Setup Netgear Router With Modem Quick Start

setup netgear routerSetup Netgear router only happens either you have a new Netgear router or want to do the setup again old Netgear router. In some cases, people do change their internet provider and want to set up again.

Apart from the above scenario users want to configure when their devices won’t connect to wifi. You don’t need to set up the router again. Read this article Why Is My Netgear Router Not Working? to fix some minor issues.

The Requirement For Netgear Router-

Before proceeding for Netgear installation we need a few basic types of equipment:

  1. Netgear Router with a working power adapter.
  2. Ethernet or LAN cable.
  3. A laptop or computer(You can set up Netgear router with mobile but it is difficult to do).
  4. Internet connection (with configuration details).

Install A New Router In Your Network

Connecting a new router into a home or office network is an easy task. You don’t need any high tech experience.

So, follow the easy steps below to set up NetGear by yourself:

Connection Of Netgear Router-

  • Unbox the Netgear router and check all the parts in it.
  • Unplug all the devices from your network(Like modem or any router).
  • Take out the power cable from your modem and turn off all the devices.
  • Connect the DSL modem from the internet port to the (WAN) port of the router via ethernet wire.
  • Insert the power cord into your internet modem, and power it on.
  • Next turn on your Netgear router.
  • Further, connect your PC with LAN cable with the LAN port of the Netgear router.
  • In case of using a laptop, search for open Netgear wifi and connect with it.
  • Wait until you see the steady green or blue light. In case its showing amber light, visit fix blinking internet light issue on the Netgear router to fix the issue.

Complete The Configuration Process:

  • After completing the connection process go to your PC or laptop.
  • Open the browser on your computer, and type into the address bar.
  • Now you will able to see the Netgear router page if the connection is perfectly done.
  • The setup screen will ask you to select your internet connection type(provided by your ISP dynamic/PPPOE).
  • In the dynamic connection, the Router will search the internet and connect automatically to the internet.
  • Further, if you have a PPPOE internet connection, type username password as well as IP given by your internet provider. In case of don’t know about connection information, call your internet provider.
  • Once your router is connected you will get the message” Congrats, you are connected to the internet” message.
  • Finally, your router will be setup. you may go ahead and register your device to claim the warranty.

Old Netgear Router In The Network Again

We have to Reinstall any old Netgear router in the network if it stops working. All the process of setting up the router would be the same as above like a new Netgear router setup.

We just need to reset the old Netgear router as a factory default. To do so read Why Is My Netgear Router Not Working?

Setup Netgear Router Using a Mobile Phone

Most of the people are avoiding to carry a PC or laptop because a smartphone almost can do everything. We can also install a Netgear router with a smartphone.

Using the Nighthawk app we can easily configure Netgear router without a laptop or pc in the network.

Follow the steps to install the router using the phone:

  • From above, complete the connection process between the router and modem as well as.
  • Now, connect your smartphone with the Netgear router using the wifi feature.
  • Download & install the nighthawk app into your phone. It is an official Netgear application to manage your Netgear device through the phone.
  • Further, launch the nighthawk app and follow the procedure.

After finishing the procedure router will be successfully installed in your network.

Secure Wireless Network:

A wireless network into the home must be secure with strong password protection. Secure your Netgear by applying a password on your wifi. Read more here about


Nowadays every electronic equipment is coming with a user-friendly manual. Further, you can easily set up or start by reading its manual. Please write in the comment in case of any concern or suggestion about the article.


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