Install Or Setup Belkin Router Without CD[2020]

After buying a router, the next step is ‘How to setup Belkin router’. A laptop as well as a smartphone can use to install and configure Belkin router.

There are basically two methods that can use to install the router in the network.

  • Setup Belkin router without CD
  • Install and configure Belkin router with CD

Both ways can perform through smartphones and laptops. You can choose either a laptop or tablet for installation.

Setup Belkin Router Without CD Disc

A router’s built-in web-based feature can use to configure Belkin router without cd. You can do this with wire and wireless both. the ways.

In case you want to reconfigure your Belkin router but lost the setup disc, the below steps can solve the problem-

  • Unpack the Belkin router and power adaptor form the box. (If you have a new router)
  • Connect Belkin router with a modem using LAN cable on the Internet or WAN port of the Belkin router.
  • Now, connect the laptop with Belkin router using LAN cable with other LAN port of the router.
    • You can connect a laptop or smartphone with Belkin wireless network. Turn on the Belkin router and find n connect with open Belkin WiFi.
  • Again restart the modem, Belkin router, and laptop/smartphone as well as establish the connection.
  • Open the web browser on your laptop or phone and type router’s ip on the address bar.
    • The router’s ip may differ from model to model. Check the bottom of the router for that device ip.
  • After typing the router’s ip hit enter and you will get the Belkin router setup page.
  • Press login from the top right corner of the page.
  • If you haven’t set up any router’s password then leave the password space blank and click on submit.
  • Click on ‘connection type‘ from the left menu Internet WAN.

Setup belkin router

  • Choose the specific connection type of your internet provided by internet providers.
    • In the dynamic, click on the next and type internet provider name into hostname and apply changes.
    • Type Ip address, subnet mask, and gateway information given by internet service provider in the static than apply changes.
    • In the PPPOE, type username and password provided by the internet service providers.
  • Check Internet status from the top right corner is showing connected or not.

Setup Wireless SSID and Security

After configuring internet service lets setup wifi security. Open the same router setting page by typing the router’s ip on the browser and follow the steps-

  1. Click on ‘Channel and SSID’ from the left menu Internet Wireless.
  2. Type your desire wireless name in the place ‘SSID‘.
  3. Leave other settings as default and click on apply changes.
  4. Now again go to the left menu Wireless and select ‘Security‘.
  5. Choose your network security mode. If you don’t know more about it, leave default WPA/WPA2-Personal(PSK).
  6. Type your wifi password on the place of ‘Pre-shared Key (PSK)‘.
  7. Click on apply changes and restart the router.
  8. Further, search your new wireless SSID and connect with is using a wireless password.

Install Belkin router with CD

A new Belkin router box contains a router, power adaptor, LAN cable, and setup disc. Belkin installation CD contains auto steps for configuring the router.

You need a laptop or desktop containing cd drive and follow the steps to set up the router with installation cd-

  • Connect the WAN port of Belkin router with the modem using LAN cable.
  • Use another LAN cable to make a connection between the router and the laptop.
    • You may use a wireless connection between Belkin and laptop. Turn on Belkin router and connect with open SSID.
  • Now, turn on the internet modem as well as Belkin wireless router.
  • Insert Belkin setup cd into the laptop cd drive and run it.
  • Type router’s ip on the address bar or check on the router’s bottom for default login ip and press enter.
  • You will see Let’s connect to the Internet page and click on Detect my connection tab.
  • The router automatically will find the internet from the modem and start updating its firmware.
  • Next, it will ask to choose wireless Network Name or SSID and password. Type the information then click on ‘Save and Continue’.
    • If you were connected wirelessly, need to connect again with the new network name and password you saved just before.
  • Further, after setting up the router getting any blinking lights on it, please read fix Belkin Router Blinking Orange Light Problem [Best Guide].
  • If your router is new, in the last it will ask to register the product. Fill the information asking and register your Belkin router online.


A Belkin router can configure with or without setup cd. After configuring the router, don’t forget to protect wifi with password security. Further, find more solutions related to Belkin

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