Yahoo Missing Emails:Recover Deleted From Inbox

You are looking for some important emails and found your Yahoo missing emails from the inbox. It can be a nightmare if the mails are very important for you.

Yahoo is one of the big names in the world. Yahoo has reported, over 500 million user accounts data breaches in December 2016.

This has removed yahoo user’s data, emails as well as accounts. Lots of people were affected by this and lost Yahoo emails.

Emails not found in the inbox can happen with anyone and there can be many reasons for it.

Reasons For Missing Emails

In case we know the cause of the problem, it is easy to solve the problem. There are the most common reasons for yahoo missing emails from account:

  • Possible someone has deleted Yahoo emails using the yahoo mobile app.
  • Yahoo filters can move your emails into different folders.
  • Sender’s emails are moving into Spam or Trash.
  • Settings have blocked specific domain server’s emails.
  • Using a VPN server may also stop receiving yahoo emails.
  • The browser plugin stops getting yahoo emails.
  • Antivirus or Some protection software may block emails.
  • Logout from everywhere and change yahoo account password.
  • DNS servers from your ISP are not blocking yahoo emails.

You can recover your missing yahoo emails if not deleted from the yahoo server. Let’s explain one by one all the above possibilities and its solution.

Fix Yahoo Missing Emails And Get Back Into Inbox

Check all the possibilities described above by following the steps below. If one of them won’t fix the issue go to the next step.

Check Yahoo Mobile App:

Emails can easily delete from through yahoo mobile app. You can not find deleted emails in your inbox using a laptop, because it already has been removed.

Yahoo app works on IMAP and action instantly takes place on your yahoo account. So, think twice before doing any changes from the app.

Apart from that protect mobile phones with a password, so no one can access your yahoo app.

Go to the trash folder and revert the deleted yahoo emails into the inbox. You can do this from the desktop as well as the yahoo mobile app.

Check Yahoo Filters Settings:

Filters are a very important feature of Yahoo emails. Filters automatically move emails into specific folders.

You can remove the filter by the following steps:

  1. Login into your yahoo account thorough laptop or pc.
  2. Click the Yahoo account Settings iconand scroll down to More Settings.
  3. Now, select Filters and find the type of filters.
  4. Select the filter you want to delete and click on the Delete icon.

Unmark Spam From Sender Email:

A spam mark sender’s emails always land into spam or trash folder. A spam mark identifies by yahoo server or manual.

You can unmark spam and the sender’s email-

  1. Go to your inbox and open that email contains a sender email.
  2. Tap the Sidebar menu icon containing small horizontal lines.
  3. Scroll down to theSpam
  4. Select your unmark spam sender’s email and move to the inbox folder(icon ).

Unblock Specific Domain Name Emails:

Yahoo spam server continuously flags spam emails contains specific domains like Here XYZ could be any name or domain.

For example, if the domain is blocked from the setting, can’t get any emails from Gmail.

This could happen with your company’s email containing your company name as In this situation, you won’t get your company emails in yahoo inbox.

You have to remove flag spam manually from settings to get those emails-

  1. Go to the spam or trash folder where the sender’s emails are landing.
  2. Open any email of the sender containing domain.
  3. Now, click Not Spamat the top of the page.
  4. Further, logout and login again to check whether are you getting emails.

Yahoo Won’t Allow VPN Server:

A virtual private server is a shared space and not secure to use personal information. Secure web and email servers do not allow us to use login credentials through VPN internet.

So, if you are using a VPN to access your yahoo account, it won’t work. Disable or remove VPN internet and re-login yahoo account to check yahoo emails. The same may happen with free or public wifi internet.

Check Your Browser Cookies And Extension Plugins:

Nowadays nothing is safe on the internet. Spammers try to steal information with new ideas. Further, the Yahoo mail server continuously finds and blocks those insecurities.

Browser extension or cookies flag red by Yahoo, won’t allow using Yahoo features.

You can fix it by removing extension as well as clearing browser cache and cookies:

  1. Go to settings of your browser from the top menu and then extension or plugins.
  2. Find out installed extensions in your browser and remove it.
  3. Go to browser cache/cookies and remove it too.
  4. Further, reset your browser as a factory default and check the emails.

Disable Antivirus And Firewall:

Firewall settings of the computer and some protection software can stop receiving yahoo emails. Nowadays antivirus software is coming with spam mail protection.

  1. Usually, disabling the antivirus protection or firewall starts receiving yahoo emails. So, right-click on the antivirus icon from the taskbar and stop protection.
  2. You can add yahoo emails into the excluded list in your antivirus. For this check your specific antivirus manual.
  3. Disable the windows firewall by clicking the Start button>Settings>Update & Security>Windows Security, and last Firewall & network protection.
  4. Further, choose your network and turn off the firewall completely.
  5. Go to your browser and check are you able to get yahoo emails. If yes leave turn off the firewall otherwise turn it on.

Completely Logout From Everywhere:

Sometimes we do login into different devices and forgot to remove saved login credentials. With the help of these cookies, your account can be used by someone.

So, perform completely log out everywhere from the yahoo security section of Yahoo account settings. After that change your yahoo password and check account recovery information.

ISP Default DNS Blocking:

Internet service plays a major role in accessing internet services. The default gateway and DNS address can block a particular website and services. So, it is a possible problem that can occur from your ISP.

Further, confirming this issue, access yahoo emails in your pc using a different source of the internet. If other sources of the internet allow you to receive yahoo emails, call your isp to check the issue.


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