Quick Fix Gmail Error 400 Bad Request [Best Guide]

Gmail Error 400 Bad RequestNowadays, there is a new problem rising for Gmail users ‘Gmail Error 400 Bad Request’ when trying to open Gmail account.

They can’t access their Gmail account and getting bad request error 400. This error comes after entering the valid login password on the Gmail website.

Generally, people get Gmail error 400 due to the following reasons.

  • Multiple accounts are logged in on the same browser.
  • Your computer is unable to maintain a secure connection.
  • The browser is unable to load the Gmail website.

Quick things to do: 

  • Let’s sign in your account using the incognito window or use another browser.
  • Clear the browsing data for every browser.
  • Scan your machine with Malwarebytes.
  • Use the latest version of the web browser.
  • Check web connectivity.

The Process To Fix Gmail Error 400 Bad Request- 

Delete the cookies on your browser- 

When you receive the bad request error 400 on your Gmail account, you should clear the cookies on your browser. As we all know, each browser can have a different path to delete cookies.

So I will recommend you to use the Ccleaner program on your computer. It will clean all browsers automatically.

Also, I am sharing the steps to clear the cookies on some popular browsers. So If you don’t want to use the CCleaner on your computer, you can use these guides to troubleshoot the problem.

Guide To Clear The Cookies On Internet Explorer Or Edge Browser: 

  • Let’s initiate the internet options window on your computer from the control panel.
  • Under the general section, you will see the browsing history option, click on the delete button underneath it.

Guide To Clear The Cookies On Mozilla Firefox- 

  • Open the Gmail website on your firefox browser.
  • Press the lock icon available next to the Gmail URL in the address bar.
  • Now press the more information button, and click on the cookies.
  • Now press the clear cookies or data button.

Quick Tips To Delete The Cookies From Chrome- 

  • Let’s press the lock icon next to the Gmail URL in the address bar.
  • Press the cookies option, and press the remove button.

Just like that, you can clear the cookies on your other browsers as well.

Close the browser and run the Malwarebytes program once- 

After cleaning the bookies on your browser, if you still can’t load Gmail on your chrome or another browser.

There might be some security issues; So I will recommend you, please scan your computer with the malware bytes antimalware program, and then try to reaccess the Gmail account.

Factory restore the web browsers fixes Gmail Error 400 Bad Request- 

Let’s try to log in to your Gmail account through another web browser. If you can access through that browser successfully.

It means there is some problem with the web browser. That’s why you are getting bad request error 400 while trying to access Gmail. So you should factory reset the web browser.

Restart the router & computer- 

Sometimes, you may receive the Gmail error 400 due to the network issue. It will help if you restart your computer and wireless router once.

After restarting your devices, you may connect your computer to the internet, and then reaccess your web browser.

Conclusion for Gmail Error 400 Bad Request-

Right after using these steps, you will be able to sign in to your Gmail using the web browser if you are still getting the bad request error 400 on Gmail, please describe your problem little more (like- browser name, OS name, etc.) via comment box.

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