Why Do I Have Netgear Router Blinking Orange Internet Light?

Blinking orange internet light on the Netgear router shows web connectivity issues. Which may happen due to several primary reasons like- 

Netgear router orange internet light


  • The router has not configured with correct settings. 
  • Cable connection setup issue. 
  • Router hardware or firmware related issues. 

But the happy part is, you can quickly troubleshoot the Netgear router orange internet light problem by following these techniques. 

How To Fix Netgear Router Flashing Amber Light Problem? 

Step 1- Check the internet status on your modem- 

Before making changes into the router, you need to ensure that the internet is accessible on your modem. 

Netgear router connection,


To check the internet status on your modem, you may follow the steps given below. 

  • Switch off the Netgear wifi access point. 
  • Take an ethernet cable and connect this cable from the modem to the computer. (If you don’t have extra cable). you may disconnect the router for a while. 
  • Now surf the internet on your computer if you can access the websites. It clears that there is no issue from your ISP side. 

The issue is within your router settings. In such a case, you should jump to the next step. 

However, If you can’t access the internet while your computer is connected through the modem. 

In this case, you have to talk to your isp provider. They will troubleshoot the connection. 

Step 2- Power cycle the devices- 


Firstly, you should power cycle the router and modem in the given sequence. 

  • Connect your modem from the internet (WAN ) port of the Netgear wifi router.
  • Plug out the power wire from your router. 
  • Disconnect the power wire from your ISP Modem. 
  • Wait for 2 seconds. 
  • Now plug the power cord into your DSL (isp) modem first. 
  • Wait for 30 seconds, Now plug in the power cord into your router as well. 

Leave your router free for 2 minutes, now review which light you can view on your Netgear wifi router? is it still blinking or flashing amber? 

Step 3- Change the cable- 

when you get the blinking orange internet light on your Netgear router, you should check the internet wire as well. 

Please ensure that you are not using a dead ethernet wire.

If the wire or connector seems to be broken, you should replace that wire or connector. 

Check internet settings- 

Please make sure your router is configured with the correct internet settings. 

If you don’t know about the connection type, you may call your isp and ask them about your internet connection type. 

Netgear internet setup connection

Once you confirm the settings, you need to configure them into your router using the following tricks. 

  • Open the Netgear router setup (admin) panel. 
  • Click on Internet settings. 
  • Select your connection type, (ex- if you have a Static connection, select static connection )
  • Fill up the details given by your isp. 
  • Now push the apply (save) changes button. 

Once you press the changes button, it will reboot your router. 

So wait for a few minutes and then check do you still get the blinking orange internet light? 


IP Conflicting issue- 

It may be an extra cause for the Netgear router blinking orange internet light problem. 

When your router and modem uses the same subnets, they will conflict with each other. 

Due to which you won’t be able to access the internet. 

In this case, you have to change the router’s ip address. 

  • Go back to the Netgear router setup (admin) panel. 
  • Press the LAN option available in the basic settings. 
  • In the LAN /TCP ip section, Type replace your existing ip address with
  • Change the subnet mask to
  • Now push the apply settings (changes) button. 


Clone the mac address- 

If you have performed the above steps but still getting the orange light on your Netgear router. 

You should clone the mac address on your router.

To do that, you need to follow the steps given below. 

  • Disable the wifi on your computer. 
  • Now attach your router to the computer via ethernet cable. 
  • Open the router admin panel again. 
  • In the basic settings, click on the internet option. 
  • Now scroll down and click on the use computer mac address. 
  • Finally, press the apply changes button. 

Update the router firmware- 

Sometimes, you may have the Netgear router solid orange internet light problem due to the firmware settings. 

So you need to download the Netgear router firmware from Netgear’s official website and follow these instructions. 

  • Go back to the Netgear router admin panel. 
  • Click on the advanced settings. 
  • Under the administration tab, Click on the Update firmware.
  • Now Click on the browse option and select the firmware file. 
  • Click on the upload button. 
  • Finally, the firmware will be uploaded to your computer. 

Factory Restore The Netgear Router- 

If you have already tried the above instructions getting the orange light on your Netgear wifi router. 

You should factory restore your router and reconfigure it. 

  1. Take a pin, pen, or paper clip. 
  2. Hold the reset button available in the back of the router for 35 seconds. 
  3. Now release the button and reboot your router. 
  4. Wait for 1 minute, now start configuring your router. 

If you don’t know how to configure the Netgear router. you may visit: 

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