Fix Gmail missing Emails | Recover Deleted Emails

Let’s assume you went to read your emails in the Gmail after a hectic day, but you see a blank inbox folder or other mailbox folders. It will make you fury for a bit. Isn’t it? 

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Especially if you are professional whos, emails mostly depend on the email. You would desperately want to recover your missing emails on the Gmail account. 

Ideally, people get engaged with the Gmail missing emails problem due to the filter, forwarding, or browser settings. 

Apart from this, sometimes, it might also be a case of account compromisation. 

So if you haven’t deleted any Gmail emails, but they got disappeared automatically, do not worry; use this guide to recover your deleted emails on the Gmail.

How to recover missing emails on Gmail? 

When Gmail is not loading emails on your pc, you should try to log in to your account on the phone or any other computer. 

Now, look into the inbox and other mail folders. Do you see your emails there? If your answer is yes! 

This means there is an issue with your browser settings; in such a case, you can jump to step 6. otherwise, start the process from step 1. 

Why Is Gmail not receiving emails? 

Step 1 – Review other folders- 

If your emails are missing from the inbox folder on Gmail, you should review the other mail folders like- trash, spam, or another kind of mail folders. 

If you see your emails existing there, you should select them and move them into the inbox folder via this method.

  • Let’s go to the folder (where your emails are currently available ).
  • Put a checkmark in front of all emails that you want to move. 
  • Press the move icon available above the mailbox and select the folder. 

Finally, you will be able to send all your emails there. 

Step 2 – Delete the filters- 

If Gmail misses some specific emails and arrives in the trash or spam folder, this must be due to the filter issue. 

Gmail filters on settings


You should terminate all filters running currently and move these emails into the inbox or other folders. 

Step 3- Turn off the forwarding- 

Mostly, Gmail users have to deal with the missing emails problem due to the forwarding. They turn on the forwarding on their account by mistake. 

email forwarding on gmail

Thus, All kinds of emails will be transferred to the new account and missing from this account. 

So please ensure that you haven’t enabled this feature on your account. If so, please turn it off by taking these actions. 

  • Let’s open the Gmail settings again on your pc.
  • Click on the forwarding/ imap& pop settings option. 
  • Delete the email address available under the forwarding address. 

Step 5- Send a request to Gmail server- 

If your emails have been permanently deleted from the Gmail account, they are also not appearing in the trash/ recycle bin folder. Meanwhile, you haven’t deleted any of these emails from your Gmail account. 

Someone might have gained entrance to your google account, and they have deleted all these emails. 

In cases like this, you should reset the email password and secure your Gmail account first. Now send a request to the Gmail to retrieve those emails using the following link.

Step 6 – Clean your browser- 

If your Gmail is missing emails on a browser only, they appear on the phone or other browsers.  

It means your mailbox is not loading the Gmail account properly, due to which your emails are disappeared on this browser. 

In such a situation, you should clean up the browser first, and if it doesn’t work fine yet, you can uninstall the browser and reinstall it. 

Frequently asked questions related to Gmail missing emails problem-

Why are my emails from gmails missing on the outlook or other apps? 

Sometimes, users might face Gmail missing emails problem on the outlook or other third party app due to the account syncing issue. 

So you should verify the mail server settings. If it doesn’t work, you can remove the account and configure your Gmail account using the IMAP settings. 

Why are Gmail folders missing on the iphone and outlook app? 

Ideally, this Gmail folders are missing on the mail app when you configure your account on the mail app using the pop 3 servers. 

So you should delete the current account from the mail app and set up it using the IMAP server. 

Why are my old emails disappeared from Gmail account automatically? earlier they were available in the trash and spam folder? 

Gmail stores the emails on the spam or trash folder for 30 days only, if you will keep your emails longer than that, your emails will be automatically deleted. so you won’t be able to get them back until you request gmail to send those emails back.

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