Setup Netgear Router With Modem Quick Start

Setup Netgear router is very easy now with the Netgear genie app. Netgear genie is an official Netgear application through which you can manage your router network. So, you can easily set up your Netgear router via mobile phone even don’t have a laptop or pc.

Apart from the genie app, the Netgear router can also configure manually through a web browser.

Netgear router needs to configure either it is new or want to do the setup again, an old router. After changing the internet, the service provider router won’t connect to wifi and need to configure.

Before starting any changes with the router, you must assure about the below things.


Don’t try to set up or changes on Netgear until these basic things are not available:

  1. Netgear Router with a working power adapter.
  2. Ethernet or LAN cable in good condition.
  3. A laptop or computer(Netgear router setup with mobile is possible but very difficult to do).
  4. A working internet connection on the modem with configuration details.

why is my netgear router blinking orange? 

Steps To First Time Setup Netgear Router

Connecting a new router into a home or office network doesn’t need high tech experience. There are three ways to set up and configure a Netgear router on a network. Follow the steps below and install your Netgear router.

Install Netgear Router Using LAN Cable Connection

Netgear installation with pc and LAN connection is a very old and standard method. You need to make a few connections and start a smart wizard setup.

  • Open Netgear box and check for Netgear router, power adapter, and LAN cables with the manual.
  • Insert LAN cable one side into Netgear WAN or internet port and another side into a modem.
  • Further, connect another LAN cable from the Netgear router’s LAN port to PC or laptop. See the image below for connection.

setup netgear router

  • Insert the power adapter into the wall and Netgear router.
  • Now, power on modem than Netgear router and last pc or laptop.
  • Once all the lights of Netgear routers are on, go to your computer.
  • Open the web browser, and automatic it will reach you to Netgear smart setup wizard page.
  • If the setup page won’t open, type and hit enter.
  • Type admin as username and find the password on the bottom of the router. (You can try admin or password as the default password for login)
  • The screen says to select an internet setting type. Usually, the router can find internet type and prompt the next setup in a dynamic internet setting.

Setup Netgear Router Using Netgear Genie App And Mobile Phone

Netgear genie is an official Netgear application by which anyone can install a router using a smartphone or tablet. Further, you can operate Netgear router settings from your phone using this app.

Follow the steps to start the installation with the ‘Netgear genie’ app:

  • First, get the internet on your phone from mobile data or another wifi source.
  • Next, open the play store or apple store and search ‘Netgear Genie’ app.
  • Click on install and allow it on your phone.
  • You can download the app directly from the download Netgear genie app.

Netgear genie installation

  • Now, connect the Netgear router’s WAN port with an internet modem using LAN cable.
  • Turn on modem than Netgear router and search for an open Netgear wireless network on your phone.
  • Click on the available Netgear wireless network name and connect with it.
  • Open the Netgear genie app installed on your phone.
  • It prompts you to choose your country. Select your country then next.
  • Netgear Setup Wizard will auto-detect the type of internet connection.
  • If it is dynamic, directly reach to set up further; otherwise, follow the details below:
    • In the case of a PPPoE connection, fill the username and password given by your internet provider.
    • If the internet connection is static, insert IP address, default gateway, and DNS address into the setup and click next.
  • Now, screen prompt to fill in the wireless name and security password. Choose a strong keyphrase for your wifi security password.
  • Click on apply and save, then restart the router.
  • Further, after booting the router, search the same wireless name on your phone and connect with the setup password for it.

Install Netgear Router With The Help Of Wireless Laptop

Sometimes we don’t have extra LAN or ethernet cable to connect the laptop with the router. In this case, we can use the laptop wireless feature to configure the Netgear router.

To perform this step, connect the Netgear router with the modem using LAN or internet cable, as described above. Turn on the modem and Netgear router as well as apply the below steps:

  • After turning on the modem and router, wait for all the lights.
  • Now, go to laptop wireless and search for open Netgear wireless.
  • Connect with that unsecured Netgear wireless network by clicking on it.
  • Once it is connected, open a web browser and type or and hit enter. (In some models, or can work)
  • The Netgear settings page will prompt, and it can ask for a username and password. Type admin as username and check password on the back of the Netgear router.
  • The next router will ask for setup internet settings. Select internet settings as Dynamic, PPPoE, or Static as given by your internet service provider.
  • After setting up the internet, click on the wireless tab from the left menu, and type your network name on SSID.
  • Choose the security option (WPA-PSK[TKIP]+WPA2-PSK[AES] mostly used in devices) from the same page.
  • Set your wireless password at Password(Network Key) and click on the apply button from the top right corner.
  • Now your laptop will disconnect from the router after setting up wireless security.
  • Further, search the wireless network again for the same name and click on it. Type the wireless password and click on connect.

Your router is ready to use. Restart once all the devices if the internet doesn’t work on the Netgear router. Check ‘Netgear router blinking orange light’ if there is a flashing light issue.

Configure Not Working Old Netgear Router In The Network

We have to Reinstall the old Netgear router if it stops working. All the router setting would be the same as above, as a new Netgear router setup.

First, we need to reset the old Netgear router as a factory default. To do so, read Why Netgear Router Is Not Working?

Setup Netgear Nighthawk Router Using a Mobile Phone

Nighthawk is the latest and premium category of Netgear router. New gadgets have lots of smart features, just like we can operate the Nighthawk router from anywhere through a smartphone using the Nighthawk app.

Netgear Nighthawk router can easily set up by using this app. Follow the steps to install the router using the phone app:

  • From above, complete the connection process between the router and modem.
  • Turn on the modem and router both and wait for all the lights.
  • Search unsecure Netgear wifi and connect your smartphone with that.
  • Download & install the nighthawk app into your phone from Download Nighthawk.
  • Launch the nighthawk app and follow the procedure. It will automatically detect your Netgear router and give settings access.
  • Further, you can configure the nighthawk router and manage its wireless security through a smartphone using the nighthawk app.

Secure Wireless Network

A wireless network into the home must be secure with strong wifi password protection. You can change the Netgear password at any time after completing the installation.

Don’t use your name, phone number, or easily guessable password on wifi password. Read more here about wifi security at


Nowadays, every electronic device contains its user-friendly manual. Further, you can easily set up or start by reading its manual. The above steps also work while Netgear setup using Macbook or iPhone.

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