Why Is My Gmail Missing Emails Automatically?

When you get into your Gmail account and realize that some of the emails disappeared from your Gmail account, This can be a scary moment for you. 

Isn’t it?

Gmail missing emails

But not anymore, in this blog, I am going to convert that scary moment into the best moment again. 

In simple words, In this blog, we are going to recover missing emails on Gmail. 

So keep your focus on each step given into this article and apply them on your account to restore your deleted emails. 

How to recover Missing emails on Gmail account- 

Check the spam & other folders- 

When your Gmail missing emails from the inbox, sent, or other folders, firstly, you should inspect the spam folder. 

If you see the missing emails there, It means the filter is active on your Gmail account. 

it is refining all those emails and sending them into the spam or other folder. 

In such a case, firstly, you should remove all filters from the Gmail using these steps. 

  • Let’s get into the settings on your Gmail. 
  • Click on filters and blocked addresses. 
  • Pick the filter and press the delete button. 
  • Finally, click on apply changes. 

After removing the filters from your account, it’s time to move your emails into the previous folder. 

Delete Gmail email filters

So you need to go back to the spam or other folder(where your email is presented currently) and move them into the previous folder.

 Check the Trash folder – 

If you don’t see missing emails on the spam folder of your Gmail account, you should inspect the trash folder as well. 

Sometimes, you might have deleted those emails, or the filters have deleted it. 

Gmail message disappeared automatically

If you see your emails presented there, you should move all those emails back into the inbox or previous folder. 

Disable the Forwarding- 

So many times, I have seen people suffering through Gmail missing emails problem due to the forwarding issue.

When Gmail forwarding is enabled, It will deliver the email to the given destination. 

Due to which, you may also not get new emails on your Gmail account

In such a case, you should turn off the Gmail forwarding using the steps below. 

  • Get into the Gmail settings. 
  • Please Select IMAP/ pop & forwarding settings from the top menu. 
  • If you see forwarding enabled, press the disable button, and then press the save button. 

Check Recent Activity- 

If you haven’t deleted any emails from your Gmail account, but the emails got disappeared automatically from the mailbox. It may be happening due to two reasons. 

  • There is a server glitch (which rarely happens)
  • An anonymous person has deleted those emails. 

So you should examine the recent activity on your Gmail account, If you see any suspicious login activity, It shows, someone has got into your Gmail account, and they have deleted those emails first.

In such a case, you have to secure your email account first. 

Now fill the Gmail recovery form to recover missing emails from Gmail. 

Troubleshoot Gmail missing messages on windows 10 mail app or other email client software- 

If your emails are appearing on the Gmail webmail, but they have disappeared from Windows 10 mail app or other email client software. 

You should check the refresh the mail folder first or press the send & receive button. 

Now, If you still can’t see your emails there, then you need to check the server settings. 

Assure that you have configured your Gmail on windows 10 mail app using the IMAP server. 

If your Gmail account is using the POP server, currently, you need to remove your account and reconfigure it using the IMAP server details. 

Some other FAQ’s Asked by Gmail users- 

Why my Gmail old spam mail disappeared automatically? 

Gmail stores the spam emails for 30 days only. After a month, Gmail will automatically delete that spam mails. 

So If your emails were more than 30 days old, they would not appear in the account. 

How to recover Gmail missing messages on android or iPhone? 

Let’s initiate the Gmail app, and touch the search, now type the email which you want to see. 

If you still don’t find your email there, you need to push the sync button so that it can sync to the Gmail server. 

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