix user id and password.

Fix Netflix Not Working On Apple TV By Removing Cookies:

Cookies are playing a significant role in digital technology. Every device store cookies, and it helps to recognize devices as well as user information.

Cookies stores information like last login device and location; what you did play last. Sometimes old cookies won’t able to download the latest update and software firmware.

In this case, you have to remove old cookies. Follow the steps below to reset your cookies:

Connect any PC or laptop on the same internet network or modem/router. Open the browser on your computer and go to Now click on Sign in and log in your account using Netflix email and password.

Once you are logged in, click on Your all the saved cookies will remove, and the account would create new cookies.

Now, try to access Netflix on Apple TV, still having a login issue, might Netflix has some problem. Try to stream again after few minutes.

Note: Before removing cookies, make sure Apple TV firmware software(iOS) has the latest update.

Netflix can also stop streaming videos on Apple TV if network settings are not configured according to WI-FI OR Ethernet. This issue can quickly solve by changing a few settings on Apple TV.

Network Settings on Apple TV For Netflix Streaming:

  • Click on the General option from the main menu of Apple TV.
  • From General> Network> Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Netflix not working on apple tv

  • For Wi-Fi settings Select your Wi-Fi network> click on Configure IP, then Automatic. Now, in DNS, Configure DNS, then Automatic.
  • For Ethernet settings Select Ethernet, > click on Configure IP, then Automatic. Now, in the same in DNS, Configure DNS, then Automatic.
  • Now, go to the main menu and save the network settings.
  • Restart your TV as well as internet modem and router(if using). It will search for a new IP address as an automatic network setting.
  • Now, try to play anything from Netflix on Apple TV, and it should work now.

Re-Login Netflix Account

It is possible someone using the same Netflix account intentionally or by mistake log out Apple Tv from Netflix account settings. Simply re-login Netflix account on your Apple TV.

In case you have a problem in signing in check all account settings of Netflix and reset the password.

The above steps can solve Netflix not working issue related to Apple TV. Still having any problem write below, I will explain it.

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