How Do I Fix A Print Head On HP envy 4500 Printer?

My hp printer has stopped printing. everytime, I give it a command to print. It gives me an error message says, “paper head is broken“.

Can I fix this repair my paper head by myself or do I have to have to buy a new printer?

I have heard about the print head issue before but first time found something like a paper head broke. Might possible problem is related to paper or its paper head.

Fist check paper head or paper tray is installed correctly or not. If it is fit, check paper should not be stuck anywhere in the printer.

Restart your printer two or three times. Sometimes stuck paper comes out after restarting the printer.

I think you mean to say; your hp printers print head is not working. If I am correct?

Here, I am sharing some information to fix the print head problem. You should Try out them to repair the print head.

  1. Firstly, you should power on your hp printer.
  2. Now open the cartridge access door and remove all ink-cartridges from your printer.
  3. Now Clean the print head contacts very carefully with the help of cotton.
  4. After cleaning the print head contacts, it’s a time to clean the printer head plastic ribbon.
  5. Now install the ink cartridge once again and lock the round.
  6. Finally, you should Power off your printer and restart it. I hope this will start working fine.

Yes! You got it correctly. I am trying to follow your instructions, but I am not a very tech-savvy person. So can you please elaborate for me, please?

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