See Your Netflix Password While Logged In

Recently someone asked via email, “My daughter bought a new iPhone 11 Pro in black Friday sale. She likes to watch Netflix on her old iPad. Is there any way to see your Netflix password without resetting, if Netflix account is still logged in into the iPad?”

A Netflix user needs his Netflix account username and password to login to a device like TV, phone, or Laptop. The login device for Netflix may be a new or old one. If the device is old, the browser cache stores your password, and it will log in automatically.

In your case, you are finding your Netflix password for login the same account into the new iPhone 11 pro device. I want to tell you, Netflix settings have not given any option to see the current password from the already login account.

You have to reset or change your current Netflix password. Further, it is not tough to recover a new password for your Netflix account. You can do it from a recover Netflix password.

The above link has a detailed explanation about the Netflix password Reset. In short, there are three ways through which you can reset your Netflix password.

  1. Reset your Netflix password by email
  2. Netflix password Reset text message (SMS)
  3. Recover your Netflix account login using the billing information

see your netflix password while logged in

Steps To See Your Netflix Password While Logged In

Besides the above steps, there is one more way to login Netflix account into your new device. Sometimes below processes might doesn’t work to login Netflix in your new phone without changing your password.

  1. First, login your permanent email account in your new phone and sync all the information to the new phone.
  2. After syncing, restart your device (iPhone) and Install the Netflix app from the store as well as the website.
  3. Now, again, restart your iPhone.
  4. Open the Netflix app, installed on your iPhone, and log in to your Netflix account.
  5. Once you click for typing the username, it will prompt a suggestion username. Select your username and password from the suggestion and click on login.
  6. Suggested username and password are showing from your last login cache and cookies saved from your email account.
  7. Next, type Netflix password if it remembers. In case you forgot the Netflix password reset it by following the above link.
  8. In case your account is disabled, please check to restart the Netflix account.


Netflix has not given any option in the account settings to view the password. So, you can’t see your Netflix password, either tv or laptop.

You can reset your Netflix account password OR log in if the password is written somewhere. Otherwise, try to access Netflix if the email is already login in the device. In this situation, the Netflix account must register with the same email account.

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