Process To Add Gmail On Windows 10 Mail App?

One feature that I enjoy in Windows 10 is its built-in mail application. This app is the replacement of outlook and another third party email apps. 

You can complete all kind of task related to the emails like- mail, contacts, calendar, scheduling through this app, and the best part is, you app is free,

Yes! you heard it right; you don’t have to pay any extra charges to use this app. 

Which means you don’t have to spend any single penny on buying another mail application software. 

Though this is a good app, still some people believe that this can be used for the Microsoft accounts only.

add gmail on windows 10 mail app 

I want to tell them this is not true at all; you can add any email accounts like- Gmail, Yahoo, Verizon, AOL into this mail app and start using it. 

If you don’t know how do you do that, do not worry. Just read this article till the end and follow the guide to add your Gmail account into windows 10 mail app. 

Add Gmail to Windows 10 mail app- 

If you want to set up a Gmail account on windows 10 mail app. Follow these steps to add your Gmail account to Microsoft windows 10 mail app. 

Please type mail in the search bar available in the bottom taskbar.

Now you will see the mail app in search results, Click on this app.

gmail Mail app | add gmail account on mail app

Push the settings icon available in the bottom left-side corner of the mail app. 

Now press the manage accounts button. 

manage account

Choose the add account option now.

add gmail 

Choose Google as your service provider (If you are using another email, you should choose that name as your service provider company)

add accounts

Now you will be redirected to the google login page, where you need to type the email address and press the next button. 

Now insert your Google (Gmail) key and press the sign-in button. 

type email address

Finally, your account will be synced to the mail app. 

Once you add your Gmail account successfully, It may take a few minutes in syncing your data to the mail app. 

So you need to leave this mail app open and wait for a while. 

Configure Google account in windows 10 mail using IMAP or pop server- 

if you can’t add Gmail account to windows 10 mail app or getting some error. It would help if you tried to add your account using IMAP or pop server. 

Server address- (for IMAP server) (for pop server)

For that, First, you need to enable the pop or IMAP server from the Gmail settings. Now follow these steps. 

  • Go back to the manage accounts and click on add accounts. 
  • Other accounts option, 
  • Enter your email address and login password and push sign in button. 
  • Click on Advanced button. 
  • Type your incoming server address and outgoing server address. 
  • Press the sign-in button now. 

Finally, your Gmail account will be added into the windows 10 mail app. 

If you have any other query related to the mail app or Gmail account, please let us know. We will serve you in troubleshooting the difficulty. 

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